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The Day In The Life Of A North Indian Migrant In Bandra

My Blood Test After Two Months ,,At Lilavati Hospital Bandra

I am totally disappointed , disgusted and disillusioned , with my diabetic dilemma .since 3 months ..For 15 years I was taking a diabetic medicine .. but 30 March 2015 , a very close friend insisted I visit his Doctor at Mahim Kapda Bazar Dr SD Jain,, I gave in went to meet him, a great person he instilled alot of confidence in me ..I was walking rigorously at MET Cricket grounds Bandra Reclamation , about  6 km average every morning .since 10 Feb 2015.
I had stopped eating meat , my family eats chicken everyday both times , I gave it up, red meat mutton is cooked sometimes , nobody likes fish in my family unless I bought rawas or gol.. sometimes .I ate one chapatti some gravy , or a vegetable dish.. no cold drinks , I donr drink alcohol, I dont smoke at all.

I walk a lot otherwise too , long stretches weight was 68 kg.. I hardly go to doctors , if I fractured my leg it was to the bonesetter ..even my gall bladder problem that troubles me sometimes I have kept the operation on h…

Mohomed Salim Khan Became A Beggar After The Death Of Mr Keki Balsara

The Day In The Life Of A Muslim Beggar Couple

Jesus - Prometheus Bound

wants to break away
from the cross touch
the ground ,,help
heal the poor all
around no he does
not want to wear
a cassock a heavy
garment that does
not allow the cries
of the poor touch
the heart that
hardly pounds
jesus wants to
break free completely
the nails the shackles
break through the speed
of sound ,,get back to
his loved ones that he
found neglected
forgotten when he
was not around ,,
as the blood flows
from his head with
thorns still crowned
with his blood he
wants to baptize those
i am Life and the Resurrection
a faith on a rock I had found
to build humanity peace abound