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Mothers Day..The Child Will He Remember It Once He Grows Up By The Way

May The Goddess Marriamman Lets Google or Marc Zuckurbug Buy Out Flickr..

May The Goddess Marriamman Lets Google or Marc Zuckurbug Buy Out Flickr.., a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. I first met Bhima many years back late night removing the rods from the cheeks of the devotees at Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar Juhu, he was surprised to see me barefeet and further surprised when he realized I was a Muslim photographer promoting Hinduism online , as Hope and Hindutva a message of peace and humanity.

We became friends instantly , and as I was from Bollywood we had common friends , thus began a long lasting relationship that was to mutually benefit us both I decided to document the Goddess Marriamman and her followers not just the Tamil diaspora in Mumbai, but her followers at Mahim Maccimar colony who are Maharashtrian kolis too..

Bhima took me to the Mahim macchimar Marriamman temple introduced me to Ganesh the temple priest and Lakshmi his sister .. I became very close to the Mahim followers of Goddess Marriamman.

I was next introduced to Shanmu…

What Goes Up Must Come Down..

Do they really care about life .. they have drugged their souls to sleep

Do they really care about life .. they have drugged their souls to sleep, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.
I shoot drug addicts , a very volatile deeply burnt two legged creature of the streets , they carry blades with them , to either hurt you or hurt themselves if they are caught by cops , they carry blades in their mouth , and will use it as and when.

They have no humanity it died in their sleep, they collect refuse garbage scavengers and they shoot themselves in dark dinghy back lanes .. I know all their haunts and I become invisible when I shoot them the gift of an unobtrusive street photographer.

Their main haunt is the newly made skywalk of Bandra or the station road , they ideally sleep through out the day , and the pangs begin when they wake up, having been on drugs the chillum myself in my college days hooked on hash I know the feeling..I saw friends drop dead, I visited opium dens at Foras Road and ganja joints at Peela house..

So I know what I shoot , I gave…

I shoot all this accidentally I am stalked by their fucked fate

I shoot all this accidentally I am stalked by their fucked fate, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. Most of my street pictures come as gift from God his pain of creating a world that he shares with me and as I am never out without a camera I shoot it as it is hurled on my face..

I dont show my country in a bad light my country is as good as your country, my country for me is better than any other country .. only the system the governance sucks , the rich gets richer by hook or by crook the poor die of tuberculosis starvation disease and diarrhea.

I am not a newspaper photographer I dont select my subjects I definitely dont go under the editors desk to take his cock in my mouth to get a picture published I am proud in my humility as a street poet street blogger .

I am opinionated I have a big mouth but not for the editors you know what .. I shoot with my camera and I pee on the soul of modern photo journalism.. I shoot everything they would dare not shoot.
I shoot and stud…

The Poor Are Not On The Rich Mans List

The Poor Are Not On The Rich Mans List, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. 55 INDIAN BILLIONAIRES.

India's Billionaires & their castes ..

A very very interesting story on India 's caste issues

Forbes magazine has put out a list of the world's 1,210 billionaires.
Fifty-five of them are Indians. A billion dollars is Rs. 4,480 crore.
A Baniya is a member of the Vaish caste, originating mainly from Rajasthan and Gujarat .

They are under 1% of India 's population. Yet, 26 of the 55 are baniyas!
India 's richest man is a Baniya (Lakshmi Mittal, world's sixth richest with $31.1 billion),
India 's second richest man is a Baniya (Mukesh Ambani, $27 billion),
India 's third richest man is a Khoja (Azim Premji, $16.8 billion),
India 's fourth richest men are Baniyas (Shashi and Ravi Ruia, $15.8 billion),
India 's fifth richest person is a Baniya (Savitri Jindal, $13.2 billion),
India 's sixth richest man is a Baniya (Gautam Adani, $10 billion)…

Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar Juhu

Marriamman Temple Nehru Nagar Juhu, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.
I keep my piercing pictures on hold , more exciting than the piercings is the removal of the rods hooks ..late in the night after the rituals on the beach and the procession walks back towards the quintessential Marriamman Temple at Nehru Nagar Juhu.. an event I have been shooting barefeet for many years.

I came here in the morning this was the first segment before the piercings the grand puja the cooking of holy rice to be served to Goddess Marriamman , and than began the slaughter of the goats and the head cutting of the chickens .. these are graphic pictures use your discretion ..they are gore and blood.. but this is their ritual part of their heritage and ancestry.

Before the goat is cut he is given water but they wait for a sign , and once the goat shakes its body in a frenzy ,, animal possession one of its kind the butcher viciously slaughters the goat.

Now for those of you who are seeing my pict…

Hanging Limes Attached To Needles In The Skin

Sometimes I Learn A Poke Has More Spiritual Relevance than Facebook

Man Is The Reason Why I Shoot To His Spiritual Resilience I Pay Tribute

My World is Different From Yours But I Would Not Change It With Your World

Long Live Freedom Long Live People of Bahrain

Long Live Freedom Long Live People of Bahrain, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. Message from the Bahrain Freedom Movement:

Bahrain: Revolution continues, regime squeezed into last repressive stand

With four most prominent human rights activists languishing behind bars in torture dungeons, the Alkhalifa rulers have shot themselves in the foot. Many voices have been raised against the invitation of the self-styled king, Hamad Alkhalifa to the Diamond Jubilee in London later this month. Media interest in the Bahraini revolution has been revived and calls made to the organisers of the celebrations calling for removal of the dictator from the guests list. Bahrainis have planned to act against this visit and expose the crimes of the regime.

Their allies in Washington and London are under increasing pressure to act to stop this human tragic fiasco. Citing growing violence and polarization along sectarian lines, human rights groups and independent experts in Washington are urg…

this happens only in india

I Hope One Day Google Buys Out Flickr .. Ameen

Touch Be Healed

Touch Be Healed, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. 231,351 items / 1,949,123 views

my pictures
people steal
for flickr
yahoo copyright
oh fuck
he is only
an indian
no big deal
if only
they were
knew what
i feel
a spaceball
lock rusty
opens without
a key
a truth reveals
i am a whore
on flickr
my legs spread
wide for body
i am meal
i am
what i am
a beggar poet
a kick
on my multicolored
while i kneel

i declare i am fragmented
genius in humility
the essence of my poetry
from you and yours
i wont conceal

my pro membership
a gift from Google +
member jack c crawford
share care touch
be healed

The Cheek Piercers Of Goddess Marriamman

the human horse

The Milk of Kindness

i am the master of my cosmic rings ..

The Healer Of Blogs

The Healer Of Blogs, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. right of admission
reserved for indians and dogs
the passion pathos of a beggar poet
dreams choked and clogged
a frame within a frame
of her poetry weblog
a medicine wheel
a broken cog