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The Whore

The Whore, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. her meter was running
she was hot and excited
we were exploring
new vistas on
the creaky bed
my luck
running out
i tried to push
my way ahead
she looked
deep into
the soul
of my desire
burning red
dont touch me
you havent
paid me she said
i dont mix business
with poetry
pulling up her
from my dreams
she fled

A Lover Going Home For Final Rest


Is Life Worth Living

Is Life Worth Living, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. oh death where is thy sting
take me home on your wings
life on the road she sings
hoping an end to her innings
thrown out of doors
by her once loved siblings
all around her the sound
of bombings man
killing man is
very common thing
bombed hopes
bombed buildings
silent scriptures
a forgotten message
the core of his teachings
yes she is muslim
a human casting
going round and round
like a buffer in a circle
within a ring a broken
down spring on a road

is life worth living

A Father's Grief

A Father's Grief, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. sitting
the tree of life
the death
of a daughter
a fathers grief
the cruel
of fate
blew away
a favorite leaf
21 years
of doting love
cut down
short and brief
the flesh
was willing
the restless soul
gives no relief
a blindfolded
a wet moist

Reading The Story of Life

Reading The Story of Life, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. the light from
his eyes is going
going gone
the story life
a sunset searching
for a new dawn
in the beginning was
the word the
mind mourns
the soul isolated

Outside The Mosque They Wait

Outside The Mosque They Wait, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. cursing their accursed fate
god is helpless insensate
wondering if this is humanity
what did he really create
man renegade
destroyed all the
pillars of mankind
up everything
god forbade
a pledge gone awry
a pledge dead weight
man rises
to be born again
whether you
bury or cremate
man the illegitimate
of love and hate

Jesus Wants To Hold Her In His Hands

Jesus Wants To Hold Her In His Hands, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. he is helpless
gagged and bound
you can guess
against the wall
he watches with
spiritual pain
holistic life
in a mess
those he ordained
in virginal white dress
victims of passion
guilty of
as they
as they
the church
turns the
other way
even when
they confess
a crime
they cant
even under
the rock
on which
he built hope
silent spectator
to excess
no more no less
jesus wants
to hold her
in his hands
freshly bleeding
her head
he cant
the roads
of remorse
a little princess
a changing
in the name
of success

Wherefore Art Thou

Wherefore Art Thou, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. " if we hadn't met, then everything will have to change"

how did i meet you
does not matter now
water flowing under
the bridge touched
me somehow
on the threshold
of your world
an Alexandrian cat
let out a meow
the filters
of your mind
a cosmic ray
you allowed
being lonely
is a metaphor
for living
in a crowd
it is humility
that kisses
the lords brow
what you are
what you are not
a life giving force
a laden bough
wherefore art thou

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 123,968 items / 866,300 views

Five is a sacred number for Shiva.[161] One of his most important mantras has five syllables (namaḥ śivāya).[162]

Shiva's body is said to consist of five mantras, called the pañcabrahmans.[163] As forms of God, each of these have their own names and distinct iconography:[164]

* Sadyojāta
* Vāmadeva
* Aghora
* Tatpuruṣa
* Īsāna

These are represented as the five faces of Shiva and are associated in various texts with the five elements, the five senses, the five organs of perception, and the five organs of action.[165][166] Doctrinal differences and, possibly, errors in transmission, have resulted in some differences between texts in details of how these five forms are linked with various attributes.[167] The overall meaning of these associations is summarized by Stella Kramrisch:

Through these transcendent categories, Śiva, the ultimate reality, becomes the efficient and …

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

Shiva (also Siva) (pronounced /ˈʃiːvə/; Sanskrit: शिव, Śiva; IPA: [ˈɕiʋə]; meaning "Auspicious one"), is a major Hindu deity, and one aspect of Trimurti.[2] In the Shaiva tradition of Hinduism, Shiva is seen as the Supreme God. In the Smarta tradition, he is regarded as one of the five primary forms of God.[3]

Followers of Hinduism who focus their worship upon Shiva are called Shaivites or Shaivas (Sanskrit Śaiva).[4] Shaivism, along with Vaiṣṇava traditions that focus on Vishnu and Śākta traditions that focus on the goddess Shakti are three of the most influential denominations in Hinduism.[3]

Shiva is usually worshipped in the abstract form of Shiva linga. In images, he is generally represented as immersed in deep meditation or dancing the Tandava upon Maya, the demon of ignorance in his manifestation of Nataraja, the lord of the dance.

