Thursday, April 19, 2018

No greater love than the soil of the motherland

Through Gambhir Singhs long journey
40 years from Mumbai to Kumbong Manipur
The message of love peace hope humanity 
The whole world understands ,,
But what about Gambhir Singhs Tomorrow
After the media band baja barat his fans are
gone what happens to his life it needs to be carefully
planned ..The Government of Manipur
Erstwhile Hon CM Shri Nongthombam Biren Singh.
Must take a holistic stand he needs immediate medical
Attention Mind evaluation I need not expand
Manipur thanks to Gambhir Singh has become our
Nations love sharing brand clap in unison it takes
two hands ...a You Tube video...made Manipur Wonderland

Going Going Gone

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With Love From Mumbai to Manipur Imphal..
Home Sweet Home.. The family calls
Find Gambhir Singh thank you all
A miracle you performed reuniting
A ex Army Manipur Rifle officer
Missing for 40 years now climbing
The plane ladder standing stately tall

We have to always help someone before he falls..
A message conveyed to you from my Facebook wall..

There is nothing love cannot face; there is no limit to its faith, its hope and endurance. says Apostle St Paul


Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna ,,, Dont Say Goodbye

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This evening I had a visit from the Manipur police Patois Station headed by officer Amitabh ..they came home to felicitate me with traditional Manipuri shawl and their states art and craft.

They thanked me for all I had done I told them to thank God he did everything and I simply cant take credit for Gods work.

Than they took me to the hotel for my last meeting with my friend the indomitable braveheart messenger of love Gambhir Singh..

When I entered the hotel room I first asked Gambhir Singh if he knew me he said in front of the police officers you are the man who used to give me money and food.

And so for the last time I handed him an envelope with money for his family .

I hugged him and told him never to come back to Mumbai...never to run away from Kumbong. take care of his grandchildren of the family and be thankful to God who gave him another chance .. A Second Chance ..

Going Back Finally FindGambhir

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Love in Manipur
Love on every
Manipuri s
Facebook Wall
Ab Gambhir Singh
Ke Gharwale Manayenge
Zindagi ka

Pehla Naya Sal
Sar Par Topi Aur Hath Main
Resham Ka Rumal.

40 sal Khumbong  ki
Galiyon Main
Wakai Shor Aur
Agaya hamara
Bhichda hua yar
Bambai Ne 40
Sal Sambhala
Dil se Istakbal

Chidyon ki
Har Dal

Nanhe Munne
Bacchon ki
Pyari Pyari
Gore Gore Gal

Bataiye kya yeh duniya
Such much hai Maya Jal

God lives in humility
In the hearts of Imphal


The connecting power
of a single You Tube Video
From a Sufi monk bejeweled
in a colorful turban and shawl

Some good moments in life
No one needs to troll..

Hope is a Feelling
cutting through barriers
boundaries touching peoples
hearts beyond the muezzin's call