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Bidding Farewell To Lord Ganesha At Juhu Beach

While everyone among the photographer biradri go to Girgaum Chowpatty on the 7 th Day Immersion , or Visarjan of Lord Ganesha .. I normally made my way to Juhu Beach as it close by  and there are no cops hassling you not to go in the waters and most of the beach lifeguards know me also the portrait photographers at the beach.

And for a street photographer Juhu beach is ideal to get close up shots the Visarjan ambiance the artis and even the Hijras from nearby suburbs come here on this very auspicious day for the Hindus.

There is a plethora of passion , emotions and a festivity mood to be shot , and another day I come here is on Gauri Visarjan.. the 5 th day,,and I love shooting her in her finery and Gauri differs in look with every section of Hindu society , the Kolis dress her like a Koli , the South Indians Madrasis dress her in their style and she is very elegant stoic and touches everyone..I gave up booze several years back on a Gauri Visarjan day so this immersion means  lot to …

Nerjis Asif Shakir And Lucky The Labrador

Nerjis is scared of goats , and wary of dogs , though when she was very young Lucky was her best friend as she grew older , she became more ambivalent to his existence .. she watches him from far and will call him out but thats it.

But Lucky has bee part of their growth..both Marziya and Nerjis.

And I still think animals need love and telepathically select and seek out friends mostly children..

Marziya Shakir And Lucky The Labrador

Lucky and Marziya have literally grown up together , he was a pup belonging to Omkar Shelar son of Advocate Ashish Shelar. Marziya bossed over him from a very early age , and amazingly Lucky was so well behaved that he never jumped or barked , when Marziya came back from holidays he would eagerly wait for her and Marziya gave him her share of biscuits . As Marziya grew he watched her from far , and these are photos I documented of their friendship..and Lucky is still around . six years from the first time I shot him with Marziya . So animals have a very special bonding with kids ,,and in another part of a world away thousands of miles away from Marziya and Lucky in Ann Arbor was Jeff Lamb eminent photographer and his dog Sonny ,, who would favorite Marziyas and Luckys pictures ,and this was another form of Love , a mystical love today Jeff is no more alive but his love for my grand daughter has given a tremendous ethereal strength I have tears in my eyes as I wrrite these words and r…

The Pain Pathos Of The Marathi Manoos

the situation
jowl by cheek
havoc wreak
electoral prospects
seem very bleak
this time he wont
give the other swollen
farmer suicides
constant infighting
chaotic coalition
the marathi manoos
to whom does he speak
failing law and order
rampant crimes
what does he seek
the guilty rule the
roost bad times
for the meek
as prices peak
the builder politician
nexus harvest reaps
maharashtra has lost
its soul mumbai has
lost its charm mystique
which wave this time
on a losing streak
ab ki bar kis ki sarkar
dreams choked on a
river creek..ask the
skeptic he says
live be merry
mumbai nagri main
sab kuch theek
the only city of india
that gives respect
to muslim hindu
christian dalit sikh
jain parsi buddhist
mutual coexistence
 harmonious unique ..

After Adding Me On Facebook ,, There Are Those Bigots Who Love To Kick My Ass

This is an old post written in 2012 , and I keep deactivating my Facebook account from time to time to get a free lease on life ,,but I miss some very good friends so I return like a rolling stone .

The only words that have changed in my blog below , i have locked up my hijra documentary from the voyeuristic nature of man..I shoot less pictures  I tweak my old pictures via Aviary ,, but my poets angst is as restless as it wa when life began.. I blog to kill pain ..I dont shoot Moharam in Mumbai I stay away from all Shia congregations I shoot Moharam in cities where love of Imam Hussain is greater than  love for bigotry , I shoot a lot of Hindu rituals but even this I have cut down , I shot the Maha Kumbh 2013 .

