Sunday, August 18, 2013

Vatcha Parsi Agiary,, Happy Parsi New Year

vatcha agiary
estd 19 may 1881
happy parsi new
year to everyone
parsi iranis
peaceful denizens
the only community
that has no beggars
on their feast day
they dont ask for
donations they have
given so much to
the city the best
finest of institutions
this is the quintessential
place of worship that
you find media photographers
in action making little parsi
kids pose with flowers
editorial demand what
can be done ,,, keeping
the newspaper public
happy with old time
typical tradition
happy nowroze
sal mubarak
till the next one

Ae Maa Teri Surat Se Alag,Bhagwan Ki Surat Kya Hogi

The Hajjam Grown In India ..Indigenous Not For Export

charge less
than what
you pay for
waiting for
a customer
eagerly he
prays to
god to
his way..

ap ko azadi diwas
mubarak ho bharat
ma ki jai..jinhone
mar ke azadi dilawayi
ham sab unko bhul gaye
jo nayi pidi ayi woh sab
desh ki kamai chara
kha gaye ..sar par
safed gandhi top
safed khadi kurta
pajama narebazi
se murde bhi
ghabra gaye ..
i con
i con
laga gaye
mera desh mahan
bharat mata ki jai

Man has mystically evolved

through mind
intellect myriad
problems he has
solved ..a kindred
spirit disembodied
he has involved
in the tryst with
his destiny others
he has reformed

this is for randall my friend montreal..

i force pictures on the soul of my poetry

from behind
the celestial
chaos of my
mystic mind
i shoot hope
i shoot mankind
i am partially
blind.. my
invasive faith to
my freedom
within the
silence of
my soul
a poetic pause
entwined ..

my humble wife tells me why do i shoot the same things year after year

nod my head
i pretend
i dont hear
i shoot moments
as they change
like seasons
i shoot blood
sweat and tears
i shoot inner pain
i shoot my fears
i shoot the palpitations
of my heart beats ..
as images i smear
beneath the crust
a thought above it
a pictorial veneer ..

The Life Of The Muslim Beggar Does Not Change

all over the muslim world
muslims are busy killing
muslims continuously
muscle power imperialistic
hegemony ..petro powered
by the sheiks of saudi..
americans israelis ,,
keeping a house divided
is more important
with sectarian strife hate
tears on the soul of humanity
peace brotherhood has lost
its path meaning ..completely
suicide bombs terrorism
the new islam created
by the so called jehaddis
killing the unborn child
of hope in its mothers womb
before it is born dies tragically

The Kashmiri Migrant Begs On The Streets Of Mumbai

please take back your
words of getting meals
for one rupee .. if that
was the case he would
not be begging here
in mumbai..away from
his beloved valley
living as beggars
at bandra east pipeline
a meaningless existence
of pain penury ..adding
insult to injury

The Haunted Bandra Skywalk

only ghosts
spirits use it
dressed as
over the
other side
dont talk
like chalk
only malangs
can see them
on the bandra
surreal skywalk
waste of public
money dont
be shocked
beneath its
girders drug addicts
beggars drunkards
peddlers drugs hawk
the police see them
surely turn the other
way on their beat
when they walk..
a skywalk that
humiliates the soul
of humanity it mocks
gear up for more
waste of public money
more future shocks

The HotShot Media Photographers Of Mumbai

First God Created Photo Journalists
than came the camera ,,camera kits
photo journalism sucks in the pits
on the soul of mumbai as a mirror
every photo shits ... an eye sore
every midday as it hits ,,,as a
human my wrist i want to slit
please re teach them sensitivity
poetry of a situation ,,,paid media
hackneyed .. photo shooting twit..

at blogadda.. thats it ,,,

I feel pain.. I shoot pain

om namo
life no
the soul
of cosmic
my head
every year
as a protest
against oppression
follower of hussain

karbala ashura
two pillars ..
the cosmic
brain ,...

ghame hussain
ghame hussain

wa waila sad wa waila
a chant a refrain ...

