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Mothers Day..The Child Will He Remember It Once He Grows Up By The Way

May The Goddess Marriamman Lets Google or Marc Zuckurbug Buy Out Flickr..

I first met Bhima many years back late night removing the rods from the cheeks of the devotees at Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar Juhu, he was surprised to see me barefeet and further surprised when he realized I was a Muslim photographer promoting Hinduism online , as Hope and Hindutva a message of peace and humanity.

We became friends instantly , and as I was from Bollywood we had common friends , thus began a long lasting relationship that was to mutually benefit us both I decided to document the Goddess Marriamman and her followers not just the Tamil diaspora in Mumbai, but her followers at Mahim Maccimar colony who are Maharashtrian kolis too..

Bhima took me to the Mahim macchimar Marriamman temple introduced me to Ganesh the temple priest and Lakshmi his sister .. I became very close to the Mahim followers of Goddess Marriamman.

I was next introduced to Shanmugham of Madraswadi Worli and shot the Worli Marriaman feast.. they walk on fire one night prior to the piercings..

I met Raja the piercer he introduced me to the Sion Koliwada Macchimar feast that I enjoy shooting as the Hijras too pierce their cheek, and here too the piercings are unique eaborate and mind boggling.

So I owe all this documentary to Bhima , because of him I visited the Marriamman Temple in Chenna when I went there to cut my head during Ashra Moharam.

I shot the HIndu temples of Chennai and cut my head too .. for Imam Hussain my patron Saint.

So this is perhaps my 5 th year of shooting the Marriamman feast and showcasing it on Flickr.dom , the very place where pictures are stolen under the eyes of the Flickr police.. they have a tool called Spaceball to protect your pictures from being downloaded but even a hacker child can breach it , and if your pictures are stolen at Flickr you go fall at the feet of Yahoo Copyright cajole them plead your cause .. and it is a very lengthy procedure ..

They will send you a sweet bitter cyanide pill


Thank you for reporting this incident to Yahoo!. It appears that the
user has more than one photograph with the description from your notice.
In order to further assist us in processing your notice, please send the
specific link or links that contain the images in question.
Specifically, in addition to the information you have provided below,
please include in your notice:

1. A statement that you have a **good faith belief** that the use of
the content in question is unauthorized.

2. A statement by you, **made under penalty of perjury,** that the
information provided in your notice is accurate and that you are the
copyright or intellectual property owner or authorized to act on the
copyright or intellectual property owner's behalf.

Until we receive a complete and effective notice of infringement, Yahoo!
will not be able to address your complaint.


Copyright/IP Agent, Yahoo! Inc.

And than you wish why the fuck you got in touch with them.. in the first place ..
So pray have mercy and hope that Goddess Marriamman makes it possible for Google to buy out Flickr from Yahoo.. or God gives Marc Zuckurburg so much wealt that he swallows up Yahoo Flickr and All.

Om Shanti Om..

What Goes Up Must Come Down..

Do they really care about life .. they have drugged their souls to sleep

I shoot drug addicts , a very volatile deeply burnt two legged creature of the streets , they carry blades with them , to either hurt you or hurt themselves if they are caught by cops , they carry blades in their mouth , and will use it as and when.

They have no humanity it died in their sleep, they collect refuse garbage scavengers and they shoot themselves in dark dinghy back lanes .. I know all their haunts and I become invisible when I shoot them the gift of an unobtrusive street photographer.

Their main haunt is the newly made skywalk of Bandra or the station road , they ideally sleep through out the day , and the pangs begin when they wake up, having been on drugs the chillum myself in my college days hooked on hash I know the feeling..I saw friends drop dead, I visited opium dens at Foras Road and ganja joints at Peela house..

So I know what I shoot , I gave up drugs and cigarettes soon after marriage I was 25 , the booze was the toughest addiction that would not leave me I have not touched booze since 17 years instead I got hooked to the camea and got fucked on the Internet ..

Facebook was the other addiction and luckily I cauterized it from my cybernetic soul last September..and Google+ is not an addiction .. it is part of my GMail..

And I am on a sudden sabbatical at home I have made a decision and getting used to the after effects of it..

I shoot all this accidentally I am stalked by their fucked fate

Most of my street pictures come as gift from God his pain of creating a world that he shares with me and as I am never out without a camera I shoot it as it is hurled on my face..

