Tuesday, September 11, 2018

I Am a Youtuber but not a YouTube Troll

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I am grateful to You Tube for giving me platform that I use positively ,, I am not into politics I have no agenda I dont  proselytize ..
I shoot India weft warp of a tapestry of peace hope humanity .

I became a YouTuber by accident and I use Youtube to archive my still photography as slideshows as my collection at Flickr over 500000 do not have the reach like YouTube .

I am not net savvy I dont know how to edit but I owe my video presentation to Windows Movie Make th most regressive was You Tube editor ,, I am not rich cant afford editing classes or editing apps .

I showcase only India and I am a Indian I am a Shis Muslim but I become the religion I shoot . my videos my thoughts my poems reflect my upbringing my parentage .

My parents lived in a slum my father was a tailor a boy who had come to try his luck in Bombay when he was 15 years old ..
My mother came from a Shia Syed family descendant of poet Mir Anis .
They struggled we lived as tenants of the family of late doyen actor thespian Nawab Kashmiri .at Wodehouse Road Colaba .
Their daughter educated me at Private European School the fees early 50 s was Rs 50.
Than she shifted me to Holy Name High School .

I did not complete my higher studied began working got into wrong company became a alcoholic and drug user .

However my wife my children's prayers saved me I gave up drinking drugs its been 20 years now .

I evolved I worked hard I do hgo to other peoples videos to post hate comments I am not a perfect Muslim I dont want you to be like me ..
I dont believe in conversions ,,I respect all religion I dont wear blinkers ..

The rest you can hear my voice on this video


My collections at Flickr 11 years old documentary on

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