Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We Worship Durga. See How We Treat Children Who Shoot Silly Things

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guns and roses
weapons of
his brains content
hurting children
with silly hurtful
jaidev jaidev
jai mangal murti
with malicious
intent a new
gun invent
to  hurt maim
torture torment
he wont repent
from the city of
mumbai to
racist behaviour
warm compliments
capital city
capital behavior
a bloggers descent

shows your culture your background your racist bent of mind
guns killing mankind you were born with eyes but you are still blind
to a hapless child you dont reach out apologize you were out of line
totally uncouth despicable unkind its guys like you who give my
country a bad name i must remind ...but karma will stamp racist
on your pedantic pompous attitudinal behind vertically aligned

RIP Indiblogger Forum for me you are a Graveyard of Dead Hope and DeadLosss

Please remove and delete all my forum posts from Indi Bloggers as the moderators are all high and mighty, most of them dont know the very essence of blogging .I shall never use the Indli Blogger forum where even little children are bullied and the moderator sides with the culprit instead of the injured party .. I dont need lessons in blogging or etquette or culture as a senior citizen 60 years old I have been promoting young bloggers but here it is a different story and this is my genuine pain .. you post ugly adverse comment to me no issue does not change the essence of my reality but if you call my grand kids efforts at photography SILLY it hits under the belt because I nurtured her from the age of 2 to shoot good pictures ..

RIP Indiblogger Forum for me you are a Graveyard of Dead Hope and Dead Losss

The knives are hurtful comments used by members and moderators to hurt little kids that blog and photograph silly things

A Blogger who uses guns and missiles to mow down efforts of a young child's tryst with photography.. shame


i wanted
my wife
i ended
on some
my strife
by a

He Finds a Lost Friend ..

Teaching a One Year Old Photography on the Canon EOS 60 D

Ms Priya Dutt And Mr Baba Siddiqui Are Always Welcome To Bandra Our Hospitality Begins Here


The Birth of My Poetry on the Mound of Despair

The Head Cutters of Bandra

the kama matam at our house has just begun

i am carrying my own dead body cant you see

life is the most fucked punishment on earth

the husband fucks makes children motherhood begs

Nerjis Asif Shakir - Gods Gift To Our Family

Maut Ka Kua

through pictures i share my poetry with you

Allah Apki Jholi Main Khushiyan Bhar De Acchi Tasvirein Leni Ki Taufiq De

Sometimes I wonder if I was working for a newspaper I say this in humility I would have got the sack for showing two Muslim beggars in tattered clothes hugging each other .,..no I am happy being a blogger with a defective camera and a defective but effective camera eye...

Shooting The Bull Kurbani at Behrampada Bandra East

Every Land is Karbala Every Day is Ashura

holding the safety of her fathers hand
from the valley of Kashmir to a distant land
blood flowing on the carpet of Karbalas sand
yazid the butcher of Islam you must understand
to destroy the tenets of Faith his evil planned
hussain did not give into his demand
72 brave warriors against the power of 30000
he took command ..in defense of honor
his final stand ..sword held high
holy scriptures in his other hand
though yazid had the upper hand
a message of peace and brotherhood
part of a holy stand
every land is karbala
everyday is ashura
we will withstand

Baqar Nassar Cuts open his Back - Sword Matam of The Shias

Callaghan of India

Callaghan of India .Mr Lebourne Callaghan and I studied French at the Alliance Francais in the 70s , our teacher was Alain Ficat.. and Mr Callaghan was the head of Roche products India , his secretatry was Mrs Nicholson..

Mr Callaghan modelled clothes for Burlingtons of Bombay on board the luxury liner that hit Bombay at Indira Docks.. QE2, Rotterdam, Royal Viking Sea, so many others.. and women , American women went into a swoon seing Mr Callaghan in ethnic Maharajah looking clothes .. tuxedos and kurta aligaris.Mr Callaghan did not charge for the modelling but money had to be paid to his favorite Old Folks Home or for the welfare of the Orphans and the Blind.And my boss the terrorizing traumtic, asthamatic Mrs Munni Gupta agreed and her brother Mr Andre Kapur the sauve good looker also agreed as Mr Callaghan was a sure shot seller of Burlington clothes.. And there was Mr Benjamin Caleb the manager the guy well known to cruise directors and the custom officers..And life on board the ships was huge tips , and lots of cold cuts More and Malboro, cartons of cigarettes and bottles of whisky the foreigners would drop at the shop as presents for me.. I met Mr Callaghan last before he died he was the Consul Genral of Ireland .. I made his suits..he was an impeccable dresser and carried a fresh lone rose on the lapel of his pin striped suit.

And than I was told he died suddenly , his son and daughter called me to his office at Royal Yacht Club where his body lay in the casket he was buried in Mumbai the city that he loved immensely.The Unsung Hero and a great Rugby player for Bombay Gymkhana. When I pass the Royal Yacht Club I look up where the Irish Consular office is situated , and feel that Mr Callaghan is waving out to me..