I dont show my country in a bad light my country is as good as your country, my country for me is better than any other country .. only the system the governance sucks , the rich gets richer by hook or by crook the poor die of tuberculosis starvation disease and diarrhea.

I am not a newspaper photographer I dont select my subjects I definitely dont go under the editors desk to take his cock in my mouth to get a picture published I am proud in my humility as a street poet street blogger .

I am opinionated I have a big mouth but not for the editors you know what .. I shoot with my camera and I pee on the soul of modern photo journalism.. I shoot everything they would dare not shoot.
I shoot and study what I shoot I unlearn photography.. and though I inherited the camera late in life but it was Dickens Balzac Dostoevsky with their photographic detailing that made me a street photographer ..

Both my grand daughters 4 years and the other one only 9 months are born street photographers , one shoots the streets the other her understudy reads the streets with her camera cosmic eye.

And fuck you can go on stealing our pictures because you cant shoot what we shoot..

So this child nameless like so many that I shoot not deliberately but accidentally stays near my house ..I have been busy but yes I will buy her clothes I buy clothes sarees fir the beggar hijras I dont like to tell all this but there is some holistic humanity in my photography or I would be shooting super moons , sunsets chubby kids and models shaking their ass tits on a fashion ramp.. plastic tits and rubbery ass ..

This is for my dear friend Danny B .. who lives in the woods and shares nature with me .. and circles my hope on Google+

The Poor Are Not On The Rich Mans List


India's Billionaires & their castes ..

A very very interesting story on India 's caste issues

Forbes magazine has put out a list of the world's 1,210 billionaires.
Fifty-five of them are Indians. A billion dollars is Rs. 4,480 crore.
A Baniya is a member of the Vaish caste, originating mainly from Rajasthan and Gujarat .

They are under 1% of India 's population. Yet, 26 of the 55 are baniyas!
India 's richest man is a Baniya (Lakshmi Mittal, world's sixth richest with $31.1 billion),
India 's second richest man is a Baniya (Mukesh Ambani, $27 billion),
India 's third richest man is a Khoja (Azim Premji, $16.8 billion),
India 's fourth richest men are Baniyas (Shashi and Ravi Ruia, $15.8 billion),
India 's fifth richest person is a Baniya (Savitri Jindal, $13.2 billion),
India 's sixth richest man is a Baniya (Gautam Adani, $10 billion),
India 's seventh richest man is a Baniya (Kumar Mangalam Birla, $9.2 billion),
India 's eighth richest man is a Baniya (Anil Ambani, $8.8 billion),
India 's ninth richest man is a Baniya (Sunil Mittal, $8.3 billion).
India 's 10th richest man is a Parsi (Adi Godrej, world's 130th richest with $7.3 billion).

Score: Baniyas 8, Rest of India 2. If we consider the Gujaratis Godrej and
Premji (from the Lohana caste) as coming from mercantile communities then
actually Rest of India wasn't playing this match so far.

