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Death Cant Kill Those Who Are Living Dead

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the rich
mans god
gives them
their daily bread
under fed
on the path
of misery
over spread
bleeding red
a gravestone
their sleeping
head death
walks over them
but softly treads
keeps them alive
moves ahead
corroded flesh
souls made
of lead
the roads
as bed
their home

to susan ratcliff
trey ratcliff
my world of pain

Racist Eunuch Poets Encore

racist eunuch poets galore
lets tear this black mambas
testicles they swore
lets make him a eunuch
said one English boar
lets sodomize his poetry
in a sing song voice
said a barbie whore
lets kick his brown butt
show him the door
said a crochety
English rabid poet
while he snored
loose bowel
his sphincter tore
defending him
a howlin scored
venomous hate from
the fangs of draculean
as it out poured
his hands
his unflinching
shia faith
a weeping sword
an indian leopard
in his lair
ya hussain
he roared

"The Dirgah of Firoze Shakir"

>>>>>>> A LINE FROM FIROZE >>>>>>>>

The Dirgah of Firoze Shakir

You are the one person who has always kept me alive like a Unholy Saint of Poem Hunter

Love you All
Take Care

my grand daughters site

http: //

Have a good day, one butter than yesterdays. Salam

Fight for Firoze in PH Forum

The Dirgah of Firoze Shakir, Support Freethinking and Creativity

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thank you howlingly
your love I echo
being kicked out
without being given a reason
hurts me so
the victim is punished
the racists of a poetry forum
running freely
to and fro
yes hate
is what makes
hate grow
monster hogs
witches of Armageddon
they do not know
a loose bowel
shitting poems
in the snow
a meta morphed
with a trident
raised eyebrow
rusty old Wilkinson blades
may god rest his soul
he died in his sleep
fucking flo
to poetry of mediocrity
what a blow
on his grave
an epitaph
by a shitting crow

Firoze Shakir Poet Has Aged

she whom he loved
has flown the coop
a cosmic heart
where she was caged
she is happily married
her life upstaged
many years back
he had deleted her
from his fucked
he raged
trying to get
her back violently
a war of emotions
he waged
he grew wiser
wounds scars
time has assuaged
firoze shakir poet
incorrigible bachelor
had gracefully aged

A Poets Dream World Never Dies


poem by Howlin Dervesh at Poem Hunter

For the want of an 'r'
Our lives have
Or may
Change somewhat.

With out 'r' we
Could never be Rude
only ude
Ude is my new word for today

As we get old and gay
And prance in the ude
Looking far from ude
As today may say


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Thad Wilk (12/16/2007 7:03:00 PM)
Nice write Howlin! Short and sweet! Vendi, Vidi, and i enjoyed your write!

Ray Lucero (12/16/2007 2:16:00 PM)
Uday Howlin,

As President 'Tricky Dick' Nixon once said;
'You won't have me to kick around anymore'
So it is with Firoze...


T McH (12/16/2007 2:13:00 PM)
Ude is an excellent word.

Actually - despite the hurling of crap I found Firoze personable and charming. Also easily offended and easily offensive. Never to me however and I take people as I find them. o me. Whilst being aware of what they may say about others. As do you.... F. t x

Khushi Is My Hijra Muse

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a beggar poet
who shoots
the marginalized
bodily used
a million times
battered bruised
as refuse
on the soul
of wretched
as they cruise
to be what
they want to be
a path they choose
the god man
the bigot
the racist
on the hijra
his venom spews
fucked society
watches amused
the hijra victim
co accused
raped sodomized
common news
no excuse
so in such
a chaotic situation
my hijra poetry
gives the hijra
his honorable due
khushi is my
chosen muse
a transgendered
neither man
nor woman
report abuse

You guys must check out Google+

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posted at Indi Bloggers Forum

This is a great place for nerds geeks photographers poets and budding artists , I have some great folks in my circle.. and I am learning I dont want to drop names but I have two great guys Robert Riedl Robert Scobel who give great inputs on almost every topic close to and cyberspace ..they swear by Google+

Great photographers too and though I moved out of Facebook for personal reasons I have never had the urge as yet to go back..

Both my grand daughters are at Google+ have the Dalai Lama Marc Zuckerburg including their god father Renie Ranvin in their circles ..

Try it out wont be disappointed but dont expect it to be Facebook it is not.. it is a place of accumulating knowledge wisdom call it what you may..

