Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bhandiya of Mafatlals At New Martins Restaurant Colaba

New Martin, Colaba Strand Cinema...Jean Marc And Me

The Beggar Poet .. He Is One Of Us

with a camera
soul covered
in pain and dust
corroded cosmic
fate ..he shoots
what he must
blood sweat
tears .. spirit
that wont rust
god gave him
a parched throat
may god quench
his thirst from bad
to verse.. death
waiting anxiously
to take him back
home in a hearse
man a product
of his surroundings '
a blessing and a curse

Mother I Finally Understood Why You Cover Your Face ..

i am not at all amazed
the pain of begging
your hope on my
survival based
Allah benevolent
Allah be praised
we are beggars
first and last
those who give us
charity we hope
he answers their
prayers ..we know
he cares ..with him
our own sorrows
we share ..mother
me an unfortunate
pair it rains
misery gasping
for fresh air