Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hath Pehlane Ke Siwa Kuch Ata Nahi

dil hai tanha
aur zindagi
ka gham
sath chodkar
jata nahi
muflisi ka
hal hai
beeta hua
acha kal
ata nahi
ab siwaiey
bhik ke
aur koie
bhi kam
ata nahi

The Cosmic Cycle Of A Muslim Beggars Pain

holding her
inner strength
of survival
in chains
begging her
young life
away in
by lanes
door to door
shop to shop
her family
she maintains
more than her
mother she gets
more alms
leftover food
milk and grains
for what she is
to whom does
she complain
after all this
to catch
the mumbra
train.. rainy
season potholes
drains minding
her step to
stay alive
she has much
to obtain

This Ramzan She Prays For Salman Khan

the only
actor who
helps people
of her kind
the lame
crippled blind
he gives them
hope where
no hope exists
an actor as human
like him is hard
to find beyond
caste color creed
he loves mankind
the only khan well
defined .to the
bandra slum dwellers ..
during disasters fires
tragic moments
he has helped them
in cash and kind

The Muslim Beggar Girl

with the milk
she got from
the milk shop
free ...
her family
will make tea
what is left
will be for
the very little
baby ..
ramzan time
is hope for beggars
renewed charity
some coins
milk of kindness
some generosity

The Muslim Beggar Girl Child

from houses
shops she
gets ramzan
hope is alive
never sets
some milk
she rushes
to the nagori
milk man
before she
forgets muslim
beggars their
struggle hardships
i showcase on
the internet
after i shot
her several years
back... we never met
surely she is her
mothers pet ..
eyes sharp
as marbles hair
raven jet..
full of life
she has no
regrets ..
her cosmic fate
her pulsating
child's emotions
caught in a dragnet
her fragile gender
her greatest threat
in muslim society
she will be thrown
to the vultures early
marriage ,, the only
outlet ..if she is lucky
she will survive or
begging on the streets
like her mother
paying off her
husbands debts

Please Give Me A Coin Or Two

i promise
to bless
your family
every one
near n dear
to you
god hears
our prayers
too ..
a hundred fold
he gives with
due respect
to you ..
in gods world
all are equal
no christian
muslim hindu
through charity
his measuring
scale ..a gift
he renews

The Muslim Beggars Bandra Bazar Road..

a burkha
the dress
a heavy
load ,
her child
her pain
as streets
a few
in ramzan
like precious
she was
born she
was bowled
her pain
will continue
even when
she turns
relief only
when she
is laid in her
grave stone
cold ...her
child watching
all this on the
as a picture
devoid of
their souls

If Meals Were Available For Rs 1 To Mumbai From Kashmir To Beg.. They Would Not Need To Come

the spirit
was willing
the feet went
numb begging
from shop to
shop house to
house ..ya rab
living at the
pipeline at bandra
east away from
home in the valley
searching for crumbs
at what price the cost
of human freedom...
to be or not to be
to live die or succumb

The Madrsa Receipt Book Beggars

Mostly guys from North India , of dubious backgrounds and not all genuine throng to Mumbai to play on the charitable nature of the Muslims in Bandra backlanes and in the slums .. asking for donations for Muslim seminaries or new mosques or old mosques madrsas to be repaired .

These are the foot soldiers , the other with a loudspeaker , sweetly invokes the fear of God , and exhorts the gullible Muslims to give generously to his volunteers , money any amount , ration , old clothes anything..

Most of the mobile numbers shown on the banner of their trucks are unreachable

And sadly cons scams go on in Ramzan and across the Muslim borders Shias are killed mercilessly , and in Egypt it is no peace or calm as the Muezzin calls dead bodies fall.

