Friday, May 7, 2010

A Blogger And His Hijra Muse

the hijra muse
kicked out of bombay
always in the news
when she gets mad
she loses her fuse
she will clap her hands
fuck heaven hell abuse
a war without any truce
valiantly her point
she fights and argues
a barefeet blogger
poetizing the soul
of his hijra guru
hijras are human
its true only
society has no clue
considers the hijra
a stigma a taboo
racially profiled
at every given venue
one day the hijras
will rule the world
man woman
the feet
of the hijras

the pictorial soul of yahoo

I Pimp My Hijra Blogs at Facebook

it gets me
lots of hits
lots of comments
lots of friends
but no money
in return
causing my wife
a lot of heartburn
she says driving
a point home
with a lot of concern
blogging flogging
what have you earned
its time hijra photography
you start to unlearn
make some money
out of turn a pot
that is empty
let it churn
dont be stupid
be wise
at someone else s
do learn
let not your blog
your reality govern
letting off steam
the topic
for the time being
she adjourned
the chappati like
my multi colored ass
on the tava
had burned

I Need Help and Advise

I need your help I wanted to know if you are connected with someone who would publish my hijra blogs pictures and poetry ,..any suggestion or advise would be highly appreciated..

Firoze Shakir