Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mr Nair of Bandra Medical Stores

there are many chemist stores in bandra
but there is only one and only
bandra medical store

bandra medical stores
once robbed at gunpoint
a part of bandra police folklore

mr nair its owner
no not at all a bore
made in India
his medicines and him
welcomes you
at his swinging door
the essence of good living
over all other chemists to score
mr nair a holistic healer
even god does not make
mallu nairs
like him anymore
his sense of humor
washes up
the bandra chimbai shore
makes chunky pandey
wake up from his snore

sharukh khan
salman khan
amir khan
john abraham
with him
have a good rapport
his medicines
home delivered
his services
they adore
mr nair
a chemist soft hardcore
evergreen unaging as before

supplies ojamin
pancreatic diabetic
reducing tonic
to salim bhai salmans
father who gives it
to all his friends
everyone who has blood
sugar problem
comes to galaxy
first floor
health is wealth
essence and core

Where are You Dr Glenn Losack MD

Here at Boran Road
I anxiously await your return
where are you
dr glenn losack md
my favorite American son
my empty hollow eyes
that you capture
better than anyone
my pain my desire
to end this life
already half burnt
my grueling fate
my husband on the run
two grand kids to educate
help from no one
my delirious dilemma
a task half done
happy new year 2009
under a mumbai
mocking sun

Fucked Frustrated Fecundity

fucked second
every fucked minute
every fucked hour
someone throws
a fucked coin
out of his fucked car
paying to avoid
my life's fucked scar
a fucked wanton
whoring peace
giving head to war
a fucked vagina
of perplexities
more and more
the fucked blood and menstrual gore
a better life across this fucked shore
a fucked recycle of pain and misery
that the hymen tore
woman made for man
as a fucked pleasure store
man the greatest fucked calamity
a fucked woman bore

The Beggar Woman of Bandra

begging on xmas day
jesus might hear
her by the way
dressed as a
he might drop a few coins
before he walks away
pulling his trouser end
is another limbless beggar
to his dismay
a homeless street urchin
holds him by her finger
she wants him to stay
children of a lesser god
searching for a better god
you might say

Dead Man Sleeping 25 Dec 2008

a useless log that was once a tree
cut down to size for the world to see
pomp arrogance pride and vanity
its fruit laden bough and prosperity
have all vanished from its entity
thus lies vanquished
the once mighty
man and nature
causing havoc
even in death
seeking eternity

dedicated to my childhood friend late keith kanga born on Xmas day...

Dead Man Sleeping

When Dr Glenn Losack MD came to Mumbai, he presented me the Canon G9..
I have never used a point and shoot always SLR analogue or digital..I was quite confused by his choice of gift, and Glenn sensed I was not too happy with it..

When he was leaving back home, I was willing to buy his used D80... but the Doc was in a hurry to get back to his work and his loved ones.

I rarely used the Canon G9 having given it to Marziyas mom to shoot videos, than I took it back from her and now it is part of my shooting arsenal..

Its totally unobtrusive makes me look like an arsehole amateur.., I dont get into street brawls , just shoot move away..

The D80 on the other hand makes people think I shoot street life to mock their underprivileged circumstances, mock their depraved existence, they think I shoot pictures to make a quick buck at their expense..

Strangely I don't sell pictures at all I share it with all of you. without any reservation or compulsion..I don't begrudge those who make money though photography, its their prerogative..

The money helps upgrading to better equipment from time to time...keeping up with the Jones.

The media does not take a brotherly affection to photo bloggers, photo journos in Mumbai most of them are highly territorial, only they have the God given right to shoot pictures and the newspapers carry their glory and achievements...

We on the other hand share it through our weblog.

I have chosen the Hijdas, the Rafaees , the Shias and the Naga Sadhus as the main platform of my photography.

All four their methodology, their religious affiliation, and life style.

Street photography is continuous cycle of pain, that remains , politicians become richer and richer the common man is fucked for life..the only important thing in his life does not belong to him, its his right to vote he always votes for the wrong man or the right party.

Before the vote he was fucked after the vote he has sealed his fucked future too.

Soulthrash Kowalski says Good Choice of title..

Well this is how he appeared sleeping next to a dead log, I had the Canon G9.. I shot to kill him with my title and bring him alive on the internet..

When I post pictures here at Flickr , I use the uploader , I post them as I shot them, I work on some of them sometimes, but mostly it is as is where is..

After the pictures are posted , I see them , delete those that look repetitive, or badly under exposed..the poems thoughts come much later.

But I have realized in these few years that the Blog is a very powerful tool, it has long terms advantage and gets instant Mumbai very few really know the holistic power of the blog.. but we keep events in circulation..