I Shoot What Others Refuse To Shoot

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walking barefeet
in the blazing sun
as a messenger
of peace and photography
i shoot what others
refuse to shoot
i shoot not to make money
i shoot not to be famous
or a celebrity in humility
are my roots i shoot
whores in redlight cages
hijras beautiful hirsute
i shoot beggars malangs
rafaees the devdasis
manhole gutter cleaners
dying of poisonous fumes
i shoot aghoris naga babas
covered in human ash and soot
because god was kind
lent me his cosmic vision
through my pictures
i pay him tribute
but all in all
it is the common man
struggling to survive
i pay him my
final tribute
tears on the soul
of my beloved
slaughtered every day
by scams corruptions
by those who run it and loot
india against corruption
team anna too has become
political vindictive instead
of pursuing truth

Picture of a hijra Santosh who comes every year from Nasik to pierce his cheeks with a 18 feet road at Sion Koliwada as tribute to Tamil Goddess Marriamen goddess of fertility and universal peace..he has been doing this ritual since 9 years ..

I have been shooting the Marriammen feast for almost 5 years all over Mumbai and will also pierce my cheeks with a 22 feet rod to show my solidarity with the Hindu Tamils next year perhaps..

Now You Know Why I Cant Get Myself To Shoot Sunsets Landscapes And Mountains

Needles Limes And Holding Burning Pot of Faith

The Supermen of Maryamma

Hardcore Street Photography of Pain

Hardcore Street Photography of Pain

Mouth To Mouth With The Hijra

The Hijra Pierces his Cheek with a 18 Feet Rod

The Hijra Pierces his Cheek with a 18 Feet Rod

The Hijra Pierces his Cheek with a 18 Feet Rod

The Hijda Gets Ready for the Cheek Piercing

The hijdas are a very unique race , totally seeped in ritualism and hardcore spirituality of the street , they are active participants dancing their way into the Holy Saints heart during the various Urus at Ajmer or Haji Malang.

I have tried to talk less on my pictures keeping them as visuals only, but my fascination for the hijda ethos makes me voluble.

One thing I must reiterate I was invited here by Raja the piercer and it was the first time he invited me here to Sion Koliwada , imagine I know him since three years.

Why this change of heart I dont know,,he hardly ever talked to me or ever called me, but now I have his phone number.

Raja will not pierce your cheeks without money this is his basic rule hard cash no Udhar means no credit , he charges for the removal of the hooks and the rods too..

But he is experienced and does a fabulous job.Nobody complains .

Photography is not about shooting a picture and sharing it for comments discussion etc photography is the mother of all emotions ..just see the raw thoughts in the hijdas eyes in a few seconds the rod will enter his cheeks through and I was not merely shooting his facial expressions but his spiritual anguish only the wise will read it and understand.

He was a decent hijda not raucous or loud , and gave me a lot of respect as he knew I would reach the dark crevices of his soul through Shivas eye embedded in my camera like body.

Of late due to professional personal problems my heart and soul is not in my photography there are other fears that haunt me I shoot this with a passion but not the way I should have if I was in a better frame of mind.

You can write poems and a novel on an empty stomach but street photography should be with a peaceful state of mind without hindrance stress or agitated state of mind.

So with this picture I show you the various frames of this hijdas cheek piercing with a 18 feet rod , I confess I shot him extensively he was my subject and I did not let him go.

And he had told me the following day he would go back to Nasik from where he hailed.

The Tamils are good natured people very possessive about their rituals customs and Goddess Maryamma.

I am now a known face ion this community and even people I dont know greet me and remind me that they had seen me in their procession .

So my genre is hardcore street photography of pain , I wanted to pierce my cheeks at Mahim but my Tamil frends told me to wait , perhaps it is because when I do this ritual one day I want my mentor Dr Glenn Losack to be there and shoot me too a Shia blogger among the Tamil brethren.

Because I can cut open my head with a dagger I have no fear of pain at all..and maybe because of my diabetic condition I dont really feel pain like you would ..only my bleeding does not stop for a long time.

There is another ritual connected with Maryamma the devotees walking on fire.I have not shot it as yet.

The one Maryamma feat I missed this year was the Maryamma Feast Madras Wadi Worli.

It happened and I did not know about it.

But through Raja I will cover the Sion Koliwada belt next year too.

