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Muslim Beggars God Forgot Part 2

Happy Morning From Bandra

I was extremely passionate about photography having held the camera very late in life ..but the love for photography was there when I left for Muscat in 1980 I bought my first Nikon EM 5 I think in 1981 I would go shoot the Muscat streets Corniche Ruwi etc But when I came down to Mumbai I had lost my second overseas job I was badly broke I was married a wife and a kid I sold my camera kit brand new for Rs 7000 . Never thought about photography not even after working at Mudra with some of the most iconic photographer s . Never could I imagine I will shoot pictures I took up photography again to get rid of my alcohol dependance it was the last stage for me and whatever was left of my liver I had chiriosis and had been treated by Dr Banka at Nanavati hospital. I survived . I gave up booze cigarettes completely and have never touched it till date over 20 or more years now . Photography has never been my source of income but a means to my inner peace fragmented creativity . So to the actu…

Muslim Beggars God Forgot 1

Swach Bandra Mushkil Hi Nahi Na Mumkin Hai