as they persecute us
kill us .. but lanat
on your mother fuckers
we keep coming
back again,,

paradise lost
paradise regained

“It is a beggar's pride that he is not a thief”

when his time comes
his imprints on the sands
of pain he will leave
in an unmarked grave
none to grieve ..
no friends no relatives
just his sorrow his beliefs
carried on the shoulders
of death the thief..
redemption salvation
from humanity
he will receive

by this little boy
a beggar bereaved

nothing gained
nothing achieved

by his cosmic fate
at his birth accidentally
misplaced deceived

Main Aurat Hoon Main Aurat Hoon

main zinda hoon
main marti hoon
main marti hoon
zillat se main
darti hoon..
hath pehlate
bhik mangti hoon
main aurat hoon
main aurat hoon

main aurat hoon

Agha Mansoor Showghi Irani Chaiwala

e chai
ka ashiq
sab ko
mansoor bhai
jane jigarse
ka chahnewala
mahim ka rehnewala
irani bashinda
hindustani dilwala
khaile khube
maska brun
garibon ko
dilse laganewala
imam hussain
par marnewala
ali maula ka
yeh chaitha
ali haq
ali haq
ali haq
hai iska
pehlata hai
yeh irani

Nerjis Asif Shakir and The Canon EOS 7D..

an extension
of hope through
the camera
heals holistically
a picture becomes
poetry ,..a moment
paused eternally
touching others

dedicated to caterina of findery ,

The Untouchables of Bandra ..

Once Upon A Time In Bandra Dobara ..

The Muslim Beggar ..Of Bandra

Bullock Cart Race Murud Janjira 2013

Murud Janjira - The Beggar Poet

Bullock Cart Race Murud Janjira 2013

The Shahenshah Of Dum Pukth Cooking! Imtiyaz Qureishi

Imtiyaz Qureshi Master Chef King of Dum Pukht

born dreamers on the street

no roof
over their heads
but they are happy
in defeat doors
no windows no thick
walls of concrete
the pavement home
happiness complete
ragpickers of tamilnadu
migrants of mumbai
keeping the city clean neat
selfless service no promises
no deceit ,,,mother daughter
a single heartbeat...away
from the maddening crowd
snobbishness of the elite
humility the essence
of the homeless ..devo
atithi bhava .. come have
something to eat or
a cup of tea they offer
you ...bittersweet ..
hope is in the air ..
touches everything
soothingly upbeat..

dedicated to my friend jack c crawford

There Comes A Time When You Realize - This World Is Not Worth Living In

life is a gamble
you lose you win
hope resides in
a recycling bin
pleasure vs sin
when bad times
come .. you fall
from above within
chaos disruption
no discipline
than you ask for
death .. but no
trade in.. life
is an illusion
kept alive
by a pinprick
on the skin..
till time
comes to
finally turn in

Buying Onions

buying onions
for the very
poor is akin
to buying gold
as the black
this precious
item hoard
onions now
rs 100 a kilo
says the board
as usual our
wakes up
from slumber
when the
hits them
cold .. the
public suffers
of the poor
mans kitchen
out of control
steep hike
fuel LPG
even the
poor mans
coal.. 2014
round the
more freebies
even land freehold
even the youth
of our nation
are cribbing
like the crotchety
old ..hope too
has lost its
only foothold
once upon a time
in mumbai
more dobara
a city potholed
the migrants
are running
away to
other states
no not gujrat
i am told
to nitishs bihar
a prosperous option
to get a toehold

but i am happy
in bandra
living on a
garbage dump
poetry pinholed

Gandu Bhik Mangwana Tha Toh Mujhe Paida Kyon Kiya

din bhar nashe main dhut
teri ma ki chut ..kehne ko
tu mera bap.. kahan se
mil gaya teray jaisa sap
ma toh bhag gayi.. ab uthega
hath pair kanp phir madarchod
mange ka sharab.. kasam
paida karnewala ki nahi
banuga tujh jaisa bap

Coca Cola ..Once Upon A Time

Street Photography Is A Pause In Time And Space

a moment
you shoot
as a phrase
be it silence
of a face
a thought
you decided
to capture
with all its
grace .
depth of
a murky

to deepak magic eye
a great street photographer

Even Death Is Scared Of Indians

The Illusion Called Life

Ho Maray Dam Say Younhi Meray Watan Key Zeenat, Jis Tarah Phool Say Hoti Hai Chaman Ki Zeenat.

Happy Nowroze From The Missing Khada Parsi Of Mumbai..

happy nowroze
to all parsis iranis
of mumbai peace
loving jolly good
fellows ..their
women kindly
with absolutely
no egos ..their
kids cyclists
bikers ..
love music
play the violin
piano.. in their
erstwhile community
no bhais no desperadoes
well read highly educated
in their tuxedos ..
well versed in poetry
elucidating prose ..
today at parsi gymkhana
soft music waltz food galore
chicken farcha patra na macchi
sali murgi dhansak jinga na patio
Saas ni machhi Jardaloo sali boti
with rs 100 a kilo onions tomatoes
so i wish my best friend in goa
bawa dikra rayomand framroze
a happy happy nowroze ...