India 's 11th richest man is K.P. Singh of DLF ($7.3 billion). He is the
first departure from our trend of mercantile castes. Singh is a peasant, the
most populous caste grouping of India , about 50% of our population. From
numbers 11 to 20, there are four Baniyas. They are Anil Agarwal of Vedanta
($6.4 billion), Dilip Shanghvi of Sun Pharma ($6.1 billion), Uday Kotak
($3.2 billion), and Subhash Chandra Goel of Zee, ($2.9 billion). The
non-Baniyas are Shiv Nadar of HCL ($5.6 billion), Malvinder and Shivinder
Singh of Ranbaxy ($4.1 billion), Kalanithi Maran of Sun TV ($3.5 billion),
Mukesh Jagtiani of Landmark ($3 billion) and Pankaj Patel of Cadila ($2.6 billion).
> Between 21 and 30, there are five Baniyas. They are Indu Jain of The Times
> of India ($2.6 billion), Desh Bandhu Gupta of Lupin ($2.1 billion), Sudhir
> and Samir Mehta of Torrent ($2 billion), Aloke Lohia of Indorama ($2
> billion) and Venugopal Dhoot of Videocon ($1.9 billion). The five
> non-Baniyas are G.M. Rao of GMR ($2.6 billion), Cyrus Poonawalla of the
> Serum Institute ($2.3 billion), Mumbai builder Rajan Raheja ($2.2 billion),
> Narayana Murthy ($2 billion) and Gautam Thapar of Avantha ($2 billion). Of
> the non-Baniyas, three are from mercantile communities: Poonawalla (Parsi),
> Raheja (Shikarpuri Sindhi) and Thapar (Khatri). Murthy is Brahmin.
> Between 31 and 40 are two Baniyas: Rahul Bajaj ($1.6 billion) and Ajay
> Piramal ($1.4 billion). The non-Baniyas include three Brahmins: Nandan
> Nilekani ($1.8 billion) and S. Gopalakrishnan ($1.6 billion) of Infosys, and
> Vijay Mallya ($1.4 billion). Three of the others are from mercantile castes:
> Chandru Raheja ($1.9 billion), Brijmohan Lall Munjal of Hero Motors ($1.5
> billion) and Vikas Oberoi ($1.4 billion). The last two are K. Anji Reddy
> ($1.5 billion) (from Andhra's dominant peasant community) and Ajay Kalsi of
> Indus Gas ($1.7 billion).
> Between 41 and 50 are five Baniyas. They are R.P. Goenka ($1.3 billion),
> Rakesh Jhunjhunwala ($1.2 billion), Brij Bhushan Singhal ($1.2 billion),
> B.K. Modi ($1.1 billion) and Mumbai builder Mangal Prabhat Lodha ($1.1
> billion). The non-Baniyas are Baba Kalyani of Bharat Forge ($1.3 billion),
> Keshub Mahindra ($1.2 billion), K. Dinesh ($1.2 billion) and S.D. Shibulal
> ($1.1 billion) of Infosys, and Yusuf Hamied of Cipla ($1.1 billion).
> The last five, from 51 to 55, include two Baniyas: Mumbai builder Mofatraj
> Munot of Kalpataru ($1 billion) and Ashwin Dani of Asian Paints ($1
> billion). Two of the others are from mercantile castes: Parsi Anu Aga of
> Thermax ($1 billion) and Khatri Harindarpal Banga of Noble ($1 billion).
> Delhi builder Ramesh Chandra of Unitech ($1 billion) ends our list of
> Indians with a billion dollars or more.
> The list has three Parsis, two Muslims and Sikhs in one spot (shared by the
> Ranbaxy Singhs). Banga is also a Sikh name but Harindarpal is clean-shaven.
> All of them, except Poonawalla, have inherited their wealth, though in the
> case of one (Premji), he took a small firm and made it global. There is
> nobody from the scheduled tribes or castes.
> India 's large peasant castes have some representation (Singh, Patel, Reddy),
> but not much.
> There are 26 Baniyas on our list. Many of them inherited their wealth, but
> just as many (Mittal, Ruias, Adani, Dhoot among others) are self-made.
> The list has 16 Rajasthanis, and 13 Gujaratis. Every single Rajasthani is
> from one caste, Vaish, though they are from two faiths: Hindu and Jain.
> Only Gujarat is capable of producing billionaires drawn from four different
> faiths-Hindu, Parsi, Jain and Muslim-and three different castes: Baniya,
> Khatri and peasant. This is unique in India and there is something about
> this secular mercantile culture that produces great men across communities.
> What is it? Three out of the four biggest leaders of the subcontinent under
> British rule were Gujarati, and they were drawn from these three castes:
> Gandhi, Jinnah and Patel. Only 5% of India 's population, Gujaratis don't
> have the numbers to dominate its democratic politics. But businesses are not
> run in democratic fashion. And to rise, you need quality, not quantity.
> The heartland of India , where our quantity resides, is missing from this
> list. Bihar, Bengal , Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh have little or no
> representation and this does not surprise us.
> On the list are 10 south Indians, in proportion to their 20% share of
> India 's population. The famous five from Infosys are obviously self-made. Of
> the others, four are first-generation wealthy. This is a good indicator for
> the future, and it restores some balance in favour of Rest of India.
> Two final observations. India 's greatest businessman is not on this list.
> Why is that? It is because Ratan Tata owns less than 1% of Tata Sons. He is
> exceptional in every way.
> !!!!!!!!!

Some of you will be wondering that why is Pallanjee Mistree with his wealth of around $6.00 Billion not featuring in the top ten?
That's because he is an Irish citizen.

Peter Lalwani.

Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar Juhu

I keep my piercing pictures on hold , more exciting than the piercings is the removal of the rods hooks ..late in the night after the rituals on the beach and the procession walks back towards the quintessential Marriamman Temple at Nehru Nagar Juhu.. an event I have been shooting barefeet for many years.

