Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Goat Girl Of Bandra

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Poetry and Prose

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the soul of humanity
the simian guru with
his two legged
disciple firoze
up close
the guru
me photography
poetry and prose
which together 'as a
a paper boat called blog
on cybernetic waters
of my angst flows
touching the shores
of your destiny
as it grows and grows
pain passion pathos '
intertwined in
worldly woes
time and tide
in bodily throes
for a second
like a drop of tear
'on a mound of her
her sensuality
it terminally froze
it was not me
bound by her karma
it was another
man she lovingly
chose ..a friend
of a friend
of my foe
not fred
not benn
not glenn
not bill
not joe
bursting 'the bubble
of my denuded dream
with a lethal blow
memories through
'the trapdoor of my
my mindlessness
move to and fro
her fragrance
the muskiness
of her sweaty body
slithering as
she ethereally
kisses my dead
body bleeding
on the floor
time stops
as the dead
poets soul
echoes and roars
some women
were born angels
some women
were 'christened
as whores