Monday, June 8, 2009

God Moves in a Cab

like me
god too has sold his car
now moves in a cab
cutting down on flab
new methods of land grab
slumbai mumbai
houses without slab
more inventive than prefab
adding color
to the towers the high rise
slums that dont look too drab
god a bit worried
as osama bin laden
he could not nab
hoping no one clones him
in an enemy lab
god from the drivers wheel
completely keeping tab


Shooting from the window of the cab in motion is an aspect of speeding photography I like , very every politician worth his salt wants Mumbai to become another Shangai..but with proliferation of slums it is called Slumbai..This was on Byculla while heading home towards Bandra.

First of all what surprises me is that when illegal encroachments, colonies of slums come up the Municipality turns a Nelsons eyes..there is hefty money that changes hands, corruption is the order of the day at all levels, everybody knows it but who cares..

Demolition is the next plan of action , mostly making them homeless just before the rains set in..had they not been allowed to come up , demolition would not be required.

Near Bandra where I stay close to the Bandra Worli link so many illegal shanties have come up, all serving as vote banks.. democracy cannot survive with corruption and political machinations to garner votes by hook or crook.

Its a sad sordid tale of of the poor mans woe..and a system that sucks.

Long Live Slum Dog Millionaire..
Long Live Dan Boyle ..and his merchandise of a failed dream at grass root level of chaos and chicanery.

There are touts agents who create supply to adjust to changing demands.