My Old Blog

Of late I have been deleting all requests from my community , simply because we may belong to the same community , but I have not come to Facebook to make this as my religious platform, I do post my faith but I dont forcefully push it up peoples throat..I may not b…

Can You Imagine A World Without Photographers

scary awkward
a picture was
born much
before the
birth of the
word ,,
a picture
gave way
to feelings
hope much
before the
word was
heard .
creating joy
bliss harmony
dead emotions
it bought to
life a new path
to your restless
angst a new
spirit it stirred

Lord Ganesha Holding Fort On The Sands Of Time

sculpted by magical
hands , he sits on
his royal throne on
timeless sand
people drop a coin
for the nameless
sculptor art begs
too from culture
an irony you must
sensitively soothingly
understand man lives
by the sweat of his
brow wants needs
demands .within
the grain of a sand
lies the mystique of
our beloved motherland
politically ravaged
torn asunder by those
corrupt ruling hands

dedicated to sarah.
a beggar poet's last stand

Mother Why Did You Not Kill Me When I Was Born..

you could have throttled my neck
thrown me in the garbage dump
stealthily silently I would have gone
you had the right to kill me your first born
I would have gone back to the maker
tell him his creation is world full of scorn
no I would rather be unborn. and I have
sworn never to come back  again
darkness at dawn..oh mother for
your martyred misplaced motherhood
i i hate to see you begging
on and on..your face i know tears
glistening as a coin hits your humility
your womanhood your fate tattered torn
why did you not leave me at the gates
of the church believer of the book
according to the Gospel of St John

My Changed Attitude Towards Shooting Pictures

Earlier I was trigger happy shot the same thing , the same person and the same events uploaded on Flickr and totally forgot about them I shot shit , my pictures made no sense , and street pictures that I shot did not beg to be noticed as aesthetics or good composition I dont follow rules I shoot into light ,,and I have never been awed by light , I used my camera flash to bring a dead picture alive unashamedly ,,

Now looking at this beggar walking near my house I now know that he is going towards the Bazar mosque to beg, beggars seek God outside the Mosque always .. the believer searches for him within four walls.

That's the irony of being a Muslim beggar ..and I know him , nowadays he wears a raincoat given to him by some generous Miya soul.. he knows Nerjis , Nerjis has shot him too..

There are weird beggars too one of them hooked on to brown sugar wears a skull cap and silently begs at JJ Colony .. there was another one also a junkie who begged at the Bazar and sometimes at the…

Have You Ever Talked To A Muslim Beggar

I have started talking to them recently , asking them about their health , welfare ..and the two senior Muslim Beggars Khwajah Bhai and Ali Asghar feel happy ,I ask about their daughters , who take care of them when they disappear from Mumbai going back to their hometown,

Rehabilitating beggars is not part of Muslim society , just give them a few coins take their blessings , and than there are those goys who vehemently hate beggars , humans , they go to  Bandra Talao buy grain for the pigeon, leaves for the goats , flour for the ants bread loaves for the fish ..there are some who buy fancy biscuits for stray dogs at Carter Road feed crows , thee are ladies that love feeding cats ..I have nothing against them but ask them to feed a human child you will get a rebuke ..this world we live in is very biased strange and anti all comes from within the ancestry of our hate ..

I am not a writer or a journo , my sense of grammar syntax unbecoming I became a photo blogger , I need a p…

Arabs Are The Most Divided People Among Muslims

One Arab state hates the other
Arab state always a state of war,
bullet ridden bombed out scars
no unity no love for the neighbor
by far, if one state is under siege
no help no support like eunuchs
watch the mayhem from far
its the history of a race never
faithful no brotherhood on par
Muslims love killing Muslims
for that ultimate 72 vestal virgins
in paradise a just reward ..
killing Christians Jews all minorities
a new  caliphate built on the blood
of innocent babies ..worse
than  Davids bleeding  star ,,,bodies
brutalized  murdered burnt charred

Bandra Is A Safe Haven For Muslim Beggars

And you dont need to be a Muslim wear a skull cap a chequered scarf or a hijab or a head scarf and you share in the bounty of  Ramzan , and I hate to say this we have been brainwashed by society our parents to some extent , Muslims normally give generously to Muslim beggars , and this bias is inbuilt..

I once saw a huge group of Muslim beggars outside the Wodehouse Church and here the Christian gives in the name of Jesus without breaching caste color or creed .

On the day of Eid at Bandra station an entire group of tribal beggars I know very well cover themselves in hijab and share in the spirit of Ramzan Mubarak.

And perhaps if I was more educated I could have done a thesis on beggars but beggars are human they have needs wants and aspiration .. you wont be surprised if you see the yuppy beggar kids wit mobile phone hitting away on Whats Up.. Unbelievable .!

Beggars to have come a long way , I was once introduced to a very rich builder from a distant suburb, highly generous , wife  …