Thursday, January 25, 2018

Dongri Police Sandal Of Haji Abdur Rehman Shah Baba With CP Mr Datta Padsalgikar

Fallen Man..

morning to evening
he drinks ..from head
to toe he stinks
his wife ran away
leaving him memories
into a depth-less abyss
he sinks where will the
next drink come from
he ponderously thinks
his cosmic fate much
before he was born
was jinxed ..

the municipal doctors
have warned him he
will die if he over drinks
his life on the brink
death watches him from
far his name on the roster
has not yet been inked

photography to the soul of
street poetry is linked ..
a picture becomes a poem
like a phoenix from the fire
it rises on  imaginary wings

the drunken dilemma of a fallen
man he rises falls and venomously
shouts Fuck you Death where is
thy sting...a moment within a moment
shot by a master of mystical rings

original content on social media is king

poem dedicated to meld ...our hearts
in blissful sync ..a camera a healing tool
who needs a shrink... methinks

A Film is National News

was just an excuse
terrorize school buses
arson abuse ..the nation
watches dumbfounded
hardly amused ,
the supreme leader
is silent vote bank
 politics sides he cant
choose ..both ways
we lose .around freedom
of creative expression
another noose ..
intolerance gives birth
to right wing goons
orchestrated dilemma
as the cow jumps over
the moon... far too soon