Sunday, November 25, 2018

Qatal-e-hussain assal main marg-e-yazeed hai, Islam zinda hota hai har karbala ke baad..

posted at You Tube Discussion Forum I am trolled the most for all that I post ,,,I am mostly abused by radical thinking Muslims who hate Shias and Sufis ..

My reply

To Those who follow me here read my stories see my pictures and videos. Many thanks. To those a motley group of distinct Muslims who keep wrapping me on my knuckles as comments to be a good Muslim and he'll bent on imposing their Islam and branding me like them.. It's not possible to be a good Muslim like you my parents gave me the gift of life. They taught me somethings that your honored parents did not teach you and that you learnt at your local Madrsa. My parents made me human made me respect all faith I did not come from my mother's womb to hurt peoples religion or spiritual beliefs though different from mine. I am certainly not a. Wahhabi Salafi or a Barelvi or Ala Hazrat or a Jamati or a radical or fundamentalist. I would rather not be like you. I am happy to be a heretic rafaddi a follower of Hussain and Humanity I am not a preacher I don't proselytize or shoot pictures videos to convert. I could never do that.. So as a photographer I become a Sufi I showcase Peace of Sufism. I shoot Hinduism as a cultural inheritance and I am an Indian.. I am certainly not a Pakistani or a Bangladeshi.. I have nothing against them my Islam is different from their culture. My Islam is is not the kind where Muslim love killing Muslims. So in short I am happy with the version of Islam I follow I don't tell people to follow my ideology I don't even watch those kind of videos that spread vitriolic hate for Shias or the Chishtiya. Maslake I would rather live die as a Shia. Shiasm is my faith personal prerogative I don't promote it here as ..those who promotes their preferences. So stop spamming me. Stop posting your vile abusive comments.. They get deleted automatically. You don't like my views my videos my thoughts it's OK.. But go shit your dump elsewhere. And I hope you understand this as simple polite English. Qatle e Hussain asal main Marge Yazid hai Islam Zinda hota hai Har Karbala ke bad.
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