I came here in the morning this was the first segment before the piercings the grand puja the cooking of holy rice to be served to Goddess Marriamman , and than began the slaughter of the goats and the head cutting of the chickens .. these are graphic pictures use your discretion ..they are gore and blood.. but this is their ritual part of their heritage and ancestry.

Before the goat is cut he is given water but they wait for a sign , and once the goat shakes its body in a frenzy ,, animal possession one of its kind the butcher viciously slaughters the goat.

Now for those of you who are seeing my pictures on Google+ and Pinterest I give you a backdrop on Goodess Marriamman..

Salem - Temples


A mother goddess. The Tamil word mari means death but when the letter a in it is accented, the word changes to mean rain. She is the most ancient and popular deity among the village deities of Salem and is worshipped under several other names such as Amman, Atthu, Ayam Ayee (Mother) Dharmapuri (Mari with army) Magamayee ( Great Mother) and Vadivattha ( Beautiful Mother) all indicating an ancient form of ancestral mother worship Iconographically, Mari represented in a sitting posture with four bands. They hold a drum, a trident a bundle if ropes and a skull.

Mari Amman rules over discuses that bring death, especially small pox. At times of small-pox incidence, the leaves of the neem tree (netta azadirachia) sacred to the goddess, are spread on the bed of the afflicted person and a bunch of them tied in the entrance of the patients house indicating the presence of the goddess. In the benevolent aspect, the goddess brings rainy to put an end to the diseases which result from the heat.

She is believed to cure a variety of illness of those who offer silver sheet metal models of their affected organs. This type of prayer is commonly found in almost all Mari Amman temples in Salem.

Almost every village has a temple or shrine dedicated to her which is the focus of village festivals. Major temples are relatively large and may or may not be surrounded by compound walls. Annual festivals in early or late summer usually last for several days. The festival begins with the planting of a stump of a neem tree, 6 tall and with three prongs at the top; A new mud pot containing sanctified water is placed among the prongs, Devotees offer her pongal ( ritual cooking) sacrificed goats and roosters in the temple yard.

Some devotees walk bare feet on burning coals and pierce their bodies with pins and knives. Walking on burning coals is an ancient custom practiced in honour of mother goddess. These self-inflicted in honor of mother goddess. These self-inflicted painful fistulas were prohibited during the British rule as they were thought to be injurious to health of the devotees. On the last day of the festival, a procession of floats is held, each float depicting a legendary scene. Fireworks conclude the festivities.

This Dravidian goddess is one of the widely revered goddess of the ancient world. Under many variants of her name, She was Marrattu ( Mari Attha) to the Chaldeans, March to the Jews, Mary to the Christians. She was also the goddess of the eye of truth and judgment. Compare "ayin" which was the "eye" in the Hebrew sacred alphabet. Possibly derived from aya. The babylonian creatress. Aya in tamil means mother and Mari Amman is popularly known as Mari Aya. In Syria she was known as the goddess Mari whose huge eyes searched men"s souls. As death giver she was Mariamman, Miriam, and Mara an exceedingly ancient name of the goddess as death-bringer. The name and its variants are found from India to Northern Europe.


A Dravidian god of youth and beauty. The Dravidian cult of the young is as old as the cult of mother and ancestors. It was absorbed into the brahminical Hinduism and Murugan was sanckritized as Skandha, which name was again Tamilized into Kandha. These names are alternatives for the brachminical Karthikeya the Hindu god of war. In the Tamil tradition, Murugan is adored as a Tamil and Vedhic scholar. The name Skandha may preserve the memory of Alexander the Great, the Macedonian youth and world conqueror, who blazed like a flash of lightning on the Indian horizon and left lasting impression on the Indian mind.

Murugan is known by several descriptive names: Balamurugan, Kumaran, Mayil veganan, Subramanian, Velan, and Velumurgan Iconographically, he holds a lance or spear (vel) and rides a peacock; his flag, a living malai, Thiruchengode and Vaiyappa Malai, are Murugan's favourite aunts. The most famous Murugan temple of Tmil Nadu is in Pazhani. Dinduval District. According to the Salem legends, a new image of Murugan in Pazhani was installed by a siddhar when Murugan came to and remained in Vaiyappa Malai accepting the gift of gold created by the Alavoy malai siddhars. The notable Murugan temples in Salem are at Ammapettai, Belukurichi, Kanakagiri, Kapilamalai, Thiruchengodu, Kandhasramam, Kanjamalai, Kalipatti and Vaiyappa Malai. Most of the Siva temples contain Murugan shrines.


