Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bajre Ki Roti

She wrapped it in a newspaper and gave it to me , I had it for lunch with ghee applied and achar..

This is a complete soul satisfying Indian meal, the farmers love it after a hard work on the fields.

Preparing Bajre Ki Roti the Indian Village Way

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Most of us are foodies and this is a Indian thing that comes with the ancestry of our multifaceted cuisine.

At our house it is food with the Lucknowi touch, though one of my daughter in law being Mumbai born makes exotic cuisine too.

The other being Lucknowi like my wife it is traditional simple food that melts in the mouth much before it is digested .

Our gravy is called salan, though my family prefers Jau ki roti a flat bread that was the staple diet of Imam Ali with soya sag.

We eat a lot of pilav and most of the time biryani ..

We dont eat beef at all.

Fish is my poison .

Our dals are the best , with home made chapatis ..

Vegetables form the most important aspect of our breakfast.

Dinner is very light , the rawa sweet dish, kheer is also made at home though wife and I are diabetic we have it too.

Barish Ki Bauchar Aur Bajre Ki Roti

The rains and the delightful fun of having millet flour flat bread.

Colloquially called bajre ki roti..and this was being prepared on the safe corner away from the rains on the streets.

When I began taking the pictures the lady who was drenched and making this asked to take the roti and have it at home.

I bought it home applied pure ghee and had it with achar, pickle it is a very tasty mango pickle home made bought by mother in law from Lucknow.

This stove is a make shit one made with bricks and useless wood is used for the fire.

Most of the food is cooked on this though the family has a gas stove too in the house.

And I dedicate this to my good Facebook friend Sudershan Pandey.. who always inundates me with comments and appreciates all of Marziya s pictures.

Wild Orchids in Bloom

a few feet
away from doom
fruit of the loom
wild orchids
in bloom
from the cradle
to the tomb
passing cars
deathly fume
passion pathos
pedestrian gloom

A Thought Rings a Bell

Benn Bell

At Turner Road
I did see
Such terrible poverty
To break my heart
And sadden my soul...
From Turner Road
I did Flee.

till i saw from
the corner of my eye
a tear on a beggars cheek
reflecting remorse
as eternity
caught in a
spiders web
from the womb
sold into slavery
they were adults
they will never be
on their fate
with a few coins
the rich man pees
what remains
their karma tease
they came begged
blown away by the breeze

Jab We Met

Jab We Met, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

God gives pictures even where no pictures exist .God loves photographers but is more overtly fascinated with photo bloggers , because the photoblogger shoots the soul of a moment lost in space , while the photographer shoots the top layer and moves away...

The photoblogger will go on shooting till his camera pleads to him to please Stop.

The photographer shoot pictures through the viewfinder the photo blogger sees the picture before it becomes a picture to be shot.

I say all this in humility without arrogance and yes a blogger is self obsessed why should he not be he does not need to take the six inches of the photo editor every time he wants to have his picture published.

A blogger publishes his pictures on the soul of humanity..

Yes Jab We Met the blogger is as much a beggar with his camera akin to a beggar bowl searching for alms in the name of pictures.