Monday, January 21, 2013

Grand Pa Ap Ko Eid E Zehra Mubarak Ho

ahle bayt
par beshumar
lanat ho
phir sar
kata ke aye ho
apke mathe ke
lal rang ko
badhai ho
eid e zehra
sab taraf
shenhai ho

On eve of eid e zehra .. end of athvi

I Quit Facebook 21 Jan 2013

I Quit Facebook  21 Jan 2013 by firoze shakir photographerno1

 261,808 items / 2,105,378 views

no more likes 
no more being 
added to groups
no more pokes 
no more blocks 
for posting links 
no rok thok 
no more jokes 
you live or croak 
dire straits 
different strokes 
i once again 
flew over 
the cuckoos
 nest over
fulsome smoke
i almost choked 
from a zombies 
sleep i suddenly 
awoke one thing 
is sure i will 
miss you folks 
mansoor showghi 
hassan ali linda 
fred jean marc 
benn anthony 
abbas roland
jay bhatt all 
others including 
dear ria stolk

the homeless crawl as the rich man runs ...

life is unpredictable poetry of pain

i dont shoot the rich mans marathon it has done nothing for kids like this

begging with a smile ..a marathon minus the mile

now let me think what i want to be when i grow up..

lost innocence ...

the future of a beggar kid is his open palm..

sudden winter chill in mumbai

to beg or not to beg...

beggars are indeed children of a lesser god

the little beggar boy...

End of A Love Story .. I Quit Facebook

Prakash Sukur my Koli Friend since 20 years from Versova Gaon