Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Little Indian Boy

Little Indian Boy
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He lecherous old man
As he plays with his dysfunctional toy
62 years one leg in the grave
The best of him gone with the wind
Sadness and no joy
With so many women
Gay men around him
Loves a Little India Boy
His wily bushwhacked charms
Through two penny poems
He wishes to employ
Oh how he stealthily
Voyeuristically uses
His comments as a decoy
Insulated tepid tea poi
Down under racist poet
Say Well Bray well
Well said
Well brayed
Real Unreal Mc Coy
Whom the Lord protects
Dickheads like you can never destroy
Go to sleep you are extremely tired
Your empty poetic slugs on my body
Tomorrow you can deploy
Good Dreams of India
Reminiscences of
1857 Great Indian Mutiny
White Man and a Sepoy

Mr Allan James Saywell has written a poem on me Little Indian Boy , this is my tribute
To his immense poetic talents,,,

Please Staywell My Friend !!!

Don’t forget to take your hyper tension pill
Don’t forget to pay your doctors bill
Dear friend don’t forget to take your daily dose of 16 units insulin
Now Relax and Chill
Don’t forget to take Pro State a bit of cyro –therapy
Well sometimes it is going over the hill
Don’t forget to carry your asthmatic inhaler
Your hands shake ..shake well before use don’t spill
Don’t forget to take your walks or your quality
Time on the tread mill
Don’t forget 4 cloves garlic in the morning
On an empty stomach..staywell remain still
Comment less read Jack and Jill
Primal Therapy will do much good
To savage your diminishing eyesight
And your psychotic sanity ..mind drill
Read Aldo Krass a Master of Self Healing
From Brazil ..
Where there is a Way there is a Will

photo courtesy Google images

“Primal Therapy is part of a new wave of humanistic psychology. It is an intense, short-cut trip toward self-actualization. Primaling helps build better people for a better world.

Primal Therapy is briefer but more intensive than other therapies. The patient begins by moving into a motel where he will remain alone for three weeks. He is not to distract himself with any tension-reducing devices such as television, radio, books, cigarettes, or the telephone. Instead, he will try to stay awake, restrict his food intake, and write in his journal. There will be daily sessions with his therapist usually lasting about two or three hours and a close relationship develops between them encouraging mutual trust. The therapist is emotionally supportive, non-judgmental, non-directive, and non-interpretive. He allows the patient to feel his own needs as they emerge and also to experience his own insights. He discourages any defensive behavior or avoidances.21”

Primal Therapy is part of a new wave of humanistic psychology. People gradually are giving up their inhibitions, accepting strong feelings in themselves and others, becoming more sophisticated about mental health, and learning to integrate their own insights and connections. Therapists, who are not bound to traditional standards, are losing their fears and are allowing their patients to let down their controls and go with the feelings. A Primal can happen in any type of therapy if it is allowed and encouraged. The Primal phenomenon is spreading and will continue to grow because it is "now." It is an intense, short-cut trip toward self-actualization. Primaling helps build better people for a better world.

Blind Mans Buff

Blind Mans Buff
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
Photo courtesy Glenn Losack

some god gave eyes they see
only what they want to see
some god did not give eyes they see
only what they are prone to see
some god gave eyes gouged but also see
the color of sounds night and day
the drops of rain heat cold and dust
the oceans and the sea
blindfolded the world a dark world
within a world of beauty and blasphemy
man to man nothing
yes nothing is better than nothing
you see
he comes empty handed accumulates
wealth dies thrown in a ditch
finally his Soul is set free
to see or not to see
a poet a photographer
a pedestrian visionary culled
emotions in a butchers shop
where they slaughter and
sell dead meat
Multicolred Hate as

Multi Colored Love From Australia..

allan james Saywell (8/21/2007 10: 11: 00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply


Never piss in the open On A Cold Winters Night
As your little Firoze will fall off
And lay bleeding in the snow
After you have given it a good Shakir

Written After Being Raped By A Photograph

In 2007

Poem Courtesy AJS
Native of Australia

mail this to an enemy he will become your best friend..

