Sunday, January 18, 2015

What Do You See When You Look Into A Beggar Childs Eyes

do you see god
or do you see paradise
what do you see in
these little balls of
as eyes ,,,dead
logs of hope
burnt dried

what is it
that the beggar
kids eyes hide or
is there something
tantalizing inside

as a photographer
i read poem novels
stories of pain in
every beggar kids
eyes ..i saw truth
filled with lies
i saw a mound
of godliness
lord of the flies
riding astride
deleted dreams
a page that would
not open access
denied ,, dead
bodies fallen
by the wayside

The World Of Traffic Signal Beggars ..

we pass them everyday
kids that beg running
after moving cars
the only game they
play ..forced to beg
by their parents beaten
maimed burnt if they
refuse little dolls of
clay .treated worse
than our citys strays
people feed dogs cats
crows but poor such as
these .. no way.. animals
are better than humankids
they say ..even a dime
they wont pay ...lost
tribe of gods children
cosmically captive
eternally ensnared

to my friend benn bell
a picture with text i
have poetically paired

I Am A Victim of My Dreamless Desires

hopeless aspirations
that I acquire i lose it
because by default
someone else requires
like me he will nurture it
as his own as this was
what he could not sire
his libido lost the fire
push and pull he wont
get tired somethings
you borrow some you
steal a few things you
 take on hire ..
sweat perspire
as she spreads her legs
wantonly seductively
love live wire ,,
another one bites the
dust another one
backfires ...

All Pictures Of Holy Name High School 75 Years At My Flickr Photostream

Please Click Link Below  To See All Pictures ..

Holy Name Diamond Jubilee All Pics

75 Years Diamond Jubilee Holy Name High School My Alma Mater

Our School is 75 Years old!
From 1939 to 2014, and still growing!


Platinum Jubilee Celebrations
17th January, 2015

5:00 pm - Mass, in the Holy Name Cathedral
6:30 pm onwards - Alumni Get-together, on the School Grounds.

Please don't be late or you'll miss the HNHS Dance Group's Performance or the HNHS Catwalk Fusion by our past and present Teachers.

The entry card is Rs 100 and is available in the Church Office (from 5th to 8th January, 5 pm to 7 pm) and School Compound (from 10th January onwards, from 3 pm to 4 pm).
It can also be collected at the School gate on the 17th.

Please note: This event is strictly for Holy Name Ex-Students only, so friends/children will not be allowed.

All proceeds including the entry monies will be utilized towards the expenses including Teachers' gifts/souvenirs, and the rest of the amount will be given to our School as donation.

The following Bank account has been set up for those who want to send donations to School:

Name of Account: Ms Agnes Alvares and Gemma Martin
Name of Bank: Citizen Credit Coop Bank Limited
Account No.: SB 11139
NEFT/IFSC code: CCBL 0209003
Branch: Colaba Address: Sind Chambers CHSL., SBS Marg, Colaba, Mumbai - 400005.

The bank account closes in June 2015 and is especially set up for donations / sponsorships.

Have Questions? Call +91 9869487084

Follow on the Holy Namers' group on Facebook at:

President Obama & The First Lady visited our School.

75 Years Diamond Jubilee Holy Name High School My Alma Mater

This evening I went to take part in the 75 years Silver Jubilee celebration of my school .. Holy Name High School Fort Mumbai that was once called Tin Pot school by our detractors the elite schools surrounding us Fort Convent And Campion School , but this was vindicated when the Obamas danced to the Koli song..“Mee Hai Koli,”   8 November 2010.

U.S. President celebrates Diwali, dances to Koli song

The school grounds for the Diamond jubilee were fully packed , the entrance fee was Rs 100 .

The cake was cut by the Principal and than there was some dance music by the school kids ,,

Ours was the 1972 batch and Sunil Thapa , Ramesh Mulchandani , Dennis Fernandes from Surinam , Diago , Suresh Chablani Jyoti, Ram Parsani were there ..

It was a great moment and I decided to document it for those who could not make it ,.

I met my school teachers Mrs Moses Miss Agnes  Mr Alex Vaz and Mr Subramaniam who has not forgotten me since 1972.