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Childhood Spent On The Mound Of Garbage ..

dengue free bandra
motor mouths that
got decimated now
birds with clipped wings
living in lost memories
of gilded cage ,,15 years
they turned bandra into
a hellhole more slums
as vote banks in exchange
robbing the east indians
of their old homes gaothan
ancestry and heritage
on the soul of bandra s
impeccability a war
they wage ..the bandraite
emotionally enraged

The Eyes Of The Poor Are Windowpanes

broken doors
of her cosmic fate
her future held in
rusty chains
calm composed
in her penury
she remains
her hijab totally
torn badly stained
for her eid is just
another day filled
with pain no new
clothes for her children
no money to buy meat
vermicelli ..she wont
complain.. she will be
busy standing outside
the mosque begging
hoarsely after the eid
namaz ..tears going
down the drain...
being born a muslim
beggar is worse than
humiliating death
a thought ingrained

Appu My Friend Life At A Dead End


Appu My Friend At Minara Masjid Corner 2012

god gave him
a stump of a
body no hands
no legs on a
cart proudly
he begs ,,

he will never ask
for alms nor will
you ever see
his outstretched
palms he never
fucking complains
cool and calm

these are the
of Muslim society
soul of peace
brotherhood of
True Islam
dead living
creatures souls

products of an animal farm

Remembering Appu My Friend In Ramzan

Mostly Muslim beggars make a beeline for Mumbai much before the Ramzan moon is sighted and you will find them outside mosques , dargahs and famous khau or food gullies of Mumbai during Iftar when the days fast kept by the Muslims end . And here Appu is missing from Mumbai, he sat outside the foodlane of Minara Masjid , , many a times a thought hit me hard , how does he survive without hands or legs ,, every known common action that we do with our hands besides eating walking has been eternally denied to him. Muslims the fat filthy rich , will spend loads of money buying goats dumba goats but will never think of paying a poor childs school fees , or giving a wheel chair to a beggar , leave aside the goats skin they offer to the Mosque most Muslims do charity clinically without kindness or compassion. Mind you there are some good Muslims who do a lot but it is a small group.. and the sectarian divide is there hidden within the pockets of the donor he gives miserly to his own. Appu was …

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Remembering Appu My Friend In Ramzan

Among all the people I have shot over the years ..Appu as a memory stands out the most,,I have not seen him now for over 3 years ..I crane my head out of a cab to see if he is there on Wednesday at Mahim on a stretch that leads to St Michael Church on Novena day. Or I try to see if he is there outside the corner of Minara Masjid ,, the place where this picture was shot , I had spotted him from a bus , and rushed back to meet him..I try never to call him a beggar he is Appu my friend migrant from Assam.. There are times our meetings were so sudden rapid that there was hardly time to talk..we had first met at Chor Bazar during my visits to the Friday Flea Market .. and I shot him every Friday , with huge crowds gathering around us ,, and that is a unique part of eccentric Mumbai street life ,,people who are always in a hurry will stand watch ..even if you meet with an accident people will clamber to see you , shoot your pictures video , but fuck they will never help you and moments bef…

God Asked Man Why He Was Cross

god reminded him
he had given him
eve he had given
him the garden of
eden. he had made
him  overseer of earth
he had made him the
boss ..but than woman
ate the apple the world
went for a toss
became the center of
mans influence without
pause values ethics all
turned gross sold
his soul to the devil
total loss ..mans dreams
all candy floss
became a rebel without
cause ..rolling stone
gathering moss ..caught
in a web of bling and gloss
frail shoulders carrying
the sins of his forefathers
a huge cross ..playing to
the gallery resounding
applause ,,

Two Beggars Of Bandra

Today I decided to beg with him near Bhabha Hospital

Acche Din Kab Ayenge ,,,Homeless At Carter Road Bandra




Man on Sale

testicular fortitude
all male 50 % off
if he fails to regale
his flesh willing
his soul frail
no buy back
stock clearance
sale if nurtured
groomed he can
be as profitable
as the alpha male
all he needs is lots
of malbros shots
of ale ,,no country
hooch from malwani
all his suppliers are
cooling their as in jail
sold as an erotically
exotic variety at
bandra hill roads
great marks spencer
grand sale ,,strictly
only for consenting
females man a variety
than wont curdle or
deliriously go stale

I Reveal Pain of The Muslim Beggar the Lost Tribe of Islam

my camera penetrating
the soul of her humanity
a moment scanned ..
her overflowing pain
of living begging in
slow motion i tried
to pan..a woman
born in captivity
plays second fiddle
to man ..she stood
her ground facing
humiliation ignominy
while her man ran
muslim heartless society
considers her lowly
untouchable but
she hides her shame
behind the hijab
yet you say
burkha ban..

from the womb to
an unmarked tomb
her desecrated
life span... was this
part of her religiosity
or a chapter written
by god  a cosmic plan