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Getting The Ear Fucked By a Mobile Phone


The Hijab

The Girl Child Could Be Wearing a Hijab And Still Be The Future of Muslim Society

Wearing a hijab is not a Curse it is not educating the Muslim girl child that is the worst evil in any society if I may say so..

The Datoon Seller

Normally it is the stalk of the neem tree that serves as indigenous toothbrush or parts of the guava tree .. that is sold outside Sunni mosques ..ironically outside the Shia mosques you will invariably find Sunni Muslim beggars ..parked outside as permanent fixtures ..

Mostly those who runs mosques drive away the beggars , or let them sit without a permanent solution to this problem..

The Khoja Shia community being very rich , the beggars expect more relief , but honestly rich Muslims of any creed are the worst misers ..they would not give a penny leave aside a wad of notes and this is through personal experience shooting beggars that I have observed the tumultuous fate of misplaced charity.

The only time theire is show or genuiness of charity is during the Holy Month of Ramzan even those who are not beggars become beggars and even those who are misers reluctantly remove a penny or two..

And during Ramzan every crook wears a skull cap a receipt book in hand searches for donations or swarms the Bandra lanes with microphones blaring away of a mosque that is in need of urgent repairs in Uttar Pradesh or Govandi.

These are the white collar Muslim beggars even Mullah the lower order ones become beggars most of them stick like leeches to rich people opening their fasts in housing societies ..

Change in Muslim community is a cliffhanging thought and one person who really has championed the cause of education or the upliftment of the girl child is Kalbe Sadiq of Lucknow ..he has done a lot , and I salute him for his vision..he is a Shia Mauana erudite great scholar but a great humanitarian too..

I dont see any other Mullah as vocal and as focuseed as Kalbe Sadiq Sab..

And internationally the only person with purpose regarding the Muslim girl childs future education is His Highness Prince Aly Khan..also known reverentially as His Holiness Agha Khan.

And the only Muslim sect that gives charity to Hindus or other communities is only concerned about getting them converted as Muslims I dont have to tell you who they are you could definitely recognize them by the lengths of their mismatched kurtas and pajamas.

And this is a blog it moves from indigenous toothbrush to the shaking dentures of Muslim tremors on the soul of humanity felt by a beggar poet..

Welcome To My World of Muslim Beggars

The Muslim community creates beggars , it pre empts the need of beggars to fulfill the pledge of charity to God..the rich Muslim has no time for those who languish on the roads , tenets of religiosity have been used wrongly , more divorce , more pain , polygamy by those who cant afford to feed one wife leave aside four.. generating more children,.. more pain..

The Muslim ghettos all over India look the same , and the Government prefers the lot of Muslims to live unchanged precariously on the edge, used abused by all political parties fr their nefarious ends to come to power by hook or by crook.

I am neither a political analyst or a political blog but I shoot the pain of the Muslim beggar as I see it through the lens of my camera ..we have no leaders with the healing touch, we live in the past, first it was the partition than the riots and than the call of misplaced jihad .. brainwashing our youth.. and the cosmic circle of doom..

Whether you go to Bhendi Bazar , Jamma Masjid in Delhi, old Hyderabad Lucknow Chowk Nakhas areas ,you will see the Muslim beggar is still searching for God ..and if you go to Ajmer during the Urus a trek from Sola Khamba up a slope towards a rough road that takes you to Taragadh you might find God absent without leave ...the beggars here are people left overs of humanity ,flesh falling of the wounds , maggots flies eating away leisurely of what remains of the human body ..

And I shot all this as a beggar poet , I have as a photographer lived among beggars , begged alongside with the rafaees and begged with the Naga Sadhus at the Nasik Kumbh eating left overs on the roads along with my Naga Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj of Juna Akada..

I have broken my fast with the beggars at Bhendi Bazar.. I tasted humility of the morsel of Life..

I dont sell my pictures , I dont share my pictures , my pictures cant be a part or destiny of a fucked Indian newspaper ..I would kill myself before becoming a photo journalist in India ..

Yes I am opinionated but Fuck I am what I am and the beggar changed my life forever ..

I am a beggar childs tears on the soul of my blog

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