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A Legend Called Nawab Kashmiri - A Great Actor of Indian Cinema

photo courtesy Munawar N Kashmiri

These pictures are seeing the light of day for the first time .. no picture of Nawab Kashmiri exists on the net.. these are the first ones thanks to his son Manu Kashmiri who allowed me to share this doyens heritage with all of you..
My Tribute To One Of The Greatest Actors of Indian Cinema

We stayed as tenants at the house of Late Nawab Kashmiri.. He had already passed away when we came there ..His mother in law Ammi gave my father shelter , we were living in the far off slums at Kurla...My father used to work at N Swamy Rao tailoring establishment at  Colaba close to the old Colaba bus depot and Pandya  Parsi Agiary.
Nawab Saabs mother in law Ammi was blue blooded royalty daughter in law of the second son of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah .
The house was opulent , it had all the amenities even a mechanical life size horse on which  Nawab Sab did his exercise .. a huge  10 feet mirror on an ornate frame , where Nawab Sab I believe honed his acting .
As kids w…

Actors Never Die They Are Immortalized On The Soul of Cinema Eternally

I wish  I could tell you my relationship with Mr Rajesh Khanna ..I had met him at a party during the success of Sauten ,,, than I met him when I wore a newspaper suit I had made for Govinda in Gambler and wore it for the premier of Mr Nitin Manmohans Eena Meena Dika ,, and he never forgot me ,,

When Moez his designer died .. he took me in his charge ,,and I made his personal clothes , and he would chat for hours and what really bought us together was his abundant love for Marziya my granddaughter she was 18 month old and he would feed her on his laps and rebuke me for not taking good care for her .. he would tell me Marziya is my granddaughter and Mazrziya loved him too .. He would ask me if I ever needed money and I would politely refuse  I would charge him only for the clothes I made ,..I had far too much respect for him , he was a legend and times would narrate filmy anecdotes that made me laugh and cry..

He would take me to the Ice cream parlor and honk at the guy to bring ice cr…

I Shoot Death .. Upclose More as Poetry Less as Prose

i hide my fleshy soul
in  black clothes
i am naked in the
eyes of my inner
angst my camera
both ..i am happy
to be unhappy too
much happiness
would kill my creativity
a life without pain
i would loathe ,
i am hardly human
in a degraded world
of crass commercialism
calumny sycophancy
that only treats man
as a sacrificial goat

democracy decimated the soul
of man with a single vote

“What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.”
a rumi quote

a poem dedicated to my very dear friend davidseibold

ek fakir jisne khaie hai dil pe gehri chot...sukhe hot ..