Monday, August 10, 2015

This Morning I Played Tennis In The Rains

The Cosco racket is a gift from my sister Farzana , absolutely light and comfortable  and fits well in my right hand that is permanently damaged ,,it has a good grip.

I am learning tennis under Coach Surendra Pawar and he has deputed Rohan Pawar his main instructor to take care of me , normally I enter the MET Tennis courts after I have walked 4 km  but this time I entered after a km walk and began playing tennis straightaway ,, for about 30 minutes ..Rohan takes a lot of pains for me because of my age lack of stamina .

Along with me is Dr Rahul Tambe we both started tennis at the same time ,after we completed our session doc and I walked around the grounds chatting ,, I walked about 2.50 km..the park shuts at 9am .

If I dont have work I walk about 5 to 6 km in the evening .. I have lost lot of weight my waistline was 40.5 inches now it is 37 ..I was 68 kg I am now 66 I think.. my bloodsugar was 325 earlier my last reading it is 179 and 200 ,, fasting and post prandial.

I never thought I would be playing tennis ,, thank you Coach Surendra Pawar Sir ,,


Unlearning Photography

The most important thing in modern photojournalism the hackneyed attitude of photo editors must change ,,,the attitude changes if you have editors in the mold and caliber of Pablo Bartholomew I was lucky to imbibe something from him much before the desire of becoming a street photographer was born in my restless soul..I knew nothing about photography at all working as a fashion coordinator in the 80 s at Mudra Communications Court House Dhobi Talao ..watching him and others like Suresh Sheth , Suresh Cordo, Adrian Stevens , Chin Win Lee, Mr Oberoi of Daulat building Colaba , Nadish Naoroji Mr Shantanu Sheory, at work..helped me in more ways than one..
The earliest photographer 1955 was a guy called Dayal who came on a cycle , he stayed near Defense Cinema RC Church , he shot family pictures and did photo shoots for veteran actor Chandrashekar sab,,
Than in the 70s when I worked for the Burlington group at Oberoi Sheraton it was great old man Mr Ken Lynn society photographer ,,
Later when I joined Prachins a fashion store belonging to Mr Nitin Manmohan I met the famous Bollywood masters Rakesh Shrestha Harish Daftary and many others I had no interest at all in photography .. it came several years later to get rid of my alcohol dependence the mind doctor wanted me to get hooked to something more intoxicating I took up the camera very late in life ..the rest is all in my archives at Flickr ,, thanks to my camera club PSI my gurus Mr KG Maheshwari Prof Jatkar and Shreekant Malushte sir .
And the process of unlearning photography continues through my photographer friends mentor guides at Flickr ,, and I am inspired by young amateur photographers young new lot of photo journalists ,,this is the breath of fresh air we all need and I must reiterate it was the newspapers that pushed the envelop a step further to learn photography ..

God Save You From The Muslim Guys Who Play Cricket At MET Bandra Reclamation In the Evenings

Dressed in Miya attire they come to play cricket here on Sundays from the nearby localities and use filthy bad words , abusive language and I spoke to them but it is in their blood and this is how they represent Islam and their culture , this is what they learnt at home , this is perhaps what their Arabic teachers taught them . there are senior citizens , Muslim  women taking their walks but it does not matter to them.. I wish I could avoid this place on Sunday evenings but it is close to my house , even the watchmen are scared of them and their ruffian behavior ..I thought cricket was a gentleman's game even if Muslims played  it .. and there were educated guys among them one of the bearded skull cap guy had the cheek to tell me it happens sometimes ,, I wish it could happen in front of his elders his mother and his sisters ,, the common word they use is Ma ke Laude loudly shrieking  other offensive words that is an insult when it falls on our ears ..