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Hardcore Zanjir Matam Rehmatabad Shia Cemetery Chehlum 2011

Hardcore Zanjir Matam Rehmatabad Shia Cemetery Chehlum 2011

Martyrdom of Mohsin Ibn Abu Talib

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Samir Danny Syed and their kids, the little kids you see in my pictures are part of the Piru Lane Clan.

They are always in the forefront of hardcore matam and Azadari of Hussain.

Their kids have made me a stronger Shia I once was scared , a coward when it came to kama matam, but these little kids made me a Man in terms of Kama Zani , cutting the head with a dagger my kama matam I depict as Dance of Death Tandav on the soul of Shimr.. a Hindu metaphor of a Hindu Shia from Mumbai.

Our bleeding is our personal expression of pain we raise a virtual flag of revolt in red ..our blood against the followers of Yazid , lovers of Yazid and company.. founder of Terrorism on the soul of Karbala and Humanity.

We live peacefully with all sects castes color community including our Sunni brethren, its the haters of Hussain we hate and nothing else.

The Shia cuts his head his chest his back, but he does not cut up other Muslims or bomb mosques or derade Muslim women folk.

The Shia in Mumbai or in all other parts of India that I document walks on the path of law order truth equality and justice.

With our bleeding we express our personal views against Yazid the silence of the eunuchs at Karbala who kept quiet watched without protesting the despicable way in which the grandson of the Holy Prophet was murdered and the ensuing carnage and genocide against the first family of Islam.

The devastation of the Garden of Zehra .. and the Martyrdom of Hazrat Moshin ibn Abu Talib...

So we dont glorify blood or blood letting but through it we show our solidarity with the rest of the Shias of the World ... a chapter called Ghame Hussain scripted in blood on the sands of Karbala.

Muhsin ibn Ali

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Al Muhsin or Mohsin, in Shi'a belief, was the unborn child of Fatima Al Zahra, the daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and wife of Ali ibn Abu Talib. She miscarried after being crushed behind a door by Umar and his men who had come to threaten her husband. Sunnis, however disagree and insist that Muhsin ibn Ali died in his infancy of natural causes

Shia View

Shi'a sources say that two days after Muhammad's death, Umar al-Khattab led a party of armed men to Ali's house. They called for the men of the house to come out and swear allegiance to Abu Bakr, and also threatened to burn the house down. No one came out, so the armed men pushed their way into the house. Fatima, who was pregnant at the time, was standing behind the door. Umar al Khattab pushed Fatima behind the burning door. He broke her ribs and wrist. Later, she miscarried a boy child, who was called Al Muhsin or Mushabbar. Fatima was gravely injured in the attack and died of her injuries some time later. One Can refer to LEsan Al Mizan Written by Ibne Hajar Al Asghalani, Then Mizan Al I'tedaal written by Al Zhahaby. Please also refer to the writings of Al Nazaam and #Al saffadi. The statement seen is "Umar Kicked Fatima until she miscarraiged her Som AL-Muhsin);About this Topic there was a discussion in Al Mustaqila TV as well, lasted for 90mins and the Sunni Ulema had afterwards no further comments to add and defend their cliam.

The Shi'a believe that both Abu Bakr and Umar were responsible for killing both Muhammad's daughter and grandson. For this section please refer to the Book Al Imamiah Val Syasiyah by Ibn Qutaiba Deinevari, where we clearly See reference to Fatima condemning and Cursing the two.

As Fatima was dying, she asked Imam Ali to bury her in secret; she did not want Abu Bakr and Umar at her funeral.

Some Shi'a believe that Fatima was buried in the Jannat al-Baqi cemetery, in Medina, and that her grave there is now marked.[2] Others believe that she might have been buried in other locations in Medina and that Shi'a should pray at all three locations to be sure of honoring her grave. [3]

Mohsin b. Ali's (a.s.) martyrdom is widely documented by renowned scholars across eras of both the sects as is evident from the following list:

Hardcore Zanjir Matam Rehmatabad Shia Cemetery Chehlum 2011

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Shiasm a Story of Blood Pain and Poetry

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Even The Sphinx Wants Freedom Says Fuck You Pharaoh

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image from net

from time
she wants
to be free
away from
bricks and bones
sepulchral infinity
a new hope
a new dawn
she sees
beyond karmic
cosmic freeze
changing winds
changing breeze
her people
her hope
her destiny
tears on
the soul
of humanity
the riddle of
the Sphinx
in a quandary

dedicated to an Egyptian lady who taught me to paint with words

Hardcore Sword Matam Rehmatabad Shia Cemetery Chehlum 2011

Danny Samir Brothers of Piru Lane

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Hardcore Kama Matam Rehmatabad Shia Cemetery Chehlum 2011

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This Is Mumbai Hardcore Kama Matam at Rehmatabad Shia Cemetery Chehlum 2011

Samir Of Piru Lane Most Daring Matamdar

Hardcore Kama Matam Rehmatabad Shia Cemetery Chehlum 2011