Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tears on the Soul of Bandra the Uncrowned Garbage Queen

money matters
money that keeps
a corrupt system
who the fuck cares
bandra is dirty or unclean
tears on the soul of
bandra the uncrowned
garbage queen
man a piece of shit
in an overflowing
public latrine
after five years
hands folded
they will come
with new promises
new empty dreams
serve your
impoverished bodies
much needed
political protein
numbing your senses
your weeping soul
with shots
of political morphine
for the swine flu of
a diseased system
they have yet to
make a new vaccine

Zindagi Ek Daraona Khab Hai

chand paise deke
admi ko milta swab hai
bheek mangti mamta
ki to kismat kharab hai
kaisa sawal aur kaisa
jawab hai
teen bar talaq kehke
ek nayi biwi
ek nayi shuruwat hai

dedicated to JP who is my Facebook Friend

I Am Using the J Uploader at Flickr Now

112,577 items / 726,025 views

Of late I was having a lot of problems with the Flickr uploader within the system, so I am now using the J Uploader for a change..Sometimes I fail to understand why sites dont have blog friendly uploaders , uploaders that are fast and swift specially for bloggers like me that need to upload about 250 pictures in a single batch.

To upload 3000 pictures shot in Hyderabad took me 10 days ..using the Flickr in built uploader.

Though I have requested my cybber savvy friend Richard Lazzara Shankar Gallery to help me..Richard was the one who gave me the speedy suggestion of Flickr to Facebook tool.

Richard Lazzara is a handy manual as a friend on any problem related to blogging , more helpful more polite , than Flickr Help Forum..this is simply because Richards mind his body his soul are components of his divine humility..

I for one am happy to have him as a friend on Flickr and on Facebook.