Monday, September 6, 2010

Govinda Ala Re Ala

The Tiger Cub Leads The Way

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the child is the father
of man they often say
but a tigers cub
leads the way
versatility vitality
hope humanity
a suns ray
like a prayer
affable kind
a leader
among leaders
poetizing the soul
of youth in every way
heir of a tigers lair
on wings of angels
grand father
father son
the holy 'trinity

Yes I Shot All This and More

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Some shot Govindas , Some Shot Dahi Handis I shot Faith that moves mountains held on a rope I shot the spirit of my cultural ethos..I shot Hope and Hindutva as a Message of Peace ..

I shot all this and more you can see it reflected as Mother India in this child's eyes..

Rest In Peace Kishore Kamble The Govinda Who Lost His Life

Kishore Kamble 21 Years Old
Dnyaneshwar Nagar Thane
Om Sai Mitra Mandal

The Leopards Bare Feet

Mr Pratap Sarnaiks Dahi Handi Vartak Nagar Thane 2010

Mee Mumbaikar Mee Marathi

The Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai

Documenting Hope and Hindutva a Message of Peace at Thane

I missed my tely lens that I sold recently to pay for my Ajmer trip I had shot some of the finest pictures with my Nikon ED 80- 200 2-8 .

It was bought through installments as I did not have 40000 hard bucks to but it several years back, during the film era and along with the 20 mm it was part of my minimal photography element.

Most of my lenses suffered imminent death as I walked on fire during a Moharam event called Ag Ka Matam and the other being blood that percolated into my lens when I cut my head with a sword during Ashura Chehlum Moharam rituals I perform twice a year in Mumbai or wherever I celebrate Moharam as a Shia and a photographer.

During the Hindu festivals it is gulal that is thrown at the camera or water during the dahi handi that causes a lot of damage, and I am the easy target because of my sartorial curiosity.

Here at Thane at Vartak Nagar it was a nice safe haven , shooting the human pyramids from the stage and I am not much into this kind of event photography as I am a street photograher who loves to move than be stuck at one place and yet it was a call from Purvesh Sarnaik that bought me here I made some great friends and met Thane photographers and photographers from the media.

This might be one of my longest series shot from one place using a single camera body Nikon D 80 and a single lens 17-70..

I might not be able to cross blog al this at my other stes or Facebook and Twitter so see it all at Fickr my photo stream.

I still have another memory card of this event in my camera yet to download.

I have also kept my 21 Ramzan balance pictures on hold to post all this.

Most of the pictures where I am featured at this event were shot by a talented youth Sangram Musale I give him the credit he deserves and bless him too.

Flickr 2 Facebook is The Worst Experience of a Lifetime

Beauty Lies In The Eyes of The Photographer Nisha Parulekar

Mr Pratap Sarnaik Introducing Me To The Thane Crowds

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I am an insignificant speck of dust that had blown to Thane once upon a time by fate , I had made friends in 2008 with the Talwadi Govinda group from Tardeo and followed them in their truck to to the few places they were to break the Dahi Handi I shot them at Worli at Shivaji park and the last stop was at Thane Mr Pratap Sarnaiks Dahi Handi.

I am a diabetic and I shoot barefeet I was not sure whether I should undertake such a trip bu I went and shot the World Record Dahi handi that the Talwadi boys broke which was organized by
: Sanskruti Yuva Pratishtan Vartak Nagar Thane.

It was here I met Purvesh Sarnaik son of Pratapji and became friends on the internet and he came to my sons wedding and this became a lasting relationship.

This year he invited me again so after shooing Dadar Ranade Road Dahi Handi I left for Thane barefeet and in my state of fasting or roza.

I was shooting the event from 3 pm till 11.30 pm after breaking my fast in the evening victuals duly provided by Papu bhai and Govind Sridhar Naik.

I shot prolifically non stop and so Mr Pratap Sarnaik in all humility introduced me to the crowds and saw that I got a standing ovation.. but I know he is such a great man a living legend of Peace the ovation was for him more than me...

As a Muslim I have shot my culture and the heritage of my country and all this on a single thread of a thought called Hope and Hindutva a Message of Peace.

At Flickr where all my blogs are housed 75 % of my blogs are on Hinduism.. and though I never stress my religiosity when I shoot but I wanted guys who have added me recently to know my back ground and my ethos as a nationalist peace loving Indian.

Yes I am as much a Hindu as you are a Muslim merely a tag of convenience placed on our heads there is nothing greater than the Motherland to which we belong irrespective of caste color or creed.

Thank you Mr Pratap Sarnaik Bhabiji Purvesh Vihang and all of you for making me feel at home ..

Last but not the least Purvesh Sarnnaik came to my house the following day to felicitate me along with my two and a half year old grand daughter Marziya Shakir who is a street photographer too shoots with the Nikon D 80..

And thank you Sangram Musale for this picture and so many pictures you shot with me and the celebrities thank you Papu bhai too.

Thank you Thane above all.

Flickr 2 Facebook Is The Biggest Pain In The Ass

Al my pictures from Flickr to my albums at Facebook have been uploaded by Bookmarklet by Keebler and of late it has become one lousy tool taking endless time and giving me a pain in the neck and a pain in the butt.

It was a fabulous tool that I got as a reference from my friend Richard Lazzara because the Facebok Uploader is the worst that I have seen in my life time as a blogger seven years old.

I have never used the Facebook uploader only the Flickr 2 Facebook application .

I will have to stop posting pictures to Facebook completely.

And if you ask me about Facebook Help well they are never there when you need them almost like Flickr too.

Two Poets Me And Aditya Udhav Thackeray

Purvesh Sarnaik Me And Papu Bhai

Prachi Desai A Smile That Launched a 1000 Films

An Actress Emulates

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once upon a time
a success story
she emulates
to ekta kapoors fate
friend soul mate
from the idiot box
to the silver screen
a very long wait
bollywoods most wanted
producers wanting to sign her
wait at her gate
hook line cheque book as bait
god has given her a
new life on a golden plate
with her destiny
at the box office
she has a date

Prachi Desai Shot By A Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai

The Dahi Handi Up Close

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the soul of lord krishna
shot by a blogger
hope and hindutva
a message of peace
is what his gurus
kg maheshwari
late bw jatkar
shreekant malushte
taught him
along with photography
is all that he knows
love is the fruit of
labor on every tree
in the human
heart it grows
a laden bough
you cant reap
if in the fields of humanity
goodness you did not sow
from the jatta of lord shiva
monsoonal showers
like raindrops overflow
mutual coexistence tolerance
in our body language shows
narrow mindedness bigotry
is what adds to our nations woes

to mr pratap sarnaik my guru

The Magic of the Dahi Handi and My Hand

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a trip to thane
i had not planned
but a call from purvesh
sarnaik barefeet
i shot his dahi handi
through the camera
peace hope and hindtuva
i as an Indian understand
karma dharma the beauty
of jai maharashtra
gods country
our motherland
krishnas flute
gokul ashtami
on the soul
of humanity
through pictures
as poems i expand
vande matram
eloquently reverberates
to clap in the unison
of harmony it takes
two hands
be it hindu muslim
christian dalit
parsi sikh
jain buddhist
the only equity brand

dedicated to dear friend Purvesh for his love for me and my family