Father Forgive Me I Have Sinned

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my hopes
on her drying
i pinned
i accidentally
fell in love
with a transvestite
from across
the border
thick skinned
double chinned
pendulous posterior
tits conjoined twins
like two pectoral fins
bedding her was
a nightmare
one and only
deadly sin
neither man
nor woman
only a whore
from within
from where
do i begin
sometimes out
sometimes in
her moans
like silent sounds
of corrugated tin
a facebook encounter
to my fucked chagrin
faded memories
the ignore button
that swept
me into her
recycling bin
hooron ki hoor
jannat ki pari
a blast minus
the safety pin

the transvestites tale never ends whether you lose you actually never win
a smirk minus a grin head leg before wicket by her rolling pin

Rangoli Colors for Diwali

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rangoli is a traditional decorative folk art of India. These are decorative designs made on floors of living rooms and courtyards during Hindu festivals and are meant as sacred welcoming areas for the Hindu deities.[1] The ancient symbols have been passed on through the ages, from each generation to the one that followed, thus keeping both the art form and the tradition alive. Rangoli and similar practices are followed in different Indian states; in Tamil Nadu, one has Kolam,[2] Madanae in Rajasthan, Chowkpurna in Northern India, Alpana in Bengal, Aripana in Bihar, and so on. The purpose of Rangoli is decoration and it is thought to bring good luck. Design-depictions may also vary as they reflect traditions, folklore and practices that are unique to each area. It is traditionally done by women, but over the years modern additions have been adapted. Generally, this practice is showcased during occasions such as festivals, auspicious observances, celebrations of marriages and other similar milestones and gatherings. Rangoli designs can be simple geometric shapes, deity impressions, flower and petal shapes (appropriate for the given celebrations), but they can also become very elaborate designs crafted by numerous people. The base material is usually dry or wet granulated rice or dry flour, to which Sindoor (vermilion), Haldi (turmeric) and other natural colors can be added. Chemical colors are a modern variation. Other materials include colored sand and even flowers and petals, as in the case of Flower Rangolis.

°Alpana° is another name for a type of rangoli. The ancient Mohen-jo-daro and Harappan civilizations also had Alpana. Vatsyayan Alpana's work - the formula is described in Chausst arts (The most ancient folk art). The word 'Alpana' is derived from the Sanskrit 'Oalanpeen' which means "to plaster." In ancient times people believed that these funds artistic painting the town and villages - are able to contain cereal is full of magical effects and reserve assets. This approach was Alpana art practiced on religious and social occasions. Many fast or worship, which is given the Alpana. Swami Anand Kumar, who are called scholars of Indian art, modern folk art of Bengal's view that the direct link is from 5000 years ago; the art of Mohen-jo-daro. Waratchari movement and Bangla folk art and culture scholar Gurushay generator according to Dutt, the lotus flower Bengali women make between their Alpanooan, and the lotus flower of Mohen-jo-daro is a replica. Some other scholars are of the opinion that Alpana Astrik people in our culture, such as shaved species come from, which in this country many years before the arrival of Aryans were living. According to the ancient and traditional folk arts of Bangladesh's agricultural era standing. At that time some people believe that gods had some magical effects, which in practice would have been a good harvest and Priatatmaaey had run away because of Alpana. Inspired by these traditional Aleknoan Acharya Awneendranath Tagore Shantiniketan art building with other subjects of painting - this art also made a compulsory subject. Today this art is known as Alpana of Shantiniketan. The blonde goddess in art will enjoy the memorable name of the mother are considered Alpana Shantiniketan.

