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Hope And Hindutva Message of Peace On Pitru Paksha Day

Pitru Paksha Prayers For The Dead At Banganga

The Pandit On The Banks of The Banganga

The Pandit On The Banks of The Banganga, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 150,054 items / 1,151,262 views

Two sets of people are in great demand on Pitru Paksha day , without the the spiritual wheels of holistic healing cannot start , first the ubiquitous barbers of Banganga , to make a fast buck a person who has never held a razor in his hand becomes a barber for a profitable day.

And shaving or religious tonsure is the first step to the salvation of appeasing the dead soul of ancestors on Pitru Paksha day.
Next to pujaris or the pandits that line the steps of Banganga with their agents or touts calling out to clients like lawyers at Bandra East Court on a rainy day.

There is another important rallying contributor the Maharashtrian ladies supplying the ritual materials , its their monopoly and their right.

In the waters sponsored by the local corporator and the Municipality keep removing the spiritual waste and dry leaves debris that could choke fish life in the tank.


Early Morning Shakir Spammed

Early Morning Shakir Spammed, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 150,053 items / 1,151,249 views

Subject: Attention :SHAKIR,

Attention :SHAKIR,
Barrister Godwin Chukwu
Principal Attorney, Godwin Okwuchukwu & Co. Chambers
Industriel Quartier des Elites,
Cotonou-Benin Republic.
Tel: +229 97782 695
Reply to

I am Barrister Godwin Chukwu,personal attorney to Late Mr.EARL SHAKIR,who used to work as the Director of Societe Nationale de Commercialisation des Produits Petroliers (SONACOP), an Oil Company in Benin Republic, West Africa, here-in after shall be referred to as my client.

On October, 3rd 2004, my client, his wife and three Children were involved in a car accident at Cotonou-Abome express-road. All occupants of the vehicle unfortunately lost their lives. Since then I have made several enquiries to your embassy to locate any of my client's extended relatives but all efforts proved unsuccessful.

After these several unsuccessful a…

Hindus 2 Muslims 1

Hindus 2 Muslims 1, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 150,049 items / 1,150,758 views

on the soul
of our mother india
a national daily
makes more fun
thousands who died
because of a criminal act
unwarranted an evil deed done
but than the Indian ethos
of brotherhood and peace
says let bygones be bygones
lets start fresh two souls
but body one two eyes
of a nation the crescent
the rising sun lets
sort out our differences
amicably for the unborn
children of our daughters
our sons our loved ones
for we all are affected
when out house burns
the memories of the riots
haunt and return