Friday, April 17, 2009

"I Love Challenges "says Abbas Kazmi

Advocate Abbas Kazmi my dear friend has created a whirlpool on Times of India dated 17April 2009 saying" I m not sure if Kasab is from Pakistan"
Yes Abbas Kami is the new defense lawyer for the gunner Ajmal Amir Kasab who is in the dock for the 26/11 carnage in Mumbai city.
In the Times of India article written by Kartikeya titled "Kasabs New Lawyer Set For Battle dated "17 April 2009.
The choice of the Judiciary in selecting Advocate Abbas Kazmi is laudable , it shows that we in India uphold the laws that pertain to human rights irrespective of caste color or creed.
And this is going to be a really larger than life court battle in the offing..
We congratulate Advocate Abbas Kazmi and wish him the very best in upholding the laws of our land to the best of his abilities.

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A Tribute to His Holiness on Flickr

Akbar Bhai started Cheap Jack, and now it is Something Special.
Akbar Bhai is my finest Bohra friend who has helped me grow in my creativity over the years.. Akbar Bhai sells embroidery stuff and other crafts item..a shop that is visited by all the school children.
Akbar Bhai had invited me for His Holiness's birthday celebrations at the Khar Bohra Mosque this week , but to my bad luck and a prior work commitment I could not make it.
This was an event as a photographer I would have not missed ,as I had taken my American photographer friend Dr Glenn Losack MD to shoot His Holiness in his car at Null Bazar last year.. a moment he will never forget he told me of women and mean paying homage to the greatest holy figure and a Messenger of Peace in our contemporary world ..

This set at Flicker on the Bohras is my tribute to the followers of his Holiness the dynamic peace loving Bohras of Mumbai...The Bohras lead the way and are a important part of the secular fabric of Amchi Mumbai.

And my tribute to Akbar Bhai of Something Special my finest Bohra friend.

My oldest Bohra friend is Akbar Bhai Chamdawala of Roma at Byculla Bridge.

Bohri Mohalla is the food eaters delight and comes to life during Ramzan.