Friday, August 13, 2010

Shot By Marziya On Nikon D 80

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the vital part
of this blogger
the gray cells
the word factory
the windows
of his soul
she skipped
his flapping wings
she clipped
into the true
essence of her
grand father
she dipped
how others
would have
shot me
she changed
the transcript
she aimed
at my soul
my angst
my anguish
my pathos
from the inner
she stripped
with the Nikon D 80
in her little
hands firmly gripped
a poet
made in India
his pangs
his passion
she flipped
the truth of
her poetic vision
without changing
the words
she changed
my script

a close up
tight lipped
as post script
she shot
what you
dont see
a bleeding head
as the blood
of his forefathers
on the soul
of humanity '
ghame hussain
his back
horse whipped
a blog
shot by a chip

The Silhouette Of A Hijab

a tradition
of peace humanity
as proof
the hijab
stands out aloof
sound proof
it is only in the west
the name of the hijab
shit hits the roof
a racist attitude
towards a garment
they racially

Horny Husband and Nagging Wife Had a Fight

in the beginning
of their courtship
their marriage
was alright
they made love
pillow fights
than came
the storm
of a night mare
they dont
share the bed
love has fled
taken flight
he got tired
of her nagging
she got tired
of his poems
to other women
so now
they share
the same
but sleep
this was some
the code of
left to excite
to god
that their love
he may once
again ignite
to the children s
from the savagery
of its a dogs life
get some
fun frolic


This Is For Teresa Burke

a friend
i consider family
a super mom
at work
her life
her kids
a few yogic

Only The Strays Get Away..

a models dog
her life
is made
by the cops
all the way
a stiff
upper lip fine
they say
yet on the street
of mumbai
not just dogs
or cats
even humans
shit flash
their ass go away
we are the biggest
bull shitters
a thought
the start of my day
right across my window
shitting goes on
non stop
in an open ground
by the slum
by the way
a political
on the soul
of democracy
to be counted
as vote bank
five years
from today

The Silhouette Of A Hijab

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the ultimate
of peace
a drape
a crease
the soul
of a muslim woman
from the shackles
of her surroundings
frees the identity
of our womanhood
will not cease
a garment
of modesty
with the breeze

Part of My Mind At Rest

a darkness
on test
like a vultures
on my
a ceaseless
a burden sits
on my caved
in chest
the miseries
of my karma
my dharma
part of my
at rest
the other
on a garbage
a body of
a blogger
through a blog
a pause
a poetic protest
a loss i bear
my pain
my angst
my sorrow
on my soul
house arrest
clinging to hope
hard pressed
like a child on
mothers dried
up wrinkled

Muslim Beggar in the Rains

Unlike gifted photographers of the media who shoot torrential showers submerged cars I shoot in poetry the subtlety of the Mumbai rains , and even a single drop could trigger this fascinating love for the monsoons.

Shooting the beggar in the rains is shooting a defenseless hope , a morbid despair and humanity that be spokes the children of a lesser god.

During Ramzan you cannot miss this god ..he is human gets wet takes shelter under a tarpaulin sky,.

Making Love In The Rains

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her body drenched
monsoonal showers
sweet memories
in a windowless
mind of the soul
a thirst
she inspired
she quenched
kama sutra
some french
a moment lost
she wrenched
a seminal sorrow
he clenched

Without passion poetry does not exist and this is for Marcel Duvoix for his kind words to me I share with all of you ..

Hi Firoze, I want you to know, how much your friendship has meant to me, over such a short space of time, because it feels, like I've known you for so much longer. I'm truly so grateful for your kindness, and you give me strength in so many ways, that I can not always describe.

For being so far away, over oceans and lands, and worlds apart, you affect me in positive ways that makes me feel as if you were right here with me.

As you go through your time of religious celebrations and spiritual reflection, continue to remember me. I love you truly, I do. I remain firmly as ever, as: a friend, a brother, an inter-religious ally, a firm supporter of your artistic expressions and works; and of course your family too. Always, Marcel Duvoix.