Play a Dr Haneef on Me...
Firoze Shakir
To be or not to be
A victim on the altar
of a white mans hate
for those who write
better poetry
shoot pictures
that you perhaps will never see
in your multi colored bigotry
you genetics nothing else
native blue blood
ediments of unholistic impurity
your pride your fall
your venomous vanity
self hatred life of 62 years
5 identities
a belaguered blasphemy
this war among you and me
is the message for
upcoming poets
and disillusioned progeny
a winters tale in a tropical land
much better than your land
can ever be
Peace Hope Harmony
Indian Hospitality
East Meets West
At Poemhunter
poetic beastiality

photo courtesy google images

comment by me
Firoze Shakir (8/22/2007 1:53:00 AM) | Delete this message
If you go to Flickrs and see my face after I sword the cleavage of my Head you will be wetting your pants.. even down under Mr Allen James Saywell..and a bit of little Firoze fell of when they baptised me in Blood making me a Muslim.. So tell me something new castrated pretending to be God of Poetry.
And I can see you wont Shakir badly..too bad I dont like Dead Meat.

Indian Rope Trick Man

I had to block five identities of Allan James Saywell
As he is not satisfied with the rest of me, so juvenile
Wanting to provoke hit and run..slimey yobo
Of multi racial hate
This 62 year old prostate ridden man from down under
He sent me a message my reply:

Cant you for the love of God
Get someone down under
To give you soul satisfying Fuck
Or the last one who did it to you
Is it still stuck?
You racist moron freakazoid
Of a sitting duck
Become a full fledged eunuch
Clap your hands and your eye brows pluck
Indian rope trick man wont
Have you or your ass
As his bad luck

http: //
photo courtesy google images

Victim of Multi Colored Hate-Dr Haneef

photo courtest AP

Haneef terrorism charges dropped

An Indian doctor has been freed from custody in Australia after charges linked to the failed bomb attacks in the UK were dropped.
Dr Mohamed Haneef was released into home detention while he awaits a decision on his immigration status.

The 27-year-old had his visa revoked after he was charged with giving "reckless support" to terrorism.

The charge was withdrawn on Friday after Australia's chief prosecutor admitted "a mistake has been made".

The case - which also threw new anti-terror laws under the spotlight - triggered concern from both legal and civil rights groups.

Manacled orange jumpsuit
Gauntanamo style barefeet
India born Dr Haneef
Australian politics deep down
Multi colored hate
Racial profiling cultural policing
Is their belief
Good grief
But now after squashing his work visa
Sending him back to India
They want him back a new leaf
“This is a big step forward and very important one for us “
Said his lawyer Peter Russo with ample relief
Unless the mud hit face
of the prosecution goes for appeal
Australian Immigration minister Kevin Andrews
Representing the great barrier reef
In brief

Allan James Braywell

photo courtesy google images

Allan James Saywell is an Australian hate filled Yobo racist poet who loves singing brown skin, his forefathers mind set that all colored people are aborgines has demented the corridors of his mind or what is left of it..
this is a ditty from the stable of a colored poet .. to add to his criminal genealogy.. of blue blood.

keep your donkeys ass away from my face
you despicable creature of the human race
australian yobo dickhead blunted mace
your comment on on my poem
dear god
your dead mothers ass
deface if there is space
after the worming deworming
and some grace
you are blocked happily you wont resurface

Dear God

Dear God
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photo courtesy

Dear God
Was it to mock me that you created me man
Why not an insect, a bird ,an animal why man?
Why not a shrub, a weed, a tree why man?
You gave love but man cannot do without hating man
Surrounded by good nature bad natured man
This picture shot by Glen Losack an American man
The color of hate the color on the skin of man
Lying on the steps of divinity an Indian Man
Bruised at birth on borrowed time the fate of man
He could have escaped all this if he was not born man
They crucified to make a god out of Man
They decapitated a head to glorify an evil that is man
They kill torture maim bomb the unborn child within the soul of man
After watching this film for 54 years I do not want come back as Man
Hate filled environment churches mosques temples synagogues
Built on quicksand to save the last remnants of the god in man

dedicated to Mrs Glenn Losack

the absolutely marvelous stock photography of glenn losack

Glenn is my new cybernetic photographer friend from the land of plenty United States Of America, he has been stalking me to get in touchwith me as he is an incorrigible Indophile, loves to shoot India with a captivating camera eye.. .we connected and I am looking forward to his visit.
Incidentally he shoots pain,as I do, perhaps better than me , I hope to learn from him..
The picture of the lady has been shot by him..this is an ultimate wordless poetry of a Womans life Legless in Gaza
I will speak softly I do not wish to scare her dreams away..

Acid Test East Meets West

SPCA enclosure for Canines at a Poetic Forum..
a few bitter ones waiting for a quorom

fabulously at your acidic best
a social suicide in a hornets nest
you take care of her god will take care of the rest
a tirade analogously digital on test..
at poem hunter East meets West