Muniappan ( Forefather) . It is an ancient and very popular village deity of Salem. He is also known as "Aiyanar" ( Revered Father). The word Muni is generally taken to mean an anchorite, or one who has taken a vow of mauna. (silence) It is frequently used for a sage who has supernatural powers which he displays in his blessings and curses. This interpretation is inappropriate when the phrase is seen in the combination of muniappan. The word muni stands for munnai ( fore ) and appan ( father ) Therefore it is believed the words muniappan and aiyanar refer to an ancient dravidian cult of ancestor worship.

Blood sacrifices at these shrines are very common. The huge and terrifying images are accompanied by larger than life figures of attendants and animals. Smaller terra cotta horses and iron spears, offered by devotees in fulfillment of their vows, usually crowd the front yard of these shrines. In the centre of the shrine, there is usually a grouping of triangular shaped an iconic stones or Neolithic stone implements, or some other form of a pandukal monument such as a dolmen. The new cult of Aiyappan is the Sanskritized braminical Hindu version of the Aiyanar cult. Because of the dominant presence of Muniappan shrines everywhere, the Salem district is known as the Land of Muniappan.

Though Salem is the origin for worshiping various gods and godess, a great movement which disapprove gods was started by E.V.R.Ramaswamy Nayakar who belongs to Salem Region. This movement was made great changes in the minds of the people who believed superstition since ancient times.

There are several Mariamman temples in Salem. Mariamman is a Hindu goddess, an incarnation of Shakti. Every year around July the City celebrates Mariamman festival for a fortnight. During this festival, Goddess Mariamman is decorated with jewellery and flower chariots and taken around the city at midnight. On the first important day of the festival, people walk on fire (Note:devotees call fire as flower) with their prayers. The second day is colourful with parades of fancy dress. This is one of the best time to visit Salem City. This festival is celebrated at temples at Fort, Shevapet, Ammapet, Gugai, Andheripati etc., Shevapet Mariamman temple car is the biggest one among the cars of Amman temples across the state. This festival will be celebrated for a week. The Kottai Marriamman temple is very famous not only in Salem but throughout Tamil Nadu.

Kandashramam is small hill temple for Lord Muruga. It is situated 10 km from Salem City towards Chennai highway. In Salem City, at Seelanaickenpatty there is another hill for Lord Murugan. Hill is named as OOTHUMALAI.

Two more mountain temples are there in Salem for Lord Vishnu.

Salem also has Heritage Temple called Sitthar Koil, which is located about 10 km from Salem. This is a Shiva Temple, which is located on the foot hills of Kanja Malai. Some believers say that, this temple was built by Sitthar's which is believed that they still survive in the Mount of Kanja Malai. The famous Tamil Poetess Avvayar is believed to be living in this hills.

Aragalur is located approximately 21 km from Attur that boast of 2 old temples and a large Buddha statue. The one day Temple Car festival in summer invites lots of people in the region. The Kailasanatha Temple situated at Tharamangalam is very famous for its architectural beauty, There are ancient shiva temples at Belur(Thanthondreeshwarar) and Uttamacholapuram(Karabunathar). The Sugavaneshwarar temple and Kottai Azhagiri Nadha Perumal Temple are also very important shrines of Salem. A branch of the Ramakrishna Math is located in Salem.

The Greatness of Lord Ajneya

The centre of attraction in Namakkal is Lord Ajneya who brought the Salakrama Hills from Nepal as instructed by his guru Narasimha Murthy and named for it as Namakkal. His Vishwaruba Dharshan with his hands worshipping in the open terrace without minding the natural calamities like flood, hot sun and storm. The reason of this Dharshan in open terrace without ceiling was once told that he keeps on growing in height wise. The people of Namakkal city submits their problems to him with great belief that he will surely give solutions for them. Not only that, they believe that this Ajneya gives them good sense, health, boldness, fearless, wealth and fine speech. They do abhisekhams for him with holy things like flowers, scented sandal, butter etc. Let the Ajneya's fame spread throughout the world.

