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Kissing Women Is Injurious To Health.. Kissing Parrots Is Safer

Dil Hai Rajasthani Kismet Hindustani..

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ashiq ka
hui jawani
ek teer sau nishani
ek pagla sau deewani
ek ashiq ka tuta hua dil
ladki dedh siyani
ek ashiq ki muhzabani
raja jani kisi aur ke
sat bhag gayi rani
ek musibat
sau praeshani
ek pajama
pathi hui mayani
hindustani dil
khab ki heroine
100 chua
khake billi
haj karne
doodh ka
pani ka pani

I Hate To Say It Inspite Of Godliness Ajmer is The Dirtiest City In The World

The government has done nothing to improve the quality of life here it saddens me as a poet and as a human being this is the greatest center of spiritual tourism but civic conditions effort has been made to ease the problems of the pilgrims devotees of Ajmer Sharif they dont complain they take it in their stride so the government turns its face away too..

Sometimes Being A Poet Is More Humiliating Than Being A Photographer

Sometimes Not Being Born Cant Be As Humiliating as This

Sometimes Coming Under A Car Is Not as Humiliating as This

Sometimes Even Death Is Not As Humiliating As This

Sometimes Being Hijra Is Not As Humiliating As This...

Thank You Flickr Support Your Kind Words Your Humanity

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Mona The Hijra Guru and Nandini Eunuch Child

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Mona is Raveena hijra seductress hijra guru...and Raveena is the chela or disciple of Mona...

Nandini and Mona are born eunuchs..

Raveena Hijra Rare Beauty and Seductress

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To do justice to the hijras I shot the unique ones that grew on my soul like poetry I place in extra sets , so I made separate sets for Laxmi Narayan Tripathi my hijra guru, Naina , Khushi Raveena Megha Heena to name a few.

I separated the hijra beggars in a set too...I want to subdivide this with the Hijras that beg on trains but I am too tired and lazy to search among 186253 picture blogs I have on Flickr .com and I know I dont have to really search just move them out of the hijra beggar set but it would tire me out..

And shooting the hijras at Ajmer is a better poetic moment than shooting them anywhere else.. here there is the added bonus of Sufi mystique and enhanced by the poetry of time and space.

And these pictures are all shot at the lodgings of Gopal Haji and Babita their balcony faces the Moti Katla main street that leads to Bulund Darwaza.. you get great Namaz shots on Friday from here during the Urus..

The hijras of Gopal Haji the Muslim ones say namaz from the balcony so I was forced to go on the burning roof of the terrace barefeet and I shot some rare namaz pictures on this Ajmer Urs set 2010.

The Beggar Poet of Mumbai and Raveena The Hijra Seductress

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I have been shooting Raveena she is also known as Rubina..among her hijra circle , I shot her at Ajmer 2010 and again followed it up shooting her at Haji Malang this year.

I am not sure whether my trip to Ajmer this Urus will materialize or not I am in real bad shape both at work and at home.. things are not going right for me at all.. what I touch crumbles and this despondency hits me hard in my guts.

But blogging is my way of killing my restlessness and a catharsis to my poets angst.. I am a recluse I have a lot of frends but I dont mix or socialize I am not a party animal I dont drink I dont smoke I dont covet my neighbors wife or daughter but yes I do fall in love on the internet.. who does not .. falling in love on the net is a kick in the balls that keeps my pedestrian extraterrestrial soul alive..

I am not into hijras that way .. so it is just shooting pictures they turn me on soul wise but not erotically.. my erogenous zone does not respond to barbs from seductive or pretty or horny hijras I am very clinical shoot move out fade in fade out kinda thing..

If Ajmer happens it will be a miracle and my call if not twiddle my thumbs in Mumbai.

And as long as I have my camera and a camera mind I wont be short of pictures or poetry fuck mental block.. she already blocked me on Facebook.. falling in love with shadiws is of a woman is more dangerous than falling in love with hijras.

