Saturday, September 15, 2018

To be or not to be

Posted at YouTube Community platform

I am perhaps the only Muslim documenting Hinduism in India as a Message of Universal Peace. 

I maybe a Muslim but my cultural inheritance is the roots of the land that I was born in. 

My parentage my upbringing in one of the finest areas of Mumbai at Wodehouse road Colaba later Breach Candy and than at Colaba Strand Cinema.. changed the way we thought.. 
We never lived in a ghetto through we started our journey in Mumbai in the fetid slums of Kurla. 

No political party appeased we worked our way up like our father we changed the path of our destiny. 
Hinduism was never a religion in our upbringing it was the way of life of our friends neighbor who celebrated our Muslim feasts stood by us in our pain sorrow as we stood by them. Caste creed did not dominate our thinking or our thoughts. 

So today I documente the Ganesha festival so my Hindu friends can savour it through the eyes of a Muslim photographer.. poetry passion and pathos. 

I mean only a dumb person with poor ancestry upbringing and blinkers would ask me. Whether I am a Muslim or Hindu. 
My respect for Hinduism is sincere and for me RSS is not the custoddiian of this huge pantheon of faith and fidellity. 
So if you are myopic and think I am a Hindu so be it I am the only Muslim Aghori. 
that should not shock you. 

Am I a Muslim yes an Indian Muslim my Islam is relevant to my mother land my mother country.. 
I am not rabid like the Muslims that target me and try to cyber bully me.. 
I cannot be you.. 
You should not be me.. 
I feel sad that you see me as a Shia as a Sufi as a Hindu but fail to see me as a photographer that I am and my photography is not for hire or sale. 

I am happy I am not a Muslim who only thinks as a Muslim I live in India I think as a Indian. 

I am not a preacher or a Mullah I would rather commit harakiri.. 

I am a sartorialist I change clothes like the skin of a chameleon through my dress change I ioptically change the way you see me. 

I look like a Sufi or a Sadhu but beneath my clothes I feel all what you feel.. pain sorrow misery and compassion. 

Photography is paying homage to God and his world his beautiful creation.. I shoot man his fight to survive. 

I also shoot Muslim women begging outside Mosques and nothing is going to change her destiny.
Male centric Mullahs want her to be cattle subjugated from here till Armageddon. 

I am a drop out I had to work to sustain my parents I had no vocational guidance but I was lucky education saved me exorcised the darkness within me. 

I have kept my comment box on review because it is not a toilet seat where you come shot splatter and go away. 
And fuck you don't even flush.

I search for people with love for photography videos and humanity. 

if you are a venomous snake in the guise of a human being sorry I have no time to retaliate your hate or your abusive comments. 
Your agenda on YouTube you don't even shoot videos you have made this beautiful platform into a pulpit. 
Youu hate us because we don't want to be like you.. we distance ourselves from your kind of Islam. 
That wants to oppress and subjugate Peopke that follow your religion or your half baked untruths. 

Have a nice day. 

Jai Shree Ganesha. 
Dilon main Rahe Hamesha

At least I shoot Original Content without hurting sense or your sensibility.