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Chal Ud Ja Re Panchhi Ke Ab Yeh Desh Hua Begaana

Chal Ud Ja Re Panchhi Ke Ab Yeh Desh Hua Begaana, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. 251,877 items / 2,067,819 views

Demolitions of slums near Dagdi Chawl

I shot these famous Dagdi Chawl slums a few days hustling bustling happy and than came the bulldozers .. and nothing but a graveyard of rubble remains

Toone Tinka Tinka Chunkar Nagri Ek Basaai
Baarish Mein Teri Bheegi Aankhein Dhoop Mein Garmi Khai
Gham Na Kar Jo Mehnat Tere Koi Kaam Na Aayi
Achha Hai Kuchh Le Jaane Se Dekar Hi Kuchh Jaana
Chal Ud Ja Re Panchhi ...

The Cat's Tragic Diwali Tale

The Cat's Tragic Diwali Tale, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. 251,941 items / 2,068,128 views

lighting the path
all over bazar road
nobody heard his wail
crackers tied
to his tail
the human
festive season
to regale
his soul
with extreme
they did nail
smoke fire to inhale
happy diwali
to you and yours
after a few
hits views
this pedestrian story
will soon become stale
this is his calm
his patience
in detail
as he sits
the next diwali
the cat
with a lizards
cut tail
from a thumbnail

I shot this in 2009 on Diwali Day ,,, bringing it forward for reflection

I saw this cat in the morning near my shop, as the lady who feeds cats pointed out his misery to me, I called for my camera and shot a few frames.

I Got Mail From A Dickhead On Flickr.Com.. He Wants To Know Why I Shoot What I Shoot

I Got Mail From A Dickhead On Flickr.Com.. He Wants To Know Why I Shoot What I Shoot, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. 251,883 items / 2,067,831 views

Subject: Photos
Date: 11th November, 2012

I have been following your pics of poor in flickr from quite a long time and I am not a fan of ur pics ..... Are you doing this just to ruin India's image internationally coz flickr is an international website OR are you really doing something good to that poor people by giving some money to them occasionally through this photos ?...... You show those people as ultra poor and your friends and relatives as super rich (normally with a background of bungalow or any high end gadget in hand) and this looks very biased to me. ..... Also you write as "many poor and slums are demolished under this tall building" or similar to this when you rarely take some pictures of tall buildings and for your information that is how a poor city/country will become a rich and that is how …

home is under the wheels of a truck

finally after so many poems blogs khada parsi is getting respect and renovation

mumbai is the poor mans hell and rich mans paradise

dam madar beda par ali haq haq ali haq

lashing the soul of my poetry ..dam madadar malang

Vinod Om and Me

Vinod Om and Me

I have been shooting lalbagh chya raja since 8 years

Lal Bagh Chya Raja bids Farewell 2007

This Year All My Memory Cards Including Pictures Shot Of Art Were Stolen At Nagpada

Shooting Hope And Hindutva As A Message of Peace To All

Forget Media Even Camera Clubs Dont Know What Is A Blogger

Bloggers Look Different From Media Photographers

Lal Bagh Chya Raja

Lal Bagh Chya Raja

I Shot My City In All Its Diverse Colors of Unity and Humanity

Marathi Greetings » दिवाळी संदेश »

Marathi Greetings » दिवाळी संदेश », a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. दिवाळीचा पहिला दिवा लागता दारी,
सुखाचे किरण येती घरी,
पुर्ण होवोत तुमच्या सर्व ईच्छा,
आमच्याकडुन दिवाळीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!

ही दिवाळी आपल्या आयुष्यात सुख-समृध्दी घेऊन येवो!

दिन दिन दिवाळी, गाई म्हशी ओवाळी,
इडा – पिडा जाऊ दे, बळीचं राज येऊ दे!
दिवाळीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!

फटाके, कंदील अन् पणत्यांची रोषणाई,
चिवडा-चकली, लाडू-करंजीची ही लज्जतच न्यारी,
नव्यानवलाईची दिवाळी येता, आनंदली दुनिया सारी!
दिवाळीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!

तेजोमय झाला आजचा प्रकाश, जुना कालचा काळोख,
लुकलुकणार्‍या चांदण्याला किरणांचा सोनेरी अभिषेक,
सारे रोजचे तरीही भासे नवा सहवास,
सोन्यासारख्या लोकांसाठी खास,
दिवाळीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!

नवी स्वप्ने नवी क्षितिजे, घेउन येवो ही दिवाळी,
ध्येयार्पण प्रयत्नांना, दिव्ययशाची मिळो झळाळी,
आयुष्यात सोनेरी क्षण घेऊन येवो, ही दिवाळी

- गणेश भुते

लक्ष लक्ष दिव्यांनी उजळुन निघो ही निशा
घेऊनि येवो नवी उमेद नवी आशा,
सोबत आमच्या लक्ष लक्ष शुभेच्छा!

यशाची रोशनी, समाधानाचा फराळ, मंगलमय रांगोळी,
मधुर मिठाई, आकर्षक आकाशकंदिल, आकाश…

Dadar ..

Dadar .., a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.
from wikipedia

Dadar (Marathi: दादर) is a place in Mumbai, and is also a railway station on both the Western (Dadar) and Central lines (Dadar T.T.) of the Mumbai Suburban Railway network. Dadar is situated in the heart of Mumbai, and Dadar station is the only railway station common to both the Central and Western lines. This makes the station a transit point for thousands of passengers using the Mumbai Suburban Railway and one of the most crowded railway stations on the network.


Portuguese Church, Dadar (West)

Dadar chowpatty(beach)

Shivaji Park Ground
In the 16th century, the area was known as lower Mahim as it was located on the island of Mahim, one of the Seven islands of Bombay which, after Bombay Island proper, was the most important during the whole of the Portuguese period.[1] The Portuguese Franciscans built a church here in 1596 called Nossa Senhora de Salvação, which is popularly known today as Portuguese Church …

the indian ..was created by god as an inspiration to the rest of the world

Please Dont Piddle In Public..

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

I Love Hindi .. It Says In Two Words What You Say In 4 Words