Monday, January 7, 2008

Urus Fakhruddin Shah Baba 2008

Urus Fakhruddin Shah Baba 2008
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As soon as the Urus of Makhdoom Shah Baba ends , the Urus of his devoted disciple and companion Fakhruddin Shah Baba begins also at Mahim.
Makdoom Shah Baba in his life time had bestowed a boon on Fakhruddin Shah Baba , that those who wanted to visit his tomb must pay respect first to Fakhruddin Shah Baba , so all the sandal processions that came to Makhdoom Shah Baba had to circumvent through this Shrine situated on the main heavy traffic road of Mahim.
Its a small Shrine , in cramped surroundings but highly respected by the locals of the area.Its all lit up for the Urus .
The Chancawalli Rafaees also make this place their next haunt , the Holy Fire or Dhuni is set up, and Handi and Marshad Baba hold court.
Sher Ali Baba is not around for this do.
Food is cooked on the Dhuni, supervised by Barsati or Maun Baba..
Tea Sufi style with lots of butter thrown is an appetiser to the rounds of chillum, heavily laden with Bombay Black hash.The burning down of Manala village does not affect the supply of this narcotic.Most of the affluent Bawas have connections with drug suppliers so you might get a taste of Afghani too, or Peshawari weeds..
I met a Naga Sadhu who is known as Langoti Baba, from Haryana , very highly educated and who is also a Sufi.. a rare heady combination..he is a mystic and stays at Haji Malang in the caves .
Farukh Baba and Don Jaun Baba with their good looks and full open hair are the most popular rafaees , none to beat them in swordmanship skills .
Shahenshah Baba too is a master craftsman at body piercing.
So today at about 6 pm I shall leave my shop to shoot the sandal.I shot it last year too, but had to abort it as I went into a trance known as Kaif..
Had to be revived when they splashed rose water on me and Shahenshah baba uttered some Koranic verses..
I than left for home.
As the lane this procession passes by to reach Makhdoom Shah Babas Shrine and back to its place of origin is badly lit the pictures are not too appealing either.

Marziya Strikes a Pose

Marziya Strikes a Pose
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She has her mothers eyes
her fathers shakir nose
she is a camera bonding
grand child
of afshaan and firoze
the birth of a future photographer
in her glance it shows
holding her world in her
little fist as she lovingly

Marziya and her Dad

Marziya and her Dad
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she loves her Dad
more than she shows
in her eyes love
for him glows
father and daughter
very up close
Marziya and her camera eyes
envisioning Firoze
in our garden the birth of a rose
a special gift to the shakirs
that god chose

Marziya in a Maze

Marziya in a Maze
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It takes two hands to clap
The humility
Of a condescending cheek
At the sound of a slap
Man his karmic destiny
Born in a trap
The running rivers of sorrow
On mans evolutionary map
Every step trodden ends in mishap
A slip between the cup and lip
The generation gap
Bleeding the soul white
The miseries of the flesh
Tied to a strap
Livingly unloving
Life put on to dry
On a clothesline
As the Lord takes a nap
Dying hopes in the winds
As they flap
An image an illusion
On the soul as bitmap

Marziya Mesmerized

Marziya Mesmerized
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she sees the world
with the innocence in her eyes
a world full of vivre de joe
beneath the layer another layer
covering a layer of falsity and lies
happiness a commodity
the shop keeper sells
the gullible buys
religious rhetorics
a single word
and millions die
war the means to an end
converting hell
into a lifeless paradise
every face on cybernet
in total disguise
sweet words of endearment
that intoxicate and entice
who will bell the racist cat
a thought like loaded dice
a world of a mouse trap
for the black mice
racism is alive and kicking
you dont need to realise
silent screams
tear gassed cries
a crucified messiah
a decapitated head of hussain
man killing man
muslims killing muslims
as human blood seeps rots and dries
the unborn child of man
truly mesmerized
enters the planet of the apes
to be marooned in hate