I knew a friend who fell in love with a whore in the red light area , she was new he paid her madam an enormous price for the first drop of nectar and than just could not get her off his system, once he had gained the trust of the madam and the day they were highly drunk the bouncers and the madam he told her to let her go out till the doors with him , he had preplanned everything he had taxi waiting he hurriedly dragged his lady love , and instead of taking the taxi home he took a train from Bombay Central put his lady love in a burkha brought her home ..

His brothers were upset so he kept her at a friends place got married to her converted her to Islam had two children too time passed she wanted to visit her parents she told him , so he was traveling with her to Kolkatta .. she spiked his drinks and taking away the kids she simply disappeared from his life..she took away all his money and his ticket too my friend is good looking but fucked for brains God gave him looks forgot to add brains...

He had a tough time convincing the railway folks but a guy going to Mumbai had pity on him and bought him back to Mumbai, he never saw his wife nor his kids he is an alcoholic and works as a plumber..

He got married again , this one is a fat female as ugly as hell and she is a mute deaf and dumb.. and she worships him but the fucker chews my brains when he gets drunk catches me at street corners repeating his story of how he lost his wife and kids.. and this is a true story.

If he ever goes back to the whorehouse they will cut off his balls and throw him off at Worli gutter,...he thinks she has gone back there fed up of his drinking and her tame domesticity something like Abu Khan Ki Bakri a short story by ex Prez Zakir Hussain..

Raveena Hijra Seductress And Her Guru Mona The Child Eunuch

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You mess with anyone in Hijdaland you might be forgiven but you dont ever mess with Mona the Child Eunuch.. a born hijra he is Raveena guru and he calls the shots and she knows my proximity love for her Guru..

Monas wish is to meet Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt her favorite film stars she has has seen Chal Mere Bhai a Nitin Manmohan film directed By David Dhawan over 500 times.. it starred both of them and I did some of the costumes of Salman all of Sanjay Dutt as I worked with Nitinji his fashion studio Prachins now closed since many years. Prachins was named after his daughter the dynamic sweet angel Prachi Nitin Manmohan.
Chal Mere Bhai (English: Come on, my brother) is a Bollywood comedy film released in 2000.

So Mona who is also cyber savvy has her own laptop is a child but very mature temperamental and moody too , she has another sibling Nandini also a born hijra child their parents are Gopa Haji and Babita hijra of Najafgarh.

I have been shooting both these eunuch children for several years now..and both are very attached to me.

Gopal Haji and Babita treat me as a member of their family and they have homes at Haji Malang and at many other Sufii Shrines,.Gopal Haji is a Muslim convert has done the Hajj and is highly connected and a celebrity figure ..much respected by the entire hijra community of India.

He has invited me to many of his hijra sammelans but I have never been able to go..

Raveena The Hijra Goddess of Ajmer -

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Raveena is a moody hijra, very proud arrogant conceited , and she has it all she mocks man his frailty.. and he runs after her everyone wants a bit as a poet photographer I shot her many times the only reason she did not treat me with disdain because I am her Gurus best friend.. her Guru loves and adores me her Guru and I share a unique bond she will never share .. though she is much closer to her Guru than I am.. Her Guru is Mona the child eunuch I have shot since she danced for the first time at the All India Hijra Sammelan.. Mona the child eunuch is a story of a child hijra broken wings broken rhyme and all ..

Sometimes Raveena is very good jovial masti , she is a devout Muslim Friday namaz dressed as a man is a must and than her hurried change to become a desirable woman getting ready for the hijra sandal she stripped of her clothes and I kept shooting her without realizing , but than it was a moment of poetry.. pictures I shot and locked up for good.

I respect her as a woman , she is a tease she plays with man like a mouse plays with a horny cat.. and I never stalk her they just come seamlessly into my cameras perception I shot them.

