Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bandra's Wealth Lies In Its Garbage

This iconic garbage site is in the Jain Mandir Lane that houses Jain owned jewelry shops and the Jain Temple and is in a deplorable state ,, now imagine the attitude and minds of people living in this chawl that houses this garbage site there could be pots of flowers herbal plants instead we have this unkindly sight and we are honestly used to all this .. we have no garbage management , we love to litter and this part of the personality of the Mumbaikar will never change ,,, I know people  who carry their garbage in posh cars and throw it on roadside dumps ,, and you can see this happening at St Peter Road Bandra or even Boran Road Bandra .

Even on festival days you will find garbage littered in the lanes ,and perhaps if the Municipality placed CC TV cameras at some of these garbage sites they could catch these habitual garbage throwers , even a fine of Rs 10000 does not deter them , and this is a psychological problem of the Mumbaikars mind it can never be cured , as I have over the years shot so much of garbage and seen garbage from close quarters that garbage is here to stay forever .

The strange part is that the garbage bins placed in every area are not big enough to take the garbage of  even two buildings and so every one aims and it falls outside the bins ,, the bins are not at at all aesthetic made of cheap third class material it breaks with too much garbage ,, its made of lousy iron sheets and the Bandra Municipality has no sense of aesthetics , and scrounges on money to spend on these bins forget the miserly attitude towards their Conservancy staff that have no safety shoes , gloves or even masks ,,, just a truck that mocks their efforts of Swach Bharat with hollow words CLEAN UP .as hollow as Swach Bharat itself .. misplaced cleanliness , as rapists bag snatchers , murderers , robbers conmen sodomize rs rule the roost unafraid of our cops and our law and its punishment ,,,

Our Congress Corporator is no help either he is not on Twitter where one could reach him.. and barring Advocate Ashish Shelar our other main representative has no time too see all this and  they are beautifying an already beautiful Bandra Bandstand .

The Congress let our area go to seed completely , and so the public gave them a fitting reply , and leaving aside the lone Congress Corporator Bandra Free Congress ,,is the norm.. but thanks to the Beef Ban  people might once again forgive the Congress and bring it back to power in Bandra one day.

I am a street photographer and do not belong to any party , my party is Bandra , where I live and all I want our children their children should inherit a Green Clean Bandra .Garbage Free Bandra ...

The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it. -

Dear Ministers When Will You Beautify Bandra Bazar Road

Or is it only Bandra Band Stand
 Carter Road the rich mans abode
where as in comparison Bandra
Bazar looks like a poor mans
commode filthy dirty ugly smelly
on the soul of Modijis Swach Bharat
a mantra erodes .. foul stench on
the passersby as it explodes..
open gutters drains an election
promise of progress development
now after an year sounds hollow
sharukh khans ramp was immediately
removed to appease christian votes
beef ban hurt the poor muslims how
will the poor man buy fish and goats
turning him into a zombie vegetarian
eating grass and oats,,, the poor common
man waiting for Ache Din at crossroads
what happened to Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka
Vikas ..seeds in our minds that you had
sowed ..a bitter pill you made us swallow
beyond politics beyond party lines a
a poor mans thought in pain re  echoes..

The Bhaiyya From UP Who Sells Seng Chana

He stays as Mahim but walks to Bandra carrying this sack of gram peanuts known as Seng Chana and he sells it in the Bandra Bazar to hungry hawkers for Rs 5 a packet and he is always smiling , he does get tired but he does not show it ,,

Late in the evening after 7 pm I see him trudging back to Mahim..And he is a Hindu also colloquially called Bhaiyyas he hails from Uttar Pradesh a state that did nothing for infrastructure or creating jobs hope . even today hordes of these North Indians come to Mumbai to try their Luck mostly doing jobs that the son of the soil Marathi Manoos may not do ,and they keep Mumbai moving with their hard earned contribution , they hold the menial jobs as Dhobis , vegetable sellers once they were Milk man but than the Nagoris beat them to it ,, they are bhangarwalas buying your junk and recycling it , they sell fish moving from area to area house to house and they take special orders on mobile phone .. they sell Hapus at signals , they are caterers working out of the slums they were the first tiffin service guys working from Bhatiarkhans serving cheap food to workers in factories embroidery tailoring units ,, they are embroiders tailors , they work as masseurs at Mumbadevi and the list is long theu work as Pandits priests .. and I could go on ,, they started bakeries , milk dairies and most of the guys breaking cars .. doing business out there are mostly Muslim North Indians ,, and in this lot you get Arabic teachers ..The MTNL linesmen of yore were mostly Bhaiiyyas .taxidriver , rickshadrivers are also  North Indian migrants from Uttar Pradesh.

And I like this man the moment he sees me he cleans the seng and puts some in my palm.. for taste and I buy it from my grandkids ,,

The Muslim Man Who Left UP To Slave In Mumbai

he came with twinkling dreams
in his eyes to capture a bit of
the Maharashtrian Pie ,, alas
he has been slogging as the
years passed him by with
molten tears in his eyes
once a year the UP govt
remembers him with dance
merriment in his honor at
Saifai ,, why should they
be bothered says this
Muslim migrant with a sigh
he sends money to his wife
children as his cycle selling
bread he plys as his problems
multiply ,,hoping one day that
in Mumbai he will peacefully die
exiled from his hometown his
Azamgarh his only Paradise ..
he will reclaim he bids me
goodbye ,,beneath his feet
his struggling hopes lie

I Set Out For My Morning Walk At MET Cricket Ground Bandra Reclamation

In the mornings a part of me is reluctant to get up , and go for my walk, but somehow the other part , the diabetic one gives in and I was out at 7 am .I walk from Lal Mitti to the MET Grounds shooting the streets with my Xiaomi.
Once I enter the grounds I switch on the Nike Running App ... I walked about 4 km today , than  some exercise and I plucked two leaves from the plant that controls blood sugar , its like Chandrachur very sour , and bitter to but once you have it , than the taste does not matter .

I am still having Paneer Ka Phool , dry flowers of a plant soaked overnight in water and I have the bitter concoction ..

Bandra Municipality has still not picked up the trees cut about 5 days back and the entire are of Bandra Reclamation is a mess.

And our erstwhile local representatives are hell bent on beautifying Band Stand where the Two Bollywood Icons stay Sharukh and Salman and turning it into a tourist spot but areas that need their attention like Bandra Reclamation , Bandra Bazar Road and Muslim slum pockets like Nargis Dutt Nagar are given a Nelsons eye ,, And today the Bandra East guys will be casting their votes for the By Elections ,, Who Will Win.. Thereby lies a Tale ..Kaun Banega Neta ,, The Netas are already Crorepatis I am sure ,,, poor people cant fight elections in India .. you need big far bucks ,,, and you might still lose your deposit , you need to be glib, a great dramatic dream selling orator too.

And this is Democracy ,, you win over people of their votes by spreading out notes..
Now I shall take a short nap as my leg hurts me badly but I walk with a bandage on my feet .