Sadly the so called power brokers of Salafi Wahabbi Islam with their stone deaf silence allow all this to take place in Ramzan the Holiest month of Our Lord and Humanity groans and moans,,,

And I reiterate Muslims lustfully love killing Muslims in Ramzan
be it any other Muslim country but it happens mostly in Pakistan
a Muslim mother weeps another sheds tears in neighboring Afghanistan
sectarian hate ,, violence ..peace brotherhood killed by a Muslim Man
this certainly was not the gospel of truth humanity preached or part of a cosmic plan

The Awakeners of Ramzan

roz subha
tadke savere
roza rakhne
ke liye uthate
hain. gali ke
kamine kutte
inke peeche
pad jate hain
aur phir
khud apna roza
rakhne sairi karne
gaib ho jate hain
jumerat ko sham
main apko uthane
ke kam ki baksheesh
lene ate hain .
yeh ramzan main
achha kam kar
jatein hain
angrezi main yeh
kehlate hain

The Muslim Beggars Of Murshidabad

from west bengal
once the land of
the left ,,, now
with change
hope bereft
they come
to mumbai to
beg ..lucky
if they are
not caught
as illegal
or framed
for theft
they are
but political
pawns warped
weft ...on a
ice cold system
corrupt stone deaf

Mama I Promise You When I Grow Up You Wont Need To Beg

i will work hard
take care of you
you will never ever
have to beg i
promise you
for every tear
you shed for me
i wont forget you
mama you are
my strength
my faith
i need you
whatever you
say i will
heed you

Mama Why Is He Robbing Our Souls ..

our only
valid identity
as human
lies within
our souls
the only
thing we own
our withered
flesh hungry
depleted bones
our silence
in muted tones
our pain on
the silhouette
of our misery
our echo less
stomach as
it craves
as it groans
we the living
death prone
now in a
silent zone
during happy
times we
once shone
now you
me both
to get
from people
whose hearts
are made
of limestone
their ears
with headphones
they hear music
immune to our
painful moans
for them we
are the untouchables
children of a lesser
lord we the unknown

Because We Shoot Beggars People Get Upset

for showing india
in a poor light
we are abused
on the internet
but than we
cant shoot
what others
shoot we
are not
in their
we shoot
life as open
gutter an
toilet ..
wont give
a coin to
a beggar
but spend
on their
pet ..
mind you
we dont
sell our
the press
wont buy
them we
are form
but our
to awaken
those on the
top ..who
we have
never met
once they
got elected
they got
far too busy
i say this
with no
busy now
malls other
even for
a meal
of rs 12
the poor
man slogs
earns by
if he rises
the system
in a false case
as imminent
threat ..
once they
come in power
they have a
to completely
forget..if they
lose in the
coming elections
they will fume fret
through the backdoor
a plum post they
will get ...

The Blind Beggar Bandra Station Bridge

what is he thinking
can you tell ..?
in his head rings
a bell..besides
his blindness
he has nothing
to sell wallets
no belts he is
a poor salesman
selling his impaired
blind vision a living
hell..the filth squalor
smell ..all is not
well..ramzan is
hope for his kind
on these positive
thoughts his empty
mind dwells ,,,
on the seashore
of life some broken
sea shells ..
he remembers
he asked the
waiter for netajis
meal of rs 12
he was abused
kicked thrown
out of the hotel
he dare not
complain to
the cops ,,
they would
think he was
part of the
against a system
trying to rebel
it is only empty
vessels that
make the most
noise on Twitter
every tweet
that yells

Garibi Hatao.. Garib Ko Bhagao

I have not interacted with him as much as I have with Jaffar Bhai the other Muslim beggar , but he too sits outside the bazar and sometimes moves around the market , where as he begs pleading for alms , Jaffar bhai gets alms without invoking passersby ..Both are part of the beggar scene at Bandra Bazar Road.

