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In Memorium to The Only Lion Of Hope and Hindutva

For The Acts Of A Fringe Islamic Terror Group The Common Muslim Faces The Backlash

Teaching Photography To Dam Madar Malangs At Ajmer

I am hardly called by my name among the Sufi monks ascetics , my Dam Madar Peer Masoomi Baba and Syed Rafiq Baba in the picture learning photography from me on my Canon DSLR call me Maulaiee ,, follower of Ali.. the others call me Mastan or Camere wale Baba,, this is the name I was called by the Chancawali Rifais of Mumbai.. The Monk who Uses The Camera .. Photography is almost a delusional question what came first camera or photography ,, the dumbfucked will say Vision.. and get fucked by his own Vision.. luckily my vision is encapsulated as garbage happy .. I see garbage I shoot garbage , and Garbage follows me intrinsically wherever I follows me to Ajmer to Lucknow and other cities ..I taught my grandkids photography forcing them to shoot Garbage ..and this was much before Modiji dreamed of Swach Bharat .. much before he unceremoniously grabbed the Broom of the Aam Admi Party.. Now all my photographer friends from abroad want to shoot the iconic garbage dump in my backyard …

Ajmer Wohi Jate Hain Jinhe Khwajah Bulate Hain

This means you can  only go to Ajmer if you are cosmically called by the Saint of the Poor Khwajah Garib Nawaz ,,the greatest Saint of India his love for the poor is immense .. he gives even when they dont ask.. yes people who are mute ,he gives to the blind caught in a cage of morbid darkness , he showers his blessings on the leper the deformed the cripple ,, and perhaps I come to Ajmer to shoot his people the hopeless and the homeless .

The Beggars of Ajmer is my online thesis,, which is part of my Muslim Beggars of India series .. Muslim beggars cannot be choosers ..I have documented their lives bought them out of darkness into spectral light ,,and Muslim beggars will always remain beggars ,, so most of the Muslim beggars come from all over India to partake of the humble hospitality of the Holy Saint Of Ajmer , I too am a beggar crippled from within I come simply because he calls me year after year during the Urus ,I have never seen Ajmer Sharif during normal times  .I was called …