Monday, December 27, 2010

Walking Barefeet In The Rain

the soul of humanity
monsoon lover
poetic thoughts
human pain
positive poetry spam
barefeet mumbai blogger
walking barefeet in the rain
once i am dead and gone
all my blogs will go
down the gutter in an
unknown zone of
an open drain i have
told my children
in the event of my death
to delete my flickr
account my last
will testament
simple and plain
goodbye hjras
goodbye street photography
good bye lal bagh chya raja
good bye jesus
good bye marziya
goodbye everything
blogged by a comatose brain
as i move my pedantic
pompous ass
in the nether world
to another domain

good bye shias
shah ast badshah ast hussain

Its Only The Rich Who Bitch The Poor Never Complain

in high position
elected by the people
who fuck the nation
for personal profit
collective gain
common wealth
uncommon refrain
the soul of
a nation stain
tainted tragedy
corruption scams
remain sack one
bring in another
money rules
money reigns
eye wash
take the public
for a ride
down an
open drain
soon everything
will be forgotten
the indian
common man
has humility
alas no
thinking brain

The Devout Shias of Chennai

hindu sikh isai
mohabat e ahle bayt
hamari kisi 'se najhi ladai
hum hain hindustani shia
hum sab hain bhai bhai
zulm o sitam se hum
sab mangte hai rehai
hussain is humanity
is the only reason why
who symbolizes the way
one wants to die yes
we bleed we cry
the devout shias of chennai

The Shia Brave Hearts of Chennai

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beating their chests
to the chants of ya hussain
in the weeping rains
they walk hussain
is humanity a future
without road blocks
a path of peace
on the soul of mankind
his sacrifice unlocks
not just shias
but for the entire world
hussain is an example
fighting against tryranny
terrorism breaking
all deadlocks
yes hussain is ibadat
24by 7 round the clock
from one genearation
to the the next till the
next epoch hussain o mini
wa ana minal hussain
faith built on hard rock

The 7 Moharam Juloos of Chennai

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Close to the 1000 Light Mosque is the starting pouint of the 7 Moharam juloos of Chennai a very long procession hand matam on the way and some blade matam but no head cutting or kamazani this juloos ends with tabaruk being served at the ending point which is a Tamil municipal school.

It rained quite a bit and because Mesaq had given me an umbrella I managed to keep my camera intact and shot the entire juloos barefeet.

It was to shoot this juloos I arrived the night before to Chennai and shot the 6 Moharam juloos too.

This juloos passes through some posh areas of Chennai.

Words of The Mahatma on The Soul of Humanity

With his sacrifice
humanity he blessed
he gave the tyrant
his noble head
a single act he saved Islam
with 72 soldiers an army he led
..Imam Hussain
Verily the Messiah
of the Oppressed

Words of The Mahatma on The Soul of Humanity

Shadow of the Alam on the Moving Wall of Pain

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rhythmic reverberations
as it wailed a messiah
of the needy the downtrodden
it hailed humanity thy name
is hussain a symbol
of unflinching faith
the blooming
rose 'in the garden of
ahle bayt
spreading peace
love in a world
populated by terror
animosity and hate
you are the doors
of wisdom opening
eternal gates
beyond a world of
dire straits
shiasm the
essence of
dialogue and debate
hussain is humanity
it reiterates

Shadow of the Alam on the Moving Wall of Pain

Bollywoods Indisputable 30 Mar Khan Happy Birthday Salman Khan

image courtesy google images

girls boys
everyone's jan
a good insan
a great actor
brains and brawn
helping the needy
the poor
the disfranchised
unlike the other
of khans
this one and only
be human khan
30 mar khan
happy birthday
salman khan

The Hand Matam of Chennai

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Every city that mourns for Hussain during Moharam the collective Urdu term known as Azadari.. has a unique form of expressing their solidarity with the sufferings of the Imam at Karbala it is called Matam beating of the chest with one or both hands.

Shia women do hand matam in front of their House Imambadas but some women mostly the Shia Bauchis or from tribal backgrounds do it publicly as I saw in Hussaintekri Jaorah.

As I have documented Moharam in some of the major cities of India I found each city has its own hand matam form and style.

The most vicious without blades is the Hallauri Hand Matam merely the blows on the chest cut open the fkesh, such is the intensity unbelievable unimaginable during the Amary Juloos at Govandi in Athvi.

The same intensity is found among the Shias of Lucknow at Kazmain when they place the Alams to rest also during Athvi after the Chup Tazia Juloos.

The Hyderabadis Shias in Kolkatta and Chennai also beat their chests vigorously.

