Saturday, June 27, 2009

Khwajah Moinuddin Chishty an Apostle of Peace

winds of war
on his territory cease
khawjah moinuddin chishty
apostle of peace
his protectorate beyond the seven seas
all faiths
all caste community
seeking ultimate release
from chaos dogmatic
dictatorship and all disease
of the body mind and the soul
caused by rabid politics and rabid priests
who divide humanity into tinier piece
vested interests and their caprice
hate on rent intolerance on lease
the poor the needy the disfranchised
the marginalized the eunuchs the hijras
all with love he protects and sees

Iran Says CIA killed Neda !

image courtesy hamex iranian

Iranian Ambassdor In Mexico Tells CNN That CIA Killed Neda And It Was All Planed Before It Happend !


they the killers
continue with their lies
spirtual leaders
matrix of evil in disguise
destroying Iran
a Mideastern paradise
Neda Soltani
paid the price
the fallen foot soldier of freedom
the entire world cries
a change is imminent
in the government
of the Lord of the Flies

Flowers of Shame

in a garden of innocence
plucked used abused
living life is not the same
trampled flowers of shame
nice smiles white angelic
garments pedophile became
crimes protected by an edifice
hidden under a red carpet aflame
a slip between the cup and the lip
a chalice of his Holy Name
oh it was the child
who seduced us
they blame
In the Name of the Father
a Holy Truth they proclaim
spirituality desensitizing the flesh
the name of the game
watching silently
a mother a child on a frame

The Beggar Lady From Pydhonie

people pass her by
have eyes
her pain they do not see
or hear her painful plea
the beggar lady from pydhonie
mumbai rains batter her soul
only death will set her free
from her karmic misery

The Hijras of Ajmer

near the bulund darwaza
in the heart of moti katla square
a hijra paradise human souls
peace hope harmony spirituality
togetherness with the Khwajah
come to share ..
the Holy Saint the patron of the hijras
the Urus the greatest spiritual fair
their pain , their sufferings
their sorrow their despair
at the tomb of the Khwajah
they weep and bare
dancing on the hot marble bare feet
they hold mortality in a snare
babita the queen of najafgarh
exotic beauty rare
mona the eunuch child
little boys clothes loves to wear
gopal haji the nayak of the hijras
sitting close by on a chair
laxmi narayan tripathi
from mumbai my hijra guru
with her chelas will also be there
shooting them marc de clercq
who has ample time to spare
I will join them too tomorrow
the mystic of mumbai
bald headed no footwear
basanti the gypsy hijra
with the screaming
malang zubair
zeenat the siddhi hijra
your heart from your body
she will tear
the hijra bawas of char yaar
chanting mantras in open air
naughty mona from mumbai
simran heena salma
please beware
hijra damsels pursued
by fat filthy rich millionaires
madhurima ma from park site
baby hijra guru make a lovely pair
the cross dressers missing
as they walk the gay parade in Delhi
devil may care cursing Article 377
the criminal sodomy law
a hate filled anti human
a heritage of the Brirish Vampire
but our new government is not aware

hujra no 6
peersaab fakhru miya
my host his head bowed in prayer
the rafaees with shahenshah baba
the new head of the chancawallias
selected as handi sai's heir
the malangs of char yaar
siiting on the graves everywhere
chiillum smoke ganja fragrance in the air
in two days I will shoot an eternity
ajmer my crazy love affair
a 16 GB card pulling pictures
out of thin air
I will miss cousin Glenn Losack
this time as he wont be there
the chatti of the Holy Saint
qawwalis all night long
kaif trance dancing in the air
Peace the greatest instrument
the heart and soul
of a Sufi doctrinaire

I Am Arti the Beggar Girl of Mahim

at the traffic signal
of st michaels church
reliving her dream
the beggar girl of mahim
happy full of life
it seems
collecting alms
her eyes lit up
by the car beams
with the other beggars kids
of the mori road slum she teams
unaware of the honking of the drivers
their abusive screams
her smile worth a million dollar
as it gleams

dedicated to randall joel..

I Am Neda

I Am Neda, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

photo courtesy

you shoot one
a hundred
a hundred thousand
will be born
to take her place
now that
she is gone
I am Neda
Freedoms Dawn
a bleeding rose
punishing a thorn
a shroud of green
taking the devil
by the horn
dont test the will of the people
the voice of the people we warn
to take vengeance on you
she will be reborn
she lives in the soul of Iran
we dont need to mourn