Thursday, March 4, 2010

First Time

First Time, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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more to add
a silence
that drives
me mad
i renounced
what i could
have had
when she is sad
behind dark glasses
our first meeting
in a hijab clad
at the gateway
of india
a cosmic poet
a camera
of a note pad
love a computer
with the heart
as a keypad

The Cosmic Poet of Mumbai Has Gone Bust

burnt poems
half burnt
the inner crust
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
i have deleted
her from my
in the funereal silence
i rust a love
that wont trust
born on a mountain
wind and gust
on the pyre
of mistrust
i was not
her first
a shadow boxer
of another mans lust

picture was shot by my late guru prof bw jatkatr ..RIP

Jab Khuda Ne Na Diya To Insaan Se Manga

ko fursat kahan
masjid banana zuroori hai
madrsa banana zuroori hai
bhik mangna hamari mujboori hai
unki duniya khuda salamat rakhhe
hamme aur unme kafi doori hai

Photography is a Mirror

it shows you a path
you never saw before
brings you on the wings
of an image to her door
photography is a mirror
holistically healing to cure
whether she loves you
or does not live you
even the mirror is not sure
woman a gemstone
born to allure
provided you have
balls to endure
very hard to get
her love her attention
her heart to procure
woman a taste
of a divine liqueur
woman a love
more sacred and pure
but falling in love
with a woman
you are walking
a tight rope
her heart on lease
on rent sometimes
for limited tenure
in transit a girl child
to be mature
from her
to you a
a poet
the streets
souls of poor
brokn hearts
broken wings
broken doors
what grandeur ?
tears rainless

For Someone Who has given me her Shoulders on Loan To Cry On

Shiv Jayanti at Shiv Sena Shakha Bandra Hill Road

Good Morning Kehta Hoon Main

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good morning
kehte hoon main
apni gali se nikal
unki gali
main behta
hoon main
zulm aur sitam
unki khamoshi ke
sehta hoon main
aj kal
awara lawaris
apne ghar main
kahan rehta
hoon main

i have deleted her
from my mind
yeh bat
bar bar
kehta hoon main

Samjh Jao to bahut kuch kehta hoon main

Fucked And Crucified In Love

now you know
why i shoot
what others
wont shoot
the soul of humanity
through truth
pedestrian reality
of pain uncouth
fucked and crucified
in love
his old age
her youth
on the wings
of despair
through pictures
my pain
i dilute

i have deleted
her from my consciousness
i am hot on her pursuit
a love accidentally sown
i cannot uproot
all my poems
to her
as tragic tribute
a lady
who is blind and deaf
almost mute
by time
in the back
et tu, brute ?

Sarkaron Ka Sarkar

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zindagi ki raftar
zulm jeet aur har
maut se pyar
uska uphar
jab ayegi
the greatest
caste color creed
no bar life
a faceless scar
burning away
like a cigar
the one and only
celluloid czar

dedicated to mr rajesh khanna

Another Prick In The Wall

sir i shoot pain as i see it through the windscreen of my mind
the rise the fall of mankind ..born eyes closed and dies blind
a creature ugly good bad sometimes kind saint demon
both entwined through the history of man his folly remind
born in captivity his surroundings nature he has maligned
a rush job that god in haste badly designed to make up
for his mistake he created woman within the soul
of mans agony a greater pain he enshrined
man woman when combined sense sensibility hope divined
to a hell within heaven their angst anguish he consigned

to vinod mirani

The Shia Pandit

I Have Lost It

i got hit
to wit
a poetic
romantic twit
i have lost it
with my
hands on my heads
empty glasses
of my sorrow
i sit
in a vipers pit
a fate
enjoined but split
another man
more heavenly
the culprit
my fate fucked lit
in crazy outfit
incorrigibly single
memories moonlit
nothing but bullshit
sepulchral silence
on second thought
she calls me
half wit

Meri Bari Kab Ayegi..

i have deleted
her from my
a thought
i deeply regret
i wait for my turn
she plays
hard to get
as i replay
my pain
my passion
on the internet
hard to forget
for my birthday
she has sent
me designer coffins
i am totally
in her debt
at haji malang
jab we met
blocked forever
my fucked fate
seeking an outlet

Lalbaugh Chya Raja Mukut Darshan 2019

I am perhaps the only Muslim shooting Lalbaugh Chya Raja for over 20 years or more ,,thanks to Mr Sudhir Salvi head honcho of the Mandal.....