In Mumbai being a cauldron of Shias from every state each Anjuman has its own style but the Busheri Matam Iranian origin doing matam in a circle is the staple diet of the Imamwada Shia contingent , they are rhythmic, and each step denotes pain , intensified by the mellifluous voice of the guys who recite the Busheri matam Nohas .

The Kashmiris too are hardcore hand matam experts and they use blades between the fingers during the juloos.

The blade matam of Hyderabad and Madras stands out in its bloodiness and intensity.

The Kolkatta Shia uses the old type barbers razor blade in its modern avatar fold able and wit blades that can be changed , but some hardcore Kolkatta guys use doctors scalpel.

In certain parts of the South I have heard but not seen they do Matam with the jagged ends of broken bottles.

The kama matam is cutting the head with a dagger or a sword , long swords to cut the heads are used in Ashura during Bibi Ka Akam procession.

The Chehlum in Hyderabad the Shias cut their heads and the entire stretch is covered with ankle deep river of blood.

The Mumbai Shia is a breed apart his sword matam is the most vicious deadliest , pieces of huge chunks of flesh fly around on Ashura day at Amin Imambada or at the Rehmatabad Shis cemetery.

Some of the affluent Shias in Mumbai use the Japanese Samurai swords I dont have to describe the end result of the back.

Now comes the most important question whether this bloodletting is it justified , or is is condemnable.. I am not a religious scholar I kept away from blood was a coward till seeing little kids mocking my camera I began cutting myself too.

Whether Mullah issue edicts against zanjir zani or kamazani a single fact remains it will continue as it is being done since many years.

That the wounds heal in a day or two is not part of this discussion , over cut backs are stitched without anesthesia.

Now comes the other important part of children having their head cut by their guardians or parents it is a trend with spiritual connotations called Mannat and the sole prerogative of the parents ,I dont glorify it but yes I do shoot it , pain is the genre of my photo study I have shot goat sacrifice bull sacrifice and yes I love shooting gushing blood..

The only reality of life and the human flesh.

Shiasm is Rigteous Indignation Against Spirtual Terrorism

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what hurts them most
its not only hussain 'but
truth equality justice
as azadari during
moharam we host
for 1400 unstoppable
years a protest
against spiritual
terrorism we boast
we are called heretics
persecuted bombed
murdered but our
mission of hussainyat
lives from every
coast to coast
beneath the layers
of blood in my pictures
lies the truth of my faith
every blog i post
we live in
mutual harmony
with the hindus
with the followers
of the father son
and the holy ghost
hussain is humanity
our agenda topmost
a world without borders
no bleeding fences
is hussainyat almost
rights of reservation
reserved for the
killers of hussain says
heavens signpost

6 Moharam Juloos Chennai Shot From My Hotel Window

6 And 7 Moharam Juloos In Chennai 2010

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I reached Chennai on 6 Moharam night and thanks to Mesaq of Moulah Ali Channel I got lodging at Central Lodge close to the 1000 Lights Mosque I showered and from my hotel window shot the 6 Moharam juloos than I came down and shot it till the end.

This is my new set at Flickr and I made the Shias of Chennai wait after this the following day I shot the 7 Moharam Juloos , I got to know a lot of people made friends and on the night of 7 Moharam itself I left for Dharmapuri with Dr Abbas Ali Mir he was introduced to me by Mesaq we shared similar views so he invited me to stay at his house , his father the eminent scholar Ali Master had passed away recently on Eid E Ghadeer , he lives with his mother a scholar too and a very humble person and a great host.

We left for Dharmapuri and from there Dr Abbas also know as Anu to his friends accompanied me to Jigedevi to shoot the Alawa or the Ag Ka Matam.

We returned from Jigedevi on 9 Moharam , I decided to shoot the Mylapore Temples for my Hindu friends and a Dargah too.

I shot a lot of street pictures as there was no event on 9 Moharam, the following day was Ashura I shot that and on 11 Moharam left for Mumbai.. a very hard way my waiting list was 249 and in all honesty Mamtajis Indian Railways is an insult to Humanity.
If she paid more attention to the problems of the harried commuters and less time in trying to out beat her opponents in West Bengal train travel would be the best mode of transport in India.

Our ministers delve in cricket and the price of onions hits the ceilings.. politics has been a greater curse than a balm on the wounds of the common man.

Forgive the digression and Madame Soniajis spiel on getting rid of corruption but the Ticket Collector was mercilessly looting the passengers charging Rs 450 bucks for a sleeper in the Chennai Mumbai overcrowded Express train in the reserved compartment.
Once he got off the next Ticket Collector moved in to collect the blood money from the passengers most of whom bald shivering in discomfort pilgrims returning home from Tirupati.

So a Shia blog is a blog on Humanity after all.