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The Posseseed Man

The Posseseed Man
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chained to ancient
satanic law
flapping his chicken neck
in a devils claw
man clings to save
his drowning soul
from a locked jaw
mired waters
hope as
a last straw
as they beat him
from his putrid flesh
his dead blood draw
some who
mock laugh and guffaw
from this world of
superstitious pain
his soul wont withdraw
beating his head
breaking his head
mercy ya allah
reliving life
unliving life
a tragic life flaw

Moulah Ali Shrine Hyderabad.

Perched on top of a hillock is Hyderabads famous Shrine of Hazrat Ali, followers from far and wide come here to pay their floral tributes and invoke the first Shia Imam for blessings.Beneath the Shrine at the foothills is the Shrine of his brave son Hazrat Abbas ..This is my new series I visited Hyderabad almost 5 years back, pictures shot on negatives.The first time I came to Hyderabad to shoot Ashura all by myeslf ,than I came again to shoot the Chehlum, this time with my wife Afshaan.Hyderabad the fabulous city of the Nawabs is grandeur personified , the people of Hyderabad , absolutely honest, hospitable and even the poorer lot totally humble.For the Shias of Hyfderabad Moharam is a way of Life , almost Life itself.The Hyderabadi Moharam fervour is a collective ethos of spirtuality.Azadri E Hussain , is awesome here in Hyderabad.Ony black shirts and clothes for the mourning period that lasts 2 months , and eight days.I was lucky to have met Sajjad Bhai a Shia cop who was my host , who really opened doors , I have never seen a Momin like him, he carried my camera bag , while I scourged behind the Bibi Ka Alam.I was new to photography , so there are flaws but I am sure you will see the brighter side of a culture , the moods the vagaries of Shia timelessness.Forgive me but I continue with the Shia pilgrimage .Showing you Shiasm captured from a lens of a poet..and street philospher .I tweaked this as it was quite blurry , but man bowing to a greater divinity a thought poetically focussed showing his vulnerability and mortality .

The Killing Fields Of Islam

Using little children Men women as shield
Lal Masjid the new Islamic Killing field
A misguided Jihad
Unnecessary deaths
Allah Ho Akbar
A wrong message to the world
Nothing else yield
The Islamic World Life as Usual
Lips stitched Beautifully dutifully sealed
Wounds of Karbala ever fresh unhealed
yazidiyat the serpent seed
through the bleeding head of Hussain revealed
to go and live among the Hindus of Hindustan
who are more human he had once appealed
Terrorism its beginnings In Karbala
Misguided Martyrdom
Muslims love killing Muslims
Through a Mosque where Principles of Islam
Lay besieged
The heritage and legacy Of Yazeed
Lal Masjid
A file that finally
God Did delete
You can cheat fate once
but the God above
you cannot cheat
Abdul Rashid Ghazi
A Terrorist Thug
in a winding sheet

According to a report in the Times Of India :“The Ghazi brothers are basically land grabbers.They built the mosque and the madarssas illegally .Mosques and madarssas cannot be used for armed struggle .The so called jihadis have damaged the image of Islam.”observed Islamic scholar Asghar Ali Engineer .“Such elements need to be firmly dealt with.”‘Muslim women educationists are equally angry at the wayThe women have been used as shields in the besieged mosque.


Lal Masjid stormed, cleric killed
Nirupama Subramanian reports :
50 suspected militants also killed by security forces in fierce fighting Lal Masjid s All-out strike:
A view of the Jamia Hafsa seminary, adjoining the Lal Masjid, during “Operation Silence” launched by security forces in Islamabad on Tuesday. The handout photograph was released by Pakistan’s Inter Services Public Relations. courtesy Hindu

ISLAMABAD: Abdul Rashid Ghazi, the Islamist cleric who led Lal Masjid’s militant confrontation with the Pakistan Government, was killed in fierce fighting along with at least 50 other suspected militants during an all-out strike on the mosque by the security forces that began in the early hours of Monday and was continuing late on Tuesday night.The security forces lost eight men and 23 were wounded.“Operation Silence” began minutes after a 13-member government delegation, which made a last-ditch effort to negotiate fresh terms of surrender with Ghazi, announced that the talks had failed. Heavy explosions shook the ground in the capital and the sound of gunfire, including heavy machineguns, erupted every few minutes.50 arrested Military spokesman Major-General Waheed Arshad said in the afternoon that 50 people were arrested trying to escape the mosque as the operation began. At least 54 people surrendered, among them 27 children and an equal number of women, including Ghazi’s wife Umme Hassan, who was principal of the Jamia Hafsa seminary.Interior Secretary Syed Kamal Shah announced that Ghazi was killed in “crossfire” when security forces were clearing a basement in the Jamia Hafsa adjoining the Lal Masjid compound. The militants who were with him in the same room and providing him cover are also reported to have been killed.Step-by-step approach Gen. Arshad said the security forces were adopting a “step-by-step approach” out of concern for the lives as a number of women and children feared trapped in one of the basement rooms, and that was why it was a slow operation. He said the operation had taken more time than originally estimated as the militants were “well-armed and well-trained”. “They are using all kinds of weapons like rocket launchers, grenades and small arms, and they are offering a lot of resistance,” he said. “They are fighting room to room, and have taken positions on the minarets of the mosque also.”

article courtesy Hindu..

Bush Generator Generated Generously

"Redefining the role of the United States from enablers to keep the peace to enablers to keep the peace from peacekeepers is going to be an assignment."

- George W. Bush January 14, 2001 Quoted in the New York Times.

Bushism an art of refinement
Hidden in the bush like wisdom
Redefining peace in its environment
Hitting the enemy where it hurts
A presidential prerogative of an assignment
Democrats unseemingly not a good alignment
A fly badly stuck cant get out of the ointment
weapons of mass destruction
we did find them in our back yard
not a bad disappointment

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