Learning to Draw a Fish

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sometimes a picture
does not require text
knowledge comes
if you have love
for knowledge
to draw a fish
what next
age does not matter
a thought
in the right context
the soul
of the internet
a child seeks
so sure of
what she gets
the guru the light
that leads her
to her goal
both a part
of a duet
but are
any gurus left
a thought
bitter sweet
like a fish
if there is a hole
in the net
the child's mind
the guru's

Since the time I began documenting Marziya Shakirs life growth through pictures I realized she was my gurus guru too...what I simply imagined she could read my mind and do..

She could draw a fish much before she saw it on the internet .

I dedicate this to a Laurent Designldg my dear friend with gratitude and humility.. she will shoot him when he comes to wish us Idd Inshallah.

My Last Resting Place

optional title the tale of the transvestite never ends...

i was touching it
to make sure
it would suit
my idiosyncrasies
when i am
put to rest
with my soul
mind space
the ugliness
of this mortal world
that i was accidentally born in
through my dad and moms
sensually reproductive embrace
now 58 years spent down the drains
nothing but my angst on the surface
a moghul pathan a lost race
searching for an unknown zone
in some cyber place a death
in dignity and grace forgiveness
from a few women I fucked
misplaced and a transvestite i lusted
deserved some praise although
i have deleted her fucked memory
from the soul of my consciousness
without any trace...she was my
only unscrewed aberration
silicon chest male anatomy
a charming face every time
she went down on me
on facebook chat i cursed my fate
a few morsels god sent on my
bloggers plate
to nourish my libido
languishing since late
searching for a needle in a haystack
what you call a compatible bed mate

The Oil Spill Has Fucked The Sale Of Fish

Sales of fish have dropped considerably nobody wants to take chances so this Bhaiyya was cursing his fate as I am a good reader of body language ..

Ramzan Iftiari Shopping

Muslims eat a lot of fruits and junk food sold at Bandra Bazar road or JJ Colony , and in the evenings this area is crowded I shot pictures today at 4 PM too documenting the Ramzan ethos and hustle bustle.

And all this at my Flickr Ramzan Mubarak set 2010..

Ramzan Hope For The Beggars

Today was the first day of Ramzan and I decided to move through the Bandra slums I had taken a very long break from the slums choosing the side road to go to my work place.

The beggar move around the slums and people give them what they can , Ramzan is a month of piety charity and one tie when the kindred spirit of Humanity pervades the Muslim soul.

During Ramzan you will hardly find bad words hurled in the air, lesser fights among mortals , otherwise it is words like teri ma bahen etc used commonly by kids and adults too.

Ramzan changes the atmosphere and the air we breathe, it is less diluted and not abusive..

Beggar is a very common sight during Ramzan you cant escape them , they wander in all the streets where the Muslim soul shops for Iftiari..

This new set on Flickr Ramzan 2010 depicts the Ramzan ethos in Bandra if I go to town I shall add that too one of these days.

The Sunni Tarabi is in full force , shops close early and the fervor of spirituality prevails most of the men in skull caps and prayer beads in hands.

He Is Going To The Indi Bloggers Meet On Sunday

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But one hitch he is going to the Indi Bloggers meet on Sunday at the Sea Princess Hotel dressed like me turban rings etc ..and not bareeet , Sea Princess has a board that say barefeet dogs and bloggers with attitude rights of reservation reserved.

And I will have to convince Ranvin Renee that whatever he thinks about Flickr being a photo gallery for me it a blog site period,.

All my blogs originate from Flickr ..

Though it was Biz Stone who baptized me as a blogger in the waters of Babylonian Blogspot it was Flickr that like Jesus confirmed the pledge on the soul of my blog.

And I will be meeting Indian bloggers for the first time , provided I am not shown the door for being a the burly watch men of Mr Ashok Gundecha.

Incidentally I tailored clothes of both the Gundecha brothers once upon a time ... long time back.

And in Mumbai it is only the Hijra community that has begun calling me a blogger , because of Facebook that has given me a iconic celebrity status thanks to Laxmi Narayan Tripathi my hijra Guru.