I document pain, mains tryst with his fate, and one day if you see an old man shooting pictures with a three old old girl in a head scarf.. you will know that Marziya Shakir photo blogger has arrived.

Cat Girl

Xmas in Despair

homeless hopes
homeless dreams
like each year
this year
xmas in despair
a sadness
with jesus
she will share
is her
at st peters
church bandra
peace and hope
lingering in the air
today at
sharp midnight
when the
Christians are
deep in prayer
she will beg
the square
a leprous life
that needs repair
her karma
she must bear
a husband
who beats her
drinks and swears
does anybody
really care ?

Dedicated to Fr Jaun of St Peters Church Bandra

"Relax, " said the night man, "We are programmed to receive. You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave! "

There she stood in the doorway; I heard the mission bell And I was thinking to myself, "This could be Heaven or this could be Hell"

Good Bye Good Riddance 2008

good bye good riddance
to old man old year 2008
wars pestilence
hate more hate
israel in great hurry
bombs wont wait
old arsenal to be disposed off
reached its expiry date
killing civilians children
sucked fate
eunuch silence
of castrated Arab leaders
bad soul mate
other western leaders
new year celebrate
humanity begging for mercy
at Allahs shut gate
every day is ashura
every land is karbala
as bombs detonate

When In New Zealand Uncle Joe Sees This Picture A Tear Drops From His Eye

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his childhood
his boyhood
one night
he bid good bye
away from
good old
his soul cried
a tear drop
on his hanky
dried ..memories
of the honking
the hooting
mount mary fair
crackers bursting
the sky kita re sahiba
bora han his goan
neigbor a sigh
east indian hope
east indian glory
a tower will
soon come by
a bloggers
will keep
at st peters
lie his
a dream
a paradise

kb sir .. ham mehnat zaroot karte hain ghulami nahi karte zameen par pekhe hue paise uthaya nahi karte

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khuda ka dar chodkar sab dar par sar jhukaya nahi karte .. jo khuddar hain ..woh dusron ki batein nahi sunte

Firoze Shakir ‏@firozeshakir

i walked away from slavery ...

Jesus On 31 Dec 2008.. On 8 Sept .. 2012 A New Title New Update

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All these pictures were shot on the Canon G9 gifted to me by my dea good friend Dr Glenn Losack MD first when he gave it to me on his visit to my house I did not think much of it as I was a incorrigible DSLR User those days Nikon D80 ..

But than eventually the camera was stolen from me during Moharam and today I miss it because it was a nice handy tool for street photography.. come to think of it Marziya and Nerjis would love it but than what was not destined to me had to go.

I finally after a long time switched to Canon .. and both my grand kids use Canon.. I dont think we could ever touch a Nikon even if we got them Free .

One thing I learnt from my parents .. I dont touch another mans goods be it his laptop camera or a mobile phone .. and would die before envy touched me ..

And in one way the loss of Canon G9 was a silver lining in disguise as my grand daughters 4 and 1 year old shoot on Canon 60D .. Marziya loves to shoot on Canon 7D With vertical grip.

And I am pruning spring cleaning this Street Photography set of 35500 images at Flickr now that I have time and I am not shooting new pictures ..

Giving a new thought new dimension to my old pictures ..

By changing the EXIF data I am making my old images new ..

St Michaels Church Mahim

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st michaels church mahim
from all walks of life
on Wednesday at novena
they come to worship him
with needy hopes
tears filled to the brim
when life and living
appear far too dim
like a drowning man
who does not know
how to swim
when chances of survival
of the human soul
is far too slim
gravitational grief
turns dark and grim
than they hold on to his
bleeding limb


thank you kowalskI
words come...thanks to him
the lexicon of the human soul
I dont need to skim
he gives in to my
poetic whim

says anthony posey

ah water blessed water
in a cross so red
humanity of the dead
truth is every place
even in the swim

i am a tree
blogs as roots
pictures as branches
i dont need to trim
on facebook twitter
pinterst my pictorial
pathos poetic soul
i pimp

28 Dec 2008

The Mad Lady of Mahim

a lady born
without a smile
inter connected
to a cyber savvy god
by mobile
overcoming her
despair will
take some while
her roots
on a dog pile
her fucked
flunked future
has turned
of a corrupted file
sartorial serendipity
gone out of style

The Mad Lady of Mahim

the mad lady of mahim
her fucked future
locked forever
her inherent
that has no answers
for the wise and clever
a soliloquy of stolen silence
following her existential endeavor
to be or not to be
or never
goods lost in transit