Ajmer is the home away from home for the hijras and my home at Ajmer is the home of my host Fakru Miya Peersaab of Hujra No 6 and his two sons Farid Bhai and Qambar Miya.

At Ajmer there are just three places you could find me at the Hujra or at Char yar among the dread head Dambardar Malangs or Moi Katla with the Hijras of Ma Madhurima or Gopal Haji.

I hardly visit Laxmi my hijra Guru she stays with dear friend Saboor relative of Peersab Fakhru Miya ,,if I am lucky than I meet Marc De Clercq he will come walking to Ajmer from Delhi with the Dambardar Malangs I have not undertaken this trip as yet..

Delhi is not one of my favorite cities.. dont know why.. never liked it will never like it nothing personal and does not affect friends and relatives I have there. its just that spiritually Delhi not yet entered my poets soul it might one day who knows or all this might be because I hate politics and Delhi is the biggest garbage bin of politics scams and corruptions corruptions are manufactured in Delhi in the PM Saabs backyard and he does not even know about it and the most versatile most mature person who deserves the PM saabs seat is the Lioness of Bengal Mata Banerjee she is a leader of the masses a leader with vision. and she is a pucca Indian in mind soul body flesh she is Durga She is Kali.. She is Mother .. She Is Mamta..

And because this a dreamers blog it takes wings on flights of fancy and poetry.

Hamne Ghungat Uthaya Toh Khuda Yad Aya Admi Ko Aurat Banaya Toh Khuda Yad Aya

Yeh Hai Khuda Ki Shaan..Uski Manzil Ko Pehchan..

Ek Lamha Ajmer

na shikwa
na ruswa
na bair
khuda khair
yad ati
moti katla
ki saher
donon tarf ag
main naher

Hijras And Khawajah Garib Nawaz

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Where God lives
the hijra lives
hijras come to ajmer
their wealth to the
khwajah they give
he doubles it
their sins he forgives

The Gates of Peace Ajmer Sharif

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sab atein
hain yahan
aman aur sadgi
pane ke liye
khuda yahan
rehata hai
yeh dikhane
ke liye
ek wada
ke liye
nahi sikahta
apas main
bair karna
yeh misal
ko sikhane
ke liye

ek diye se jalte hain saikdo diye..

Haji Malang Dargah

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3. Haji Malang (Thane) Haji Malang, is a 300 year old dargah at Kalyan, in Mumbai, where Baba Abdur Rehman Malang has been buried. Malang was a Sufi saint who came to India in the 12th century AD from the middle east. Haji Malang, in true syncretic tradition, was one of the few dargahs where a Hindu vahivatdar (traditional priest from the Hindu Karandekar family) and a Muslim mutavalli (claiming to be distant kin of the saint), had both been officiating at religious rituals.

Haji Malang Beckons

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from every corner of india
they come leaving their egos
at the foot of the malangad
mountains they climb
the steps to his kingdom
haji malang baba
with open hands
to his shrine welcomes
for the muslims a dargah
for the hindus 'a godly ashram
to partake of his blessings
his generosity his wisdom
his divine spirituality
cleanses your system
makes you wholesome
his inner sanctum sanctorum
for the rafaees holy smoke
dhuni dum maro dum
maro dum mitte gham
for the siddis baba gor
junagadh sound of the drums
for the dambardar malangs
new holy chants to hum

The Latin phrase sanctum sanctorum means literally "Holy of Holies."

The Barefeet Beggar Poet of Mumbai

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a single call a strange surprise
changed my life her silky voice
throaty spice sweet and nice
it continued my death in disguise
hope a power balloon filled with lies
my soul wonders my soul cries
a beggar poet of mumbai on
her clothesline his memories dry
she teased and enticed
innocuously waylaid paid a price
hung on a cross nailed
crucified like jesus christ
waylaid emotions what a heist
with a single stroke
a poets heart she sliced
deleted dreams
broken wings my tryst