Thursday, August 7, 2014

Maharashtra Sadan Main Ap Hame Bulate Ham Apko Accha Khana Khilate

arvi ka salan
masaledar ham
apke liye banate
garam garam roti
lasan ki chutney
ap apni ungliyan
chat jate tadke
wali masoor ki dal
baigan ka achar
apke zaike ka
swad ham badate
ap hamare hath
ka lazeez khana
ap kabhi bhul
na pate
ko bhi ap bade
pyar se ap khilate
opposition ke
khansama ka
dil ap khub jalate
hamare khane
ka maza ap din
bhar gun gunate
election main ap
phir jeet ke ate
acche din badya
din maharashtra
main ap 15 sal ke
bad late ...jai
amchi mumbai
ka nara ap lagate
puto phalo dudh
main ap nahate

When A Woman Is Forced To Beg ..

The one thing that amazes me about the community to which I belong we dont have a platform to find out or do research as to why Muslim women are forced to beg on the streets .. and here should the government not register beggars like they are doing  for the hawkers .. beggars too occupy public space and do their work.. and there are professional beggars , organized beggar and the general beggars.

Someone could have asked this woman what made her come out on the streets to beg I am sure she a tale , a tragic tale of doomed fate and destruction.

I am a street photographer I shoot pictures but someone should see them but than we have people in high places heading minority welfare who still consider the Parsis too be minority as compared to Muslims ,, we are talking about economic backwardness among poor Muslims Dalits others living below poverty line and even rs 12 wont fetch  them a meal of a day.

Acche Din is for rich , politicians , babus and industrialists ,, the poor dont count at all in our country ,,Gaibi Hatate Hatate Garib Ko Hata Diya..

Now you know why I wont shoot models sashaying on a fashion ramp

i was destined to shoot beggars
crawling on four legs human
tramps ..where there is darkness
we light a lamp ..on bent knees
bodily cramps as she moves
rushing legs her womanhood
stamp..just a beggar is who
i am..positive spam..ajmer
cobbled roads wet and damp

Gaddi Nashin Farid Miya Hujra No 6 Ajmer

Jab Ap Ajmer Ayenge
Ap Ke Zindagi Ke Sare
Dukh Bhul Jayenge
Yahan Ap Khwajah Ki
Chaukat Par Ek Naya
Ruk Payenge ,,
Ya Hussain Ibne Ali
Ka Saya Ap Dare
Ajmer Main Payenge
Peersab Fakhru Miya
Chistiya Rang Main
Ap Ko Karbalaie
Banayenge ..Ek
Sajde Ka Sabak
ApKhud Hi Samajjh
Jayenge ,,

Now That Ramzan Is Over God Has Left The Beggars In a Lurch

outside the mosque
life has changed
charity besmirched
today the muslim
lady seeks god
outside the church
compassion has no
religion she continues
with her search
a coin falls on
her palm she says
thank you very much
using her little
child as a prop
as a crutch

The Muslim Beggar Child Begins Work The Moment She Is Born

I am not an activist or social worker but I shoot pictures , now it is much easier as I use the mobile phone the Motorola G..

Here I gave her some notes , and I was struck by the beautiful angelic face of her child ,the child was working too, much harder than the hapless Muslim mother .. facing the itinerant Mumbai rains heat and humidity and the filthy surroundings of the filthiest Municipal Market Bandra Bazar opp Kalidas Stores .

Imagine feeding the child and surely she cant afford diapers , so cleaning the child's bum with newspaper and the child is in a disease prone area ..despite fancy brochures on Dengue Free Bandra ..politicians are really not bothered , and this time the voter cannot be appeased by paver blocks or cosmetic changes ..the Bandra voter I think is educated even though living in the slums ..and this time the destiny of the politician will be tested without the Modi wave.

Like Bandra Bazar Road I am sure there are many areas in Kurla and Bandra East too but I talk of the area where I stay it has literally gone to the dogs.

This morning after I shot this Muslim beggar mother I met a few more ahead close to St Josephs Chapel and the Shia Mosque Bazar Road.

And I must add I sincerely believe the candidate placed by the Aam Admi Party for North Central Constituency was to break the minority votes and make winning for the BJP much easier and I hope Ms Priya Duttji  learnt something from this uncalled for defeat ...she should start doing some soul searching on her own without her cronies that surround her in her Ivory Tower.

And this win should be a greater bigger lesson for Ms Punam Mahajan who has yet to turn up and see the filth of Bandra Bazar Road luckily I dont represent Bandra newspapers that mostly glorify the Congress ..survival is the name of the game.

I Shoot Misplaced Motherhood Begging On The Streets

blistered barefeet
a muslim mother
her child waiting
for alms from
passing people
they greet give
us some coins
give us money
food to eat
sitting there
they dont steal
rob or cheat
in defeat
a circle

covering her daughter
from the rains dust
humidity and heat
the hijab appears
like a protective
shield it heals
appeals ..

The Rajasthani Niqab

he watched her
from behind
from the corridors
of his mind her
gracious walk
the silhouette
of her femininity
solidly determined
a moment divine
mystically captured
by a camera lens
on the soul of a
poet enshrined
the silence of
her footsteps
her thumping
heart held
between the
cleavage of

a poets love
for divinity
lost moments

Ajmer Is A City Of Dreams

The Khwajah provides
in the hearts of the poor
the hopeless needy
the beggars lepers
the  downtrodden
he resides when they
fall he is by their side
 the poor of India
 his beloved children
his humility his pride
miraculously he touches
them in their dreams
Khwajah Garib Nawaz
mentor host and guide
on the cosmic wheels
of his omnipresent
destiny they ride

Shah Ast Hussain
Badshah Ast Hussain
The Defender of Faith
Also lives at Ajmer
A Mother cried ,
Every Land Is Karbala
Every Day Is Ashura
The Khwajah replied