A Happy New Year

in a few days
a happy new year
will come and go
for me
says the mad lady of mahim
it is begging as usual
what my right hand gets
my left hand
will never know
yes anthony
for showing me
the New Orleans snow
architectural attitude
human emotions
side by side glow
I sitting on a
fucked pavement
of despair
time will come
replacing me
with a new mad lady of mahim
a much more better pro
luckily only to god
not to man
my mad existence
I owe
over laden
with remorse and grief
my pride
to my adversity
wont let me bow
it is man
who is mans
greatest foe

to anthony desposyni..
happy new year

Hussain O Minni Wa Ana Minal Hussain

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i shoot pain, i shoot ali i shoot hussain
i find peace in every grain not just
a shia or a hindu but a human i wish to remain
so i cut my head let my blood drain ..
bound to ashura karbala my ancestry
my karmic chain ..on my shroud
some more blood stains i live
my life i walk my path ..i have
no complain pictures
my blogs not for profit or gain
with my soul my freedom
i wont bargain ..
Hussain O Minni Wa Ana Minal Hussain
ameen amen

to my facebook friend patrick dubos ..of auroville

The essential part of my Shia images .. I shot was for my foreigner friends , they were my target audience non Muslims my Hindu Christian friends as the Shias dont need images they already know all this , a fact that a lot of people who see my images my Indian metaphor judge me harshly hastily and I block them..what I am who I am is a equation between my Maker and me I dont need brokers to lead me to my goal , I dont seek Paradise with bigots racists .. I am Human I wish to live die Human.

Words of Wisdom on Three Wheels

Ya khuda teri rehmat ka koie sumar nahi
kiski chaukat par jau hath pehlane
tere darbar se badkar darbar nahi

oh god your benevolence is limitless
on whose doorstep do i need to beg
there is no bigger giver in your kingdom
than you

I told the driver of the Ricksha the words of wisdom were highly endearing to man and to humanity..he gave me a subtle smile..

I was getting into a cab to move towards Mahim to shoot the Sandal of Fakhruddin Shah Baba .

Words have a strange way of enveloping the human soul, words that holistically heal the scars within the human soul..writers poets and photographers are healers on this planet, they diagnose your inner pain, a word a picture acts as balm reinvigorating your decayed spirit..
Ii prolongs your love for life..

For me words have come very late in life and photography was an antidote against alcoholism..that I was battling in vain..
Alcohol destroyed me as a man.. but I was reborn again as a better man once with the help of my family I gave up alcohol for good..
I have been dry for over 9 years now..
For a second perhaps the words on the rickshah took me back into time..I had kept this post textless but than Rir Ri s words put words in my mouth..
Yes Jim Reeves you are right behind the steering wheel of the human vehicle are millions and zillions of words of regret and remorse ..that eventually end in an ocean of reminiscences ..
Ahh WORDS neat....if I only knew what it said.....

without words
life would be lifeless and a curse
hospitalized human soul
no nurse
dying dying worse
so god gave us words
his bounty
his benevolence
with a thank you
we reimburse
before we catch the last flight
in a hearse

I Took Many Shots And Paid Tribute To All My Teachers Who Taught Me Photography

Education is a Must Even for Two Legged Animals

We Are Indians In Our Country Even Goats Know To Read ..Right

A Fucked Happy New Year Awaits You

a fucked 2009
nothing is ever gonna be fine
you have lost all your shine
at 5 star hotels no more dance or dine
right of reservation reserved but terrorists
our are guest too
says the welcome sign
for peace on earth we pine
between hate and love
a thin demarcation line
cross border terrorism
our friendly neighbor
says its on the decline
a samjautha express
two hearts one soul malign
non state actors
pakistani talent
terror and misfortune define
blasting humanity and its holy shrine
calling it an act of god a message divine
children of a lesser demon
from the womb of a swine

The Chinchpokli Girl Bandra

I met her by chance I was carrying the Tandurui Rotis round flat Indian bread in my saffron scarf as the paper the rotis are tied in gets real real hot, , I was barefeet coming from the Dargah Fakhruddin Shah Baba this afternoon..

I spotted her by fluke near the Bandra Municipal school, I placed my stick and my bag and my rotis on the floor and keeping her engrossed I shot these pictures..

She was very young and used to sit with the Old Lady of Chinchpokli , who died a few years back..

This child has godliness embedded in her being.. she is a natural born..

And I firmly believe God too loves photographers , he gives a chance to shoot his creation in better light.. call it ambient or whatever..

An here I have desisted from wring a depressing poem..

Is it because she is a Hindu child...

But she is a girl child anyway...she does not live on the streets, she comes from a poor home but home after all.

Sometimes I think by posting her picture here at Flickr I have added more best wishes to her life from those who will see her here..

This is for Dragon Fly Ri Ri a poem as blank as an empty shell of conch.. that reverberates the omnipresent freshness of OM..