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Fucked School Bags

Fucked School Bags, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 86,161 items / 520,481 views

young school kids
weighed down
like hags
carrying the weight
of knowledge in kilos
fucked school bags
huge boulders of books
that slave drive our kids
in their school rags
a doomed shadow
of his imminent future
that our child drags

I Shoot the Poetry of Life

I Shoot the Poetry of Life, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. For most of the people who see this common scene on the streets of Mumbai, it is life as usual, a glimpse into two poor people sharing the state of their perilous economy..

A good salon is not going to hire this street barber , and the poor worker cant go to a roadside salon that charges Rs 15 for a shave.

I shoot this as the poetry of life .

I dedicate this to a very loving human being Jane Abao..she was on I Talk News along with another friend Som Patidar.The website shut shop but we remained friends sharing our world through the internet.

I am an unpublished pedestrian poet of India.

My poems
are a gift of god
as he wrote
on my minds wall
greater than
spiritual scrawl
its not your height
but the depth
of your humility
that makes you tall
as children
we all learned to crawl
we still crawl now
towards a god
in our spirits
prayer hall
my pedestrian poems
of pain
on the soul
of your poetic
I share it with all


The Bhaiya Machiwala

The Bhaiya Machiwala, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 86,021 items / 519,948 views

He is considered a bane to the Kolis or the fisher women , as he buys fish from Bhaucha Dhakka and sells it from area to area home to home, mind you carries a mobile too, and has a conducive clientele.
And honestly seeing the pathetic conditions of our filthy fish markets ,nobody wants to go and buy fish, take for instance the Bandra Bazar fish market , the ugliest market in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

The Bhaiya fish seller is filling a vacuum and a demand , none of the State governments have done anything to improve the lot of the Koli community , and the rant of the Koli samaj against the Bhaiya eating into their profits holds no water.

Mutual coexistence is part of our Indian creed in economy too.

An I am the friend of the Kolis or I would not be shooting the pictures or posting their stories of survival.

Some soul searching has to be done ..I could write a lot on this but would…

Yellamma Temple in a Shanty - Bandra Reclamation

Yellamma Temple in a Shanty - Bandra Reclamation, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.
This lady stays in a hut at or shanty at Bandra Reclamation, I peeped in and saw her little temple of Yellamma ..I took her permission and shot this .. she is a hardcore devotee of Goddess Yellamma known as Renuka..

Renuka or Yellamma is worshiped as the goddess (devi) of the fallen, in the Hindu pantheon. Yellamma is a patron goddess of many down-trodden people such as the dalits, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and backward castes. Her devotees have revered her as the "Mother of the Universe" or Jagadamba. Legends say that Yellamma is the incarnation of Kali, who on one hand symbolizes the death of ego, and on the other hand is the mother who is compassionate about her children.[1]

Yellamma is worshipped mostly in South India, including Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharastra, where the deity is known by many names: Mahankali, Joga…

I Complete 86000 Blogs at Flickr

I Complete 86000 Blogs at Flickr, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Picture was shot by my wife and it would be a better if somebody shot her shooting my picture...well it would be Glenns call as my wife does not like anyone photographing her , she wears a total hijab, earlier she exposed her face , but now she covers that too...specially at functions like this where we both look like someones else s husband and wife..I wear saffron, and I have to wear slippers as wife wont walk barefeet with me , as people ridicule her., those that dont know us.

The Shias of Mumbai know me or may have heard of me..the barefeet Shia Bawa of Mumbai

But she has no qualms walking with me barefeet during Moharam, or my visits to the market.

I feel alien in slippers , I have to wear slippers while going to work or she wont let me ito the house.

Well I digress , today I complete 86000 photo blogs in less than two years at Flickr.

I thank all my friends , supporter and well wishers on the …

Bandra Kid- Street Photography..

Bandra Kid- Street Photography.., originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I am hounded by kids wherever I go, mothers want me to shoot their kids , and I am finally becoming famous as the only photographer who shoots does not charge money , also they love to see their kids on the neighbors internet...and the guy who has the internet shows my Bandra Bazar Road pictures too people of this area.

I am documenting a corner of my world I am learning photography all over again as a novice, and I know that my photo guru Prof BW Jatkar watches me from above..

I shoot what I see and I show the same to you..I need a bit of background too,so you dont lose your bearings and go back from where you came.

Bandra Bazar and my Street Photography are synonymous to each other , I shot the House Madrsa kids again.

I love shooting road side barbers armpit and head shave so I have compiled them in a new set at Flickr.

This includes pictures of Marziya going bald and Marziya shaving me for a c…