Sunday, June 12, 2016

Muslim Beggars God Forgot Part 2

Happy Morning From Bandra

I was extremely passionate about photography having held the camera very late in life ..but the love for photography was there when I left for Muscat in 1980 I bought my first Nikon EM 5 I think in 1981 I would go shoot the Muscat streets Corniche Ruwi etc
But when I came down to Mumbai I had lost my second overseas job I was badly broke I was married a wife and a kid I sold my camera kit brand new for Rs 7000 .
Never thought about photography not even after working at Mudra with some of the most iconic photographer s .
Never could I imagine I will shoot pictures I took up photography again to get rid of my alcohol dependance it was the last stage for me and whatever was left of my liver I had chiriosis and had been treated by Dr Banka at Nanavati hospital.
I survived .
I gave up booze cigarettes completely and have never touched it till date over 20 or more years now .
Photography has never been my source of income but a means to my inner peace fragmented creativity .
So to the actual story I did not know how to shoot videos ..Never even made an attempt till last year changing mobiles but I only shot my street videos on mobile phone camera though I had a Canon 60 D and 7D.
I shot videos I did not know to edit so I shot videos as is where is hand held .
After over a 1200 videos I tried to use the You Tube editor but it was slow a pain in the ass and yesterday my son Asif told me to use the Windows movie maker and I found I could bring out my old stills make them into a slide show of unseen memories.
I shoot stills but I find shooting a video suits my mind and I am able to say more .
I don't have to use a sling with words to bludgeon you all
So when I have time I think I will work on some rare stories I have shot and upload it to You Tube ..
I have crossed over 13 million views in one year without porn or any other shock and awe documentary .
I find my visuals my voice have a larger reach at You Tube though I have disabled comments ..My presumptuous ass gets trolled easily specially on my Shia videos ..
Thought I would share these thoughts with you all ...I am 65 and not financially sound to join some Video learning school
Too late ...but working with some of the greats of Bollywod the sense of Cinema does not leave you .
A lot of regrets I wish I had shot videos of my earlier Kumbh trips Moharam Sufis and the Hijras.
The Snake festival ...bomb blasts ..
Last but not the least my love of Videos my basic training has come from my god son the Giant Killer of Food Bloggers
He is my lifeline to Help ..he used to teach animation Photoshop at Frame Box .

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