Saturday, January 8, 2011

What Came First The Blog Or The Camera

Both Our Souls Bound To The Street ..

he often wonders
why i go barefeet
he would repair
my shoes free
clean and neat
alas the curse
on my fucked feet
a blog within a blog
a story incomplete

He Cobbles Shoes I Cobble Blogs ..

My Slave Driven Overworked Laptop..Keeps Begging When I Will Stop

my 24/7 workshop

We Are Indians We Love To Litter on Twitter

One Bedroom Hall Toilet Kitchen On The Street ..Mumbai

A Blogger With His Back Against The Wall

160,645 items / 1,265,537 views

shooting timelessness
humanity pitfalls
man in hurry
fighting urgency
leaking bladders
natures call
limbless beggars
without shoes
walking tall
humility is
what makes
you big and small
the homeless
living on the streets
the pavement a toilet
bedroom kitchen and hall
a blog begins
where a picture ends
a message all in all
shooting blood grime and gall
the hijras the rafaees
culture rituals
hope within a scrawl
google search
for a one time
total recall

picture was shot by rajesh of prakash camera co at dadar ranade road ..

Kabhi Kabhi Nani Ki Yad Ati Hai

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lucknow se bambai
bachpan ka safar
yad ata hai
beete we lamhe
waqt yoon dhorata hai
kabhi kabhi nani
ki yad ati hai
to dum ghut jata hai

Growing Up On A Vegetable Dump

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unlike your
pampered kids
she has no
time for barbie dolls
she works from
'morning to noon
collecting left over
vegetables a living doll
raggedy small
stunted but not too tall
a wild orchid
growing among
lichen on the wall
in the shadow
of a deathly pall

Mumbai is a City of Contrast

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every one had a blast
the die was cast
smooth and fast
but for the poor man
on the street the
present was past
shivering in the cold
a bonfire a total outcast
fatalistic by the gods
harassed empty hands
only tears amassed

Bandra West Weeps

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soon carter road
pali hill
mount mary
bandra hill road
will move
to bandra east
royal living
at rs 100000
a square feet
sharukh salman
will shift galaxy
mannat a new
a great feat
ranbir kapoor
kareena saif
on a new street
bollywoods finest
at bandra east
fun frolic and feast
at bandra west
will be garbage dumps
i repeat
the new elco market
linking road at kherwadi
on bandra east
the new bollywood state
of art studio
dapper and neat
you can come
to bandra west to buy
fish chicken
rotten dead meat
humidity and heat
obituary of bandra
bazar road
fucked fate
could not cheat
bandra west weeps
a barefeet blogger tweets

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