Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why Do You Rob The Soul Of Your Colored Pictures They Say

to my
my pictures
black white
deathly gray
via the aviary a viewers
dismay ..mind
over matter
word play
poetic platitude
its my vision
distorted i obey
neither full
nor halfway
i try to capture
soundless silence
million light years
away..a pause
shutter aperture
has no say
fuck f stops
a thought
to renaissance
masters their
camera club clones
a message i convey
fuck shoot what you
have to shoot but
shoot your way
your cosmic eye
the only reality
rest leave it
to Yahweh

Dam Bhar Ko Saans Le Le, Ye Zindagi Ke Mele...Duniya Men Kam Na Honge Afasos Ham Na Honge

In India ..The Elderly Are Unwanted And Disposed Of On The Streets

I have seen people bring their old relatives , make them beg at Dargahs Holy Shrines , even at the Maha Kumbh.. this is an Indian thing..and we have no compassion or humanity , we hypocritically talk about it and blow our own trumpet.

At Ajmer too young kids old folks come with relatives to beg .. it is a common feature ...a very professional part of spiritual tourism.. there are cases where relatives bring their wards possessed or mentally unstable try to get him cured if nothing works just leave him behind to fend for himself...or herself.

I shoot pain ,on the streets on the move and I shoot without taking a picture for picture sake , firstly I take a picture because it talks to me and I take pictures of body language.

This was one and there are many I shot at Ajmer of the neglect of waiting passengers by Indian Railways .. and our government knows everything but at the moment we are digging gold we got tired of digging our noses and scratching our balls ,,

Indian Railways Does Not Have Proper Safe Overhead Bridges So People Cross The Tracks ,,To Get To The Other Side

Hundreds and thousands of people ,die crossing the railway tracks , some as a short cut measure cutting short their lives ,others because there is no over head bridge like Latur station .

Latur is famous for its earthquake and late Mr Vilasrao imagine rural areas that are remote and with nothing famous about them ..
Indian Railways is about making big bucks , scams and high prolific ministers who saw that their tenure bought more returns to their home states.

And Indian Railways poor outsorcing of cops , ticket collectors rude officials ,, what Indian Railways lacks is Humanity and Compassion.

Indian Railways loves passing the buck like the tragedy at Maha Kumbh poor disaster management and no control over their people and infrastructure ..

If you go to Charbagh Station Lucknow when the Pushpak leaves there are hundred boys men standing in a line to get space in the Chalu Dabba and the cops who control it are openly charging money for a seat I had a camera but did not shoot all this.. this is everywhere,... and why do people like Madame Mayawati when she had the opportunity did not build a mini Mumbai instead of stupid parks statues and elephants beats me ,,

Will any state really build a Mumbai.. even Mumbai cant build another Mumbai.

My Facebook Profile

About You
Firoze Shakir

I am here on Facebook to chill , I have no issue with religiosity yours or mine , but if you want to add me to spread your narrow mindedness , to bully others through me, bully my friends of diverse faith I will block you .. I dont add people with aggressive thumbnails I wont add you, I also dont add people who want me to add you without sending me a message , we may have mutual friends does not mean we share the same views ..

I have decided not to take anymore shit from bigots racists who hide behind other peoples celebrity pictures ..Thanks..

I am a Shia Muslim but I am also a photo journalist blogger who shoots other religions .. if this is not acceptable to you please Unfriend Me .. Now ..

People with no profile pics and info please dont send friend requests....

Please dont ridicule my customs my beliefs and any adverse comment I shall remove you from my friend list l will block you and report ..

What I shot was with my eyes .. you were certainly not my target audience when I shot what I shot this last line to racists bigots narrow minded citizens of Facebookistan.

Dont add me to Groups ,, Dont Tag me Unnecessarily ..I have no issue with females poking me from time to time ,,, a Shia mystic.a Dam Madar Malang .they don't make like this any more.. he walks on fire,self flagellates,cuts his forehead each Moharam.. he is sane as sane as you or the guy next door,..

I shoot pictures of pain , as I see pain in the viewfinder of my soul, my poems are my personal thoughts , perhaps they are a bit opinionated.I am not a Mullah or a preacher ,
I give space I don't need to grab attention.

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In a way Flickr is my homesite -
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The Heritage Of The Pan

I hail from Lucknow where pan, betel leaf is a cultural phenomenon... my paternal grandmother Khurshed Baji could not do without pan, a part of her etiquette and upbringing..

My maternal grandmother Nazni Begum widow of Daroga Nabban Saab descendant of poet Mir Anees ate pan too..

When I got married in Lucknow in the early 70s my wife came with the pandan , a huge silver container for pan, it was a part of her mothers heirloom ..and considered shagun or good luck.

My dad ate pan but than a serious illness put him of pan and cigarettes ,,my dad never touched a drop of booze in his lifetime and was a couturier for all the top dons of Mumbai..those days there were no designers ..My father Mohomed Shakir had a clientele that included Basu Bhai Hasu Bhai Khaliq Bhai Karim Lala Rashid Bawazir Hanif Bhai Bangali and many others including Maxi..

And pan was served to the clients , it was a form of hospitality tradition.. I dd not like pan and have eaten the famous pan that was served by the Sindhi panwala at Strand Cinema ,,, the Sindhi Gurda Kalejiwala the Sindhi panipuriwala next to Sindh Provision stores and Strand Coffee House of Mohomed Reza of Sarvi.

I did go with friends to the Kothas of Mujrewalis at Bachhu ki wadi and saw the famous panwala who sold opium laced palangtod pan for Rs 10000 .. I also went to Congress House and the Mujrawalis were the first connoisseurs of pan...but personally I did not like pan at all.

Even now at Shia functions at home pan is specially made served but I dont touch it at all.

My mother used to go to the pan galli at Null Bazar to get pan for my dad , exotic names that I hardly remember.. guests relatives who came from Lucknow could not do without pan..

Nobody eats pan in my house .. and these pan I shot at Latur .there are famous panwalas at Lalbagh but the pan is used for religious purpose as goodluck omen.

Maharashtra Has Been Let Down By Its Own Politicians

each one
his own
as the
rural farmer
killed himself
his world sank
his eyes hollow
sockets blank
first robbed
by money lenders
than later by
politician owned
cooperative banks
drowning hopes
holding on to
a floating plank
politely refusing
charity farmers
say no thanks

This Child Wants To Know What We Have Done To Make His World More Peaceful And Full Of Hope

we are selfish
what we have
created is not
for them ..
war pestilence
chaos illusions
we watch one
kill another
we remain
silent we
dont condemn
we dig beneath
the earth to
find gold
precious gem
we are born
born killers
my pain
my poem
killing bed bugs
at 2 am

Hindu Niqab

a veil a take
off on a muslim
cultural garb
midway between
a burkha and a hijab
more colorful attractive
mysterious ,, just slits
eyes as orbs ,,,
slithering silence
when they sob..

Street Side Barbers Are Craftsman Too

but called
as lower caste
they hardly
get their
due ,, only
in india
man is
to his
it is true
you are
a brahmin
high born
why cant
we just be
all this

The Hindu Niqab of Latur

I visited Latur in 2010 at that time most of the young girls , the Hindu girls wore the Niqab..and the few Hindu people I met were not happy with this fad turned into a fashion statement ,, they were trying hard to stop the Hindu girls from wearing the Niqab..