Once Upon A Time On Parsi New Year Day..

in happier times
on that one day
i had come to
tata agiary
with 2 year
old marziya shakir
to wish mr vazifdar
freddy nowroze mubarak
sal mubarak parsi new
year day ,, today
only a memory remains
as kindly mr vazifdar
passed away .. touching
everyone even the road
side cobbler who sits
by the way,.. may god
give him shanti rest in
peace is now our prayer
thanks to the internet
with all of you i share

Bus ,,,Ab Bardasht Nahi Hota ,,

The Kutchis Of Bandra Hill Road

Teacher - Home Work Gone Down The Drain

The Cosmic Wheel Of Childhood

The Hijab..

Hijab or ḥijāb (حجاب, pronounced [ħiˈdʒæːb]) is the Arabic word for "curtain / cover" (noun), based on the root حجب meaning "to cover, to veil, to shelter". In popular use, hijab means "head cover and modest dress for women" among Muslims, which most Islamic legal systems define as covering everything except the face and hands in public.[1][2] According to Islamic scholarship, hijab is given the wider meaning of modesty, privacy, and morality;[3] the word for a headscarf or veil used in the Koran is khimār (خمار) and not hijab. Still another definition is metaphysical, where al-hijab "refers to the veil which separates man or the world from God."[2]

Since the 1970s, hijab has emerged as a symbol of Islamic consciousness. Muslims differ as to how "hijab dress" should be enforced, particularly over the role of religious police that are enforcing hijab in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Late Ramzan Bhai Naryalwala Of Bandra Bazar Market

He died recently and late Ramzan Bhai was a very kind polite courteous coconut seller at the entrance of the Bandra Bazar Fish Market..a Shia he was very devout and is missed by the community and people from all walks of life he touched with his humility .
Now his son Ali Raza runs the coconut stall..he too is a symbol of kindness polite like his late father .

Kalidas Stores Est 1898 Bandra Bazar Road

The most famous one stop provision store with herbal medicines , grains dryfruits and spices , caters to all.

The store is a traditional family store run by the progeny of the founders .. both brothers kind congenial and serve the public with a smile.

Their rates are reasonable and they even sell fresh grounded coconut paste .. different types of rice wheat cereals .. and home made East Indian Masalas.

This is a store that has the same decor ambiance and goodwill visit it once .. it was established in 1898 ..

Now Is The Right Time To Shoot Ganesha Workshops In Bandra Parel Lalbagh

Photographers in Mumbai always crib there is nothing to shoot , and I have shot so much that of late I have forced myself to stop shooting , instead I re work on my old images at Flickr via their easy to do Aviary tool , convert some of my pictures into Monochromes .,,the original picture remains unedited I post the new copy as a new post and new picture.

As a blogger poet the reworked image changes the dimension of my thought now , as I just posted pictures at Flickr in a batch as is where is I hardly deleted anything.. the new image in monochrome sometime inspires a poem or a new modern contemporary title .

I dont like Photoshop and layers and as I type with a single finger the Aviary tool serves my purpose and poetry of Life.

I have completely cut down on my street photography .. I dont ransack the streets with my camera and with 284950 images in my Flickr photostream it is ideal for my Aviary adventure ..
Aviary is not blogger friendly like Picnic and the Aviary dudes are very Flickr unfriendly it is as though they are doing a great favor to Flickr members they dont respond to your queries , totally arrogant conceited and snobbish..I hope Ms Marissa Mayer buys them off too and send them Tumbling down cyberspace ..

Sometimes my words come true being a pseudo psychic and a part time mystic.. so I think now is the right time to shoot the Ganesha workshops and during the last week before thy are installed at the Pandals you get some great shots at Lalbagh or Parel.

Murud Janjira - The Beggar Poet

Bullock Cart Race Murud Janjira 2013

Bullock Cart Race Murud Janjira 2013

Bullock Cart Race Murud Janjira 2013

The Beauty Of The Bullock Cart Race Murud Janjira

The Beauty Of The Bullock Cart Race Murud Janjira

Bullock Cart Race Murud Janjira 2013

Bullock Cart Race Murud Janjira 2013