Rangoli is a symbol of religious and cultural beliefs. It is considered an important part of the spiritual process. why the various gifts and sacrifices in the 'altar' are created when creating the माँडने. Rural Anchaloan home - yard Buharkar Llypane still exists after the custom of making rangoli. Land - called the purification of the spirit and prosperity lies behind it. Alpana philosophy of life which symbolizes the impermanence of knowing with full enthusiasm and devotion present wished to live with Sumngl remains constant. The knowing that tomorrow it will be washed, which is the purpose, he wished to be the greatest. Additional house festivals - family occasions or just like any other Manglik say that the art of decorating rangoli is now not only limited to Pujagrah. Women with great passion and enthusiasm in every room of the house and make rangoli at the entrance. The hobby itself the basis of his fiction is already there, eternally; innovative creation is symbolic of the spirit. Rangoli created with icons such as the swastika, lotus flower, Lakshmiji step (Pegalie) etc. are considered indicators of prosperity and Mangalkamn. Many homes today, ahead of Dewalyoan Rangoli is made daily. Customs - customs Sshajti - सँवारती The art has also become a part of modern families. Introduction of diversified interest in craftsmanship and artistic home - decor created for almost all except the few माँडणों माँडणे are a symbol of human spirit. And thus an important means to realize our cultural feelings are considered. Rangoli symbolizes joy and happiness Rangamayie expressions.
Rangoli art is an adornment or decoration that has different names in the different provinces of India. Uttar Pradesh in the square Purna, Rajasthan in the Mmandn, Bihar in the Aripan, Bengal Alpana in, Maharashtra in the rangoli, Rangavallie in Karnataka, Kollam in Tamil Nadu, ऐपण in Uttaranchal, Andhra Pradesh in the Muggu or Muggulu, HP 'Aroopn', Kumaon in the Alikhthap or Thapa, the Kerala in the Kolam, Gujarat in Saathiyo. There are many variations in these Rangolioan. Maharashtra Rangoli their homes on the door in the morning so create an evil force in the house so that they could not enter. India's southern Kerala settled on the edge Onam rangoli on the occasion of flowers used to decorate is. South Indian Province - Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the 'column' is some margin but their basics are unchanged. These are decorated in geometric and symmetrical मूल्यतः sizes. For rice flour or slurry is used. The back of the rice flour used to be white and easy availability. Between the thumb and forefinger of dried rice flour by putting a certain cast is dropped. Rajasthan Mandana the word was taken from the corroboration means is decoration. Mmandne various festivals, major festivals and ॠ can be categorized based on seasons. Different shapes depending on the size of it also can be shared. Kumaon 's "writing beat 'or in a variety of plotting symbols Thapa, artistic designs, Bellbutoan is used. Alikhthap of society apart - separated by different groups - different icons and art media is used. South Indian rangoli usually based on geometric shapes while at the north of the auspicious sign.

Rangoli India belong to any province, the folk art, so its elements are taken from the public are common. Rangoli is the most important element Utswdhermita. For this auspicious symbols are selected. Thus the symbol for generations as they are made - and is required to make these symbols. Traditionally new generation learns the art and thus our - my family keeps the tradition intact. Rangoli major symbols of a lotus flower, its leaves, mango, Tue vase, fish, different kind birds, parrot, swan, peacock, human figures and foliage are found in almost all India's Rangolioan. Rangolioan to be made on special occasions also undermines some special shapes such as Diwali Rangoli in the Deep, Ganesha or Lakshmi. The second key element is using rangoli incoming material. The same material is used which is easily found everywhere. Therefore this art rich - poor is prevalent in all homes. Normally the major ingredients used to make rangoli - Pise rice solution, dried powder made from the leaves color, charcoal, burned soil was, wood sawdust, etc.. Rangoli is the third important element background. Rangoli for the background was clear floor or wall or Llype is used. Rangoli yard in the middle, corners, or as Bell is created around. Dehri gateway on the tradition of making rangoli. God's seat, depending on lamp, place of worship and sacrifice on the altar is the tradition of decorating rangoli. With time, imagination and innovative ideas in Rangoli art is also incorporated. Hospitality and tourism has also had its effect and it has been commercially developed. The colors also convenient because it places such as hotels is being built on its traditional charm, artistry and importance are still remain.
[edit] Colors of Rangoli

Rangoli is a very popular form of art in India. It is usually drawn by Indian women in front of their doors or gates. Although the basic color of Rangoli is white (known as "chirodi'), it is dyed different colors creating an attractive, multi-colored design.
[edit] Creation of Rangoli

Rangoli is made in two ways. Dry and wet. Both a generous and is created by adding other points. The rangoli made by adding points to the first white paint on the ground in a particular size are made certain point then shaking the points is a beautiful figure takes shape. After creating the desired shape, there are full color. Freehand rangoli image is created directly on the ground. Traditional Mmandn make ocher and gray is used vertically. Rangoli rangoli colors to meet the market diversify the color can be made. Rangoli making trouble for those wanting the freedom to decorate your home Dehri 'Redimad rangoli' sticker found in the market, which desired pasting location for Rangoli patterns can be created. In addition, the market has emerged as plastic shapes but also get points, which put him on the floor putting up paint beautiful shape emerging from the ground comes. Rangoli is the practice of making these items can be used. See some of which cast the flour or colored powder that can be filled. There are small holes per sample. Slightly off the floor as they collide at certain locations Zrta colors and beautiful piece becomes manifest. Using plastic to make rangoli are also Stencils. wet Rangoli rice water mixed up in it Peiskara crafted. The solution to the ऐपण, ऐपन or Pithaar called. Use this colorful turmeric is also used to make. In addition to the market to meet colorful rangoli posters, crayons, fabric and are made from acrylic colors.
Rangoli with marble and stone pieces at a competition in Rose festival in Chandigarh.