Kailasanathar Kovil

A Siva temple, perhaps the most beautiful of its kind in Salem District. Parts of it existed as early as the tenth century: as it stands now, it is the product of the Gatti Mudhali dynasty of the seventeenth century. Reconstruction and elaboration of the old temple was begun by Mummudi, continued by Siyazhi, and was brought near completion by Vanangamudi.

The Servarayan Kaveri Amman Temple

A Malaiyalai tribal temple dedicated to Lord Servarayan also known as Ramaswamy. It is located in a narrow and dark cave on the tallest peak (5,342') on the Servarayan mountain. The annual festival held in May is very popular and attracts thousands of Malayali pilgrims. The mouth of the cave is built up like a Hindu shrine. The God Servarayan and Goddess Kaveri representing the Servarai Hills and Kaveri River respectively are seated in the temple.
Salem - Temples


Hanging Limes Attached To Needles In The Skin

Sometimes I Learn A Poke Has More Spiritual Relevance than Facebook

Man Is The Reason Why I Shoot To His Spiritual Resilience I Pay Tribute

My World is Different From Yours But I Would Not Change It With Your World

Long Live Freedom Long Live People of Bahrain

Message from the Bahrain Freedom Movement:

Bahrain: Revolution continues, regime squeezed into last repressive stand

With four most prominent human rights activists languishing behind bars in torture dungeons, the Alkhalifa rulers have shot themselves in the foot. Many voices have been raised against the invitation of the self-styled king, Hamad Alkhalifa to the Diamond Jubilee in London later this month. Media interest in the Bahraini revolution has been revived and calls made to the organisers of the celebrations calling for removal of the dictator from the guests list. Bahrainis have planned to act against this visit and expose the crimes of the regime.

Their allies in Washington and London are under increasing pressure to act to stop this human tragic fiasco. Citing growing violence and polarization along sectarian lines, human rights groups and independent experts in Washington are urging the Obama administration to exert more pressure on Bahrain’s regime to free political prisoners and launch a serious dialogue with its opposition on major democratic reforms. The administration "should be telling the Bahraini government that time is short, and, if they don't act, there will be an escalation on the U.S. side," said Tom Malinowski, the Washington director of Human Rights Watch (HRW), who was briefly detained by police at a demonstration during a visit to the Gulf Kingdom last month. Emil Nakhleh, who also headed the CIA's Political Islam desk said: "The huge U.S. naval presence in Bahrain has not improved Western security in the Gulf; has not altered Iran's behavior; and, more important, has not silenced the anti-regime opposition in the Gulf and in other Arab countries," According to Joost Hiltermann, a Gulf expert at the International Crisis Group (ICG) the government appears intent on increasing its dependence on Saudi Arabia — hundreds of whose troops remain in Bahrain after they were sent there to back up Bahraini forces during the crackdown — to the extent of favoring a "Saudi-Bahraini confederation" that, if consummated, would mean "political suicide by Saudi embrace." He said the situation on the ground is deteriorating as more radical anti-monarchical elements in the Shi'a community, notably the February 14 Youth Movement, gain support at Al-Wefaq's expense.

On another level the regime has reversed a previous decision to grant visas to representatives of several U.S. and international mainstream organizations – including the Committee to Protect Journalists, Freedom House, Index on Censorship, and Reporters Without Borders – to travel to the kingdom next week to assess press and free-speech conditions there.

Meanwhile, a UN official in Malaysia has clarified the UN’s stands on the use of gear gas in comments on a recently-published article. He said the United Nations in Malaysia would like to refer to the article published in The Star on May 7, 2012 titled ‘Police: Tear gas used at rally safe, UN-approved’. The UN has consistently condemned the excessive use of force, including through the use of tear gas. Please also note that the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council have on various occasions publicly expressed concerns about reliable reports indicating that civilians who died from tear gas suffered complications from gas inhalation, and that security forces have been firing metal tear gas canisters from grenade launchers into crowds. Moreover, unlike what is alleged in the article, the UN does not set international standards on different kinds of irritants, nor has the UN approved ‘CS Gas’ as a ‘riot control’ agent. As far as the use of force is concerned, the relevant UN instrument is the Basic Principles on the use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials, which was adopted by the Eighth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders in 1990, not the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) of 1993.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
11 May 2012

this happens only in india

I Hope One Day Google Buys Out Flickr .. Ameen

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The Cheek Piercers Of Goddess Marriamman

the human horse

The Milk of Kindness

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