Monday, March 8, 2010

The Pain and The Anguish Beggar Hijras of Mumbai

This was shot yesterday at the Turner Road Traffic Signal Bandra , once upon a time hijras moved about freely this was their beat , and they got good alms because of the restaurants and high end fashion and jewelery shops around this signal .

I began shooting HIjras here as it was on the way to my old workplace , the person that called the shots was a beggar hijra called Lakshmi..I have not seen her ever since , Archana hijra in the picture loves me for only one reason she loves trinkets and I gave them a lot of stuff that I had picked up at Chor Bazar Flea market , I gave them sarees too I picked up from Chor Bazar second hand clothes sellers ..

But than with the hefty fine of Rs 1200 for begging imposed by the cops , this friendly group of hijras moved to other signals.. I was really surprised seeing Archana , though her beggar guru Lakshmi was not around..

Many a time I had an urge to go and shoot them in the slums where they stayed but though their Guru promised to take me along it never happened..

And Marziya my two year old grand daughter now knows hijras very well , sees them on the street and nudges me Dada Hijdas..

And what really hurts me the hijras that need urgent attention and rehabilitation are these beggar hijras of Mumbai, they are known as Mangtis.

And I doubt they will ever walk the Hijra Fashion Ramp, they walk the streets of Pain and I shoot them showing you their life up close and perhaps one of thees days I will go and shoot Peela House Red Light area , its just that I cant make an effort , and I want to reconnect with Heena the Wild Orchid of Falkland Road as the red light area is called.

I am presently shooting pictures with Dr Glenn Losack MD's Nikon D 80 camera sent to me as a present.

Hi There Uncle Glenn

are you going
to come to mumbai
uncle glenn
i am two years old
i cant wait for you
till i am ten
when are you
me my birthday
to aunty alice
aunty robi
my best friends
in manhattan

Woh Jo Darwaza Ke Peeche Rehti Hain

bahar diya jalta hai
ag si lagi rehti hai
unki khamoshi
unki tarah
deewaron se
bhi kuch nahi
kehti hai
chup chap
dil ka dukh
zulm aur sitam
sehti hain
woh jo darwaze
ke peche
rehti hain
pehchane se
inkar karti hain
kahin phir se
pyar na ho jaye
woh darti hain
main ek zinda lash
main unko ab
bhi chahta hoon
woh ek dusre shayar
ki kabar
par fatiya padti hain
uski yad ko
woh zinda rakhti hain
uski ruh jo khamakhan
meri ruh main
bhatakti hai

The Child in the Cradle The Man on The Street

a frozen moment
of pedestrian passion
roadside anguish
interlocked on the street
the man born
with crippled feet
the child at the mercy
of humidity and heat
both revolve round a circle
a chakra of karmic pain
they complete
their fucked fate
they cant cheat
disillusioned destiny
ending in defeat
the juhu traffic signal
the blaring horns
the cars as they speed
a pain they see
only a poet could read
man the haunting soul
of a wanting seed
on the road he breeds
empty stomach
mouths to feed
to a rich man
instead of a
disinterested god
he pleads
at the mercy
of his wants
his needs

to jai prakash
my facebook friend
all my poetic pain
he reads

Main Poet Hoon Sar Ke Bal Chalta Hoon

121,512 items / 800,816 views

main poet hoon
sar ke bal chalta hoon
bheje ka istamal karta hoon
shayri ati nahi
tukbandi karta hoon
yeh bat aur hai
woh kisi aur par marti hain
main unpe marta hoon

ek poet hi poet ko
samjh sakta hai...
yeh woh kehti
hain main nahi
kehta hoon
woh kisi aur ke
dil main rehti hain
main unke dil ke
bahar rehta hoon

ajab dastan he hum donon ke dilon ki

ap ki kismet
meri kismet main
nahi thi
ajab dastan hai
hum dono ke
dilon ki
ap ki dua
kisi aur ko mili
kaun kisko
chahta hai
har koie ajnabi
a sinking boat
in love with
a stormy sea
is better
than being free
you belong
to him
you dont
belong to me
a drop of a
molten tear
gives birth to
cosmic poetry

ajab dastan hai
hum donon
ke dilon ki
aisi sharab
humne pahle
ne kabhi pi
apka shabab
hum ban gaye

Half empty pot of My Destiny

Shooting Self Inflicted Pain

121,493 items / 800,729 views

the squinted eye
of my minds camera
on her I train
self inflicted pain
she who inhabits
the dark side
of my brain
I might die
before I meet her
a misplaced moment
to a broken chain
will I ever see her again
a dream
my hearts domain

Seeing Her World With Eyes Closed

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dreams denuded
dreams deluded
dreams disposed
dreams over exposed
dreams god proposed
dreams undisclosed
dreams within dreams
she opposed
dreams foreclosed
dreams time imposed
dreams that fate bulldozed

seeing her world eyes closed
on the soul of a camera
she posed ...

The Poets Wife and Cosmic Chaos