December 27th, 2006

The Supermen of Maryamma

What I Shoot With My Camera - Marziya Shoots with her Eyes

marziya shakir
23 month old
how time flies
what I shoot
with my camera
marziya shoots
with her eyes
embedding it
firmly forever
on the memory card
of her mind
an upcoming
in disguise
her camera vision
on the viewfinder
of her heart and soul lies
focused likewise
my only chela
she teaches me
to live life full size
beyond a sartorial
that I stylize
a divine interpretation
you dont theorize
god godliness
beyond the earth
seas and the skies
peace of mind
often comes at a price

dedicated to
mr sangeeth sivan

Andhen Kisko Vote Kare

adnhen kisko
vote kare
sabka malik ek
kiska hath dharen
salon se
raste par
yuhin hin
se kya laden
ped kya dega phal
kha gaye jaden

to ray framroze
my childhood friend

God Did Not Vote This Time

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god busy
bringing relief
to people all over
did not vote
this time
in protest
who for the welfare
of his people
dont care a dime
his people suffer
rising electric bills
rising taxes
rising cost of
living dead
in his lifetime
long live crime
says a nexus
of leaders and criminals
every time
as the bells chime
his people
becoming old tired
in their prime
children begging
on the streets
no school time
on the backs
of a single vote
to vidhan sabha
of success
the candidate
the poor man
for his life
in the meantime

Break Dance of Democracy

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I bring my elections documentary to its climax with a new set at Flickr titled Break Dance of Democracy ...I left home this morning at 8 am to cast my vote at St Stanislaus School..making sure that I had deposited my camera to the watch man at St Peters Church..I carried my Bandra Samachar Press Card..

I am 55 years old and do not possess a Voters card, I had applied for it but have not received it as yet, though my wife and son Saif Shakir are the only ones who got it in my family..

I carried my pan card and cast my vote .. the time I reached the polling booth the turnout was very poor , just a few dozen people mostly Christians and Bohras two communities that are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Well I think people will come post noon , all shops at Bazar Road are closed , my shop is closed too, I will resume work after 2pm.

I shot party members sitting all over Bandra with the voting list guiding people ...I shot Bazar Road , Bandra Reclamation , JJ Colony, St Aloysius School ..

The residents of Bandra Reclamation near MET were all lined up going towards the polling booth guided by the BJP Shive Sena volunteers..This area is predominantly a Hindu vote bank, with ex government officers.

Outside the Bandra Municipal School there was a lot of commotion between the NGO Agni and the cops regarding their checking voter cards ..Finally all were removed 200 meters away from the venue..including me.

So this a small set that includes the holiday atmosphere ,the irony is that Bandra roads are filthy dirty , I shot pictures and hope who ever comes to power gives a better deal to those who vote him to power..

And dont let him down again this time..leaving him stranded to the wolves , as they have been doing if for years.

Once upon a time every kid wanted to be a film star , live at Pali Hill have imported cars , but today the kid has changed he is happy to become a politician making money 1000 times more than he would make as a film star and with money can make any Salman or any super star dance to his party's tune..and this is fact without denigrating Salmans contribution to society through his erstwhile foundation..

So this is the break dance of Democracy as I see it through viewfinder of my soul..

Nerjis Asif Shakir First Birthday 17 July 2012

First on 15 Shaban Nerjis Asif Shakir celebrated her first birthday as per the Muslim calendar and today 17 July is her birthday the day she chose to enter her house .. she shares her birthday with Asif her father my eldest son.Father of Marziya Shakir too.

Happy Birthday Nerjis and Asif

Happy Birthday To Grand Daughter Nerjis And Asif My Eldest Son

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Asif was born on 17 July and his daughter Nerjis Asif Shakir too decided to be part of our family on the same day.

Nerjis Marziya and Zaira are the three pillars of the humility of our house all three net savvy.. they love the laptop and the mouse.

Marziya and Nerjis are the street photographers ..

Nerjis began her tryst with photography when she was 5 month old shooting pictures assisted by me.

The photographer and his camera never rests! ..

one who shoots
another mans
soul infects
inner angst
of controlled
minus text
just a feather
touch no
says the
to the aperture
what next
we see
the spectral
light of
this beggar
poet reflects

to marc akemann
for the title ..
a poem
thus indexed

I started out as a street photographer I became a beggar poet

mosquito killing ak 47.. kills taliban mosquitoes in the open gutters and drains

mosquito killing ak 47

gold dust collectors of bandra jain mandir road

the gold dust diggers of bandra jain mandir road

waiting for water ... utara

the sleeping cycle humping a horny car

ram teri ganga maili ho gayi

ram teri ganga maili ho gayi

indians carry their brains outside their heads too

Sharafat Bhai Master My Best Friend

now you will ask me dont i get sick tired shooting the same thing over and over again..

he is sleeping on the street till someone dies before he gets the hospital bed

opposite bhabha municipal hospital bandra

what i shoot is not what god wants me to shoot ...

system cha aeecha gho

One Day Old Rustic Bandra Will Be Dead And Gone

a new
to political
builder nexus
will be illegitimately
born oh fuck heritage
those band sandra
old days gone
on the soul
of my picture
the unborn
of bandra
will weep
will mourn
a system
a future
a broken
the missing