The Sanskrit word Shiva (Devanagari: शिव, śiva) i…

BMC Bandra West Satyanarayan Puja

BMC Bandra West Satyanarayan Puja, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 123,974 items / 866,645 views

I shot this a few nights back, and this kid was a genius he will make a great photographer , he kept saying cheese after each shot I took of him..

It was the event of Satyanarayan Puja at BMC Bandra West Ward office at St Martina Road..

About Satyanarayan Puja

The Satyanarayan Puja is a Hindu (Devanāgarī: हिन्दु) religious observance. It is a ritual performed by Hindus before/on any major occasion like marriage, house warming ceremony etc. It can also be performed on any day for any reason.It is believed the ceremony originated in Bengal as Satya Pir ritual performed by all communities (Hindu, Muslim and buddhists) and later in 1800s morphed into Satyanarayan puja.[1],[2],[3]

The Satyanarayana Puja is usually done on the Purnima day of every month (the day of the full moon) or a Sankranti. It is also done on special occasions and durin…

You Telecom The Pain Never Ends

You Telecom The Pain Never Ends, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. My net wenr dead just before midnight , and several messages to You Telecom my service provider is water on a ducks ass..

I received one message from them that I share with you..

Dear Sir,

We acknowledge with thanks the receipt of your e-mail.

Same is already escalated to our location operations and we are working on it to get the same ( connectivity problem faced during nights ) rectified at the earliest.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,
Navin Kumar Singh
( Customer care )
YOU Broadband & Cable India Limited

Dear Mr Naveen Singh Bhai

I told Arif to check my log and see the number of times my internet has failed even a few minutes back it stopped and honestly you guys dont seem to be bothered I am only a drop in the ocean and you guys punish me for being an existing client of over 6 years ..You dont even compensate me for the outage and the time I have lost ..I have no …

I Shoot What I See

I Shoot What I See, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. i shoot
what i see
my camera
with me
poetically free
inner wear
for attention
street scenery
we all are
in various
lost moments
as alms
on the soul
of humanity

What Is Pain !

What Is Pain !, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Sometimes I am fed up of this miserable life on earth , you are not governed by the good deeds you do, your life is hyped for all the wrong reasons , for me at the age of 57 life is watching a fucked movie in a fucked cinema hall, the usher giving head to guy a few seats away from me, this is life as I see it through the viewfinder of my fucked soul.

I shoot pain , even if it conceals itself behind a pretentious smile, I shoot pain all the time and it shoots me too with a greater intensity and velocity.

As a photographer I shot this little kid totally in awe of me as I am in awe of him , he is a giant I am a dwarf our roles reversed..Yes shooting kids is nothing but shooting the softer side of God..his harsher side is when I shoot beggars and the scums on the road..

My quintessential angst is supported on the crippled legs of pain , and pain keeps me kill my self would take a brief second but to die would tak…

What Could I Tweak Here

What Could I Tweak Here, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. As a photographer I shot a little child, she stared deep into my eyes ,she mocks me actually , maybe as a poet in this picture I shot my mothers childhood, my daughter and my grand daughter too, grand daughter is about 2 years old.

I could have put this in a frame , desaturated it and hyped it as an arty picture , but I shot this fast it was not an arty picture at all..the darkness at the back is part of her somber surroundings and slum life..

In barely a second that I shot this picture she shot me too, she exposed me too, she questioned me as to what would be gained by shooting my picture,.her future is not in her frail hands at all, yes a girls life changes like a storm in a teacup, aman remains man a girl child becomes a wife a mother and a teardrop of humanity..

Now do I bore you with a poem , no I wont , poems have to be inspired and she inspires me to write make this a part of my blog on pain ..

The c…

The Light of My Pictures

The Light of My Pictures, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 123,772 items / 865,904 views

To get such a response , is possible if the kids like you , most of them like me because I am dressed strangely , but it is my camera they love , I doubt if any one of these kids have seen the pictures I shot of them..I could make copies and give it to them but I dont ..I used to do it once but it is an expensive affair as I shoot prodigiously non stop..

My pictures are on the internet and most of these kids may not know that at all.

I dont know their names I shoot without language , I thank them , always .

But they love to pose for me I shoot as I see them I dont change their direction or bother about light, they are light of my pictures even in the dark somber surroundings they live in.