pehli hui ha
charon taraf
ramzan ki shan lekin
bandra bazar main
sirf ghan hi ghan
is bazar main darte
hain ane ko mehman
ek municipal tragedy
garbage porn hai iski
pehchan...yahan rehte
jeete jagte marte insan
bheek yahan log kaise
dein.. yahan waqt khud
bhik mangta hai pareshan
kya christain , kya hindu
kya parsi kya musalman
netaji sirf ayenge 15 agast
jhanda ucha udane meherban
safed kurta pajama seena tan
12 rupaye main ek pet bhojan
jai netaji jai hindustan garbi
wah aisi hatayi..garib hi pahunch
gaya shamsan ..naye tower
kal ayenge jahan aj basa hai
garibon ka kabrastan ..
jai netaji jai sihansan

Shantanu Sheorey ,, Eminent Photographer - Ad Film Maker

Aalim Hakim ..The Heir Apparent

Phata Poster Nikla Producer - Mr Ramesh Taurani,,

The Directors Special Mr Raj Kumar Santoshi

One of the most outstanding , dedicated brilliant director of Indian cinema , a man with a zeal a mission to enlighten to actors director .. astute with formidable sense of perception for intense scenes as well as action and light family oriented humor..

It has been my good luck to have known Rajji since Ghatak Ghayal and many other mega blockbusters..he is a man of few words , reticent but his mind is Gods Workshop.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rajkumar Santoshi (Hindi: राजकुमार सन्तोषी) is a Filmfare award-winning Indian film director and producer of Hindi films. He is the son of producer-director P.L. Santoshi.

Santoshi started his career as an assistant director and worked with Govind Nihalani during the filming of Ardh Satya (1982). He has given collosal hit films at the box office and is known to be one of the most successful directors in Bollywood. His notable films as director include Ghatak: Lethal, Pukar and The Legend of Bhagat Singh. He won the Filmfare Best Director Award for Ghayal (1990) and Damini (1993), both starring Sunny Deol.[1][2]
Santoshi is known to be one of the most versatile directors as he has directed films of all genres except sci-fi. His film Pukar focused on Indian army and court martial thereafter to its protagonist played by Anil Kapoor. Damini portrayed the justice and law of India. Andaz Apna Apna was a comedy which emerged as a cult in Hindi film history. Barsaat was a romantic action drama, which marked the debut of actor Bobby Deol. Lajja (2001) was a woman oriented film about four Indian women belonging to different strata of society. The Legend of Bhagat Singh (2002) saw Ajay Devgan as a freedom fighter. The film won a National Film Award and Filmfare Award.[3][4] Khakee (2004) was another success for Santoshi. His films Family (2006) and Halla Bol (2008) did not do well at the box office. In 2009, his film Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani starring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif emerged as one of the biggest hits of that year. In 2012-2013 he will be directing Phata Poster Nikla Hero, a masala bollywood entertainer film starring Shahid Kapoor and Ileana D'Cruz. The film will be produced by Ramesh Taurani of Tips Music Films.

Santoshi lives in Juhu with his wife Manila Santoshi. He has two children: a son, Ram and a daughter, Tanisha.

As Writer/Director[5]
Ghayal (1990)
Damini (1993)
Andaz Apna Apna (1994)
Barsaat (1995)
Ghatak (1996)
China Gate (1998)
Pukar (2000)
Lajja (2001)
The Legend of Bhagat Singh (2002)
Khakee (2004)
Family: Ties of Blood (2006)
Halla Bol (2008)
Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (2009)
Phata Poster Nikla Hero (2013)
Sanjay Dutt Starrer (2013)
Pasand Apni Apni (2013)remake of 1994 film Andaz Apna Apna
[edit]As Writer/Producer[5]
Ardh Satya (1982) Assistant director
Halo (1996) actor
Vinashak (1998) Screenplay
Doli Saja Ke Rakhna (1998) co-producer
Jaanam Samjha Karo (1999) Screenplay, Co-producer
Dil Hai Tumhaara (2002) Screenplay
Pasand Apni Apni (2013)remake of 1994 film Andaz Apna Apna'
[edit]AS Assistant Director

Phata Poster Nikla Director .. Raj Kumar Santoshi

Mr Raj Kumar Santoshi ,,, One Of The Greatest Film Directors Of Our Time

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