A newer trend of making rangoli involves using cement colors with marble powder. This is a rather precise method but requires some previous training. Beautiful portraits can be drawn using this method.
[edit] Faith and beliefs

In Tamil Nadu it is a prevalent myth, that Andaal worshipped Lord Thirumal and was married in the month of Markazhi. So during this month, unmarried girls got up before dawn to welcome God Thirumal rangoli are Sszati. Rangoli on mythology are prevalent in many stories. The first Indian treatise on painting 'pictures symptoms "refers to a legend comes, she follows - the son of a king, priest died. Brahma said to the king that he built on land given sketches of the boy so he could be put to life. Some lines on the floor Akieanchian king, from here rangoli or Alpana was introduced. In this context is another story that Brahma created the craze for the common juice by removing trees that formed the shape of a woman on the floor. Monster was going to beat the beauty of woman, the woman later Urvashi Kaahalai. The shape of rangoli Akieanchian by Brahma was the first form. See also references on Rangoli legendary, such as - Ramayana in Sita 's wedding pavilion where the discussion refers to rangoli there too. Cultural development in the south of Rangoli originated in the era of the Chola rulers. Behind the use of rice flour to feed the perception that the ant should. Here it is considered that the columns of the shed to get food to animals other creatures protecting the natural cycle. Rangoli is not removed from the sweep or legs but they mixed with water fountains or mud is removed from the hands . Mithilaanchal no such festival - festival or (Upanan - someone like marriage) ceremony in the courtyard walls and painting the house is not done. Separately for each occasion of ढँग "Aripan" which made different - different spiritual meaning. On the occasion of marriage, groom - bride's cell wall targets "Kaohaber" and "Naina Jogin" such as pictures, which are actually based system, is the pattern of the specifics of painting. There are modern and traditional rangoli designs. The designs are usually inspired by nature, but they can also be in the form of abstract art.

RIP .. Wendell Gomes of Bandra De Monte Street ..

Wendell Gomes was a great guy a great husband a great father and a great son , his mother Mrs Gomes was my neighbor when I stayed at Bazar Road Kamla Bai Sadan..De Monte Street
Wendell was national hockey player too ..

He was being treated for brain tumor and was in great pain when he passed away a lot folks came to mourn his death..I was not aware of it I came to know of his sad demise when I chanced to read this notice board I immediately went to pay my respect to Mrs Gomes his bereaved mother , the first thing she told me that she was blessed with a humanitarian daughter in law , who took care of her son Wendell till the end and she wished everyone had a daughter in law like her .. In India very rarely do mother in laws praise their daughters in laws specially if they lose their son prematurely..

Mrs Gomes daughters are in Canada .. she also praised Wendells mother in law , Wendell stayed at Virnedra Apts close to Band Stand and very close to Salman Khans house Galaxy..

He was buried at St Andrews cemetery.,.

RIP Wendell Gomes

This is a Child of A Camera Vision

She uses the Nikon D 80 like a paint brush..she is in Junior KG.

Bloggers Are Dreamers Within a Dream

Woman Leads Man Follows Her Shit He Swallows

The Common Man Deleted and Doomed

by a fucked system alive but entombed

The Common Man Of India Has Become a Beggar

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he had a house
he had a wife
he had children
he had business
he had friends
all gone
he curses
the day
he was born
who once
up at him
today look
down on him
with scorn
his dreams
tattered and torn
when he dies
he will be picked up
from the streets
a tag on his toe
dead and gone
he wont ever come
back to earth
he has sworn

I shot him once from the back, on my way to work, but this time I saw him face to face .. the death of the common man of India .. due apologies to RK Laxman

The Gift Of a Camera Is a Gift Of Life

Have Camera Will Travel..

Shooting Pictures is Childs Play