Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shooting Pictures From The Inner Camera of the Mind

Shooting Rehmatabad Shia Cemetery..Chehlum

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Over the years I stood in the crowds near the Maulanas podium and shot pictures , I would never dream of coming into the passage where all this happened so dangerous gruesome is the unfolding of the events once the hardcore matam starts.

But than gradually I stepped down and thanks to friends here Mairaj Ali Kalu Razi Ghulam I was able to capture much of the stuff.Habi and Baqar were always there for me.
Danny and Syed Sameer of Piru Lane so I was not attacked by angry Shia matamdars who hate Shi photographers for reasons I could never fathom , and it is because of their spiritual arrogance I began cutting myself ,, now they give me space and if they act tough I dont shoot them .

I have had problems with a kid here and even in Hyderabad during the Bibi Ka Alam procession , I mean who will put it in their brain dead head that what I do is not for money but a Tablikee Hussain and showcase the angst of our community ..As a Shia I show you Shia pain and Shia anguish for the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain.. And earlier I took the wrath of the Wahhabis and other Shia hating groups that shat on my pictures with hate comments at my Flickr photostream.. Luckily I have locked up my comment boxes everywhere save Facebook.

Yes let me warn you there are bigots among Shias it the common man or the Maulana.. They are more interested in why I shoot other stuff and not stick too shooting Shiasm.. and luckily I shoot for myself , I dont sell or give my pictures ..and once this series gets over I will post my back log of Haji Malang pictures ..over 3000 pictures on hold..

Zuljana at the Shia Cemtery Chehlum

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I am trying to complete this series but it is next to impossible with the Flickt uploader letting me down at every attempt.. I am a pro member and my problems continue..

And shooting this segment of Chehlum at Rehmatabad Shia Cemetery is a challenge by itself as a photographer and as a human being documenting pain and the passion of the Shia angst in Mumbai...

My Uploading Problems at Flickr Have Gone From Bad To Worse

My uploading problems at Flickr are a lowest ebb..I was earlier using Mozilla Firefox and the uploader page from within Flickr..I was going through hell only a few uploads happened and the uploading stopped..I thought it was my You Telecom server problem but they washed their hands saying it is a Flickr server problem..

On instructions from my son Asif Shakir a software expert , I switched to Microsoft Internet Explorer and installed the Flickr uploader 3.2.1. and my problems continue, I am still struggling to post pictures I shot on 5 Feb, the same thing happens it the usual reply your pictures did not make it completely..

What beats me is why does not Flickr make its site blogger uploader friendly for people from my end, I know you guys in the United States or Europe and Australia Canada and other places dont have the problems I face.

Flickr Customer Care unfortunately is as bad as You Telecom Customer Care and has just skirted my problem , elevated to a person up the hierarchy who perhaps does not know what I am going through....I have yet to receive a response from his end..

I sometimes wonder perhaps is it because I have 116697 posts already ,is that causing them a problem..or is there a bug.

I follow Flickt guidelines I have no other issues, I have locked all my comment boxes so I dont have to read crap posted on my pictures as vicious racist hare for being an Indian and a Shia.

I am almost 32 months as Pro member at Flickr.

I hope one of the dudes with a human care reads this and gets rid of my uploading problem at Flickr..I am totally at loss I have a backlog of 3000 pictures to post..

I am leaving the comment window open on this post.

My message sent to Flickr customer Care

I have switched to MIE from Mozlla Firefox and am using Flickr uploader 3.2.1. but I find the uploading stops mid way pictures dont upload completely I have blogged my problem as your executive has not given me a satisfactory solution..

Sameer of Piru Lane

This is Sameers back and his head is worse than his back, he is a very fierce matamdar, his entire family his brothers , his kids his brothers kids are in the forefront at Rehmatabad Shia cemetery on Chehlum day..

They dont stop and nobody can stop them either..I know them since a decade , since the time I began documenting the Shia pain the Shia angst..

When I started shooting Moharam I was quite a coward , I kept away from bloodshed , I had quit alcohol and the psychiatrist had asked my wife I take up something to fill the vacuum , get rid of my withdrawal system that plagued me no end I bought a Nikon F 50 learnt photography under Shreekanth Malushte and was ready to take on the world..this was about 12 years back, and it was Habib Nasser and Baqar Nasser who showed me the Shia side of my heritage and my birthright..

I began shooting Moharam in various cities and began using the flagellating blades , and graduated to the Kama during Athvi in Lucknow several years back..I never looked back, I cut myself during Ashura and Chehlum..every year.

And so I shoot pain , this is my passion , a genre that goes along with street photography..

The Shia Blogger Demystified

This was shot by a guy , and exposes my vulnerability to pain, a pain beneath the layer of blood..I could not hide , a shia blogger demystified , embedded humility a conscious effort trampling pride ..a mother for her children cried upholding the tenets of humanity he who gave his head he came he saw he died..his blood sprouting seeds of spirituality against oppression against inhumanity .. even god was on his side ..freedom cannot be enslaved manacled chained or denied...hiding truth for over 1400 years they lied ...

hussaino mini wa ana minal hussain..he replied
a fire that burns time and tide could not subside

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