Sunday, November 15, 2009

Khuda Ki Rah Mein Sar Jhukaya Hai

khuda ki rah mein
sar jhukaya hai
jo kuch bhi hai
sab unhi se paya hai
idd mubarak
aman ka paigham
unke ghar se aaya hai
deepawali ka diya
jo usne hindu muslim
ki mohabat se jalaya hai
hamari nazron ka dosh
hamare peeche hamare dard
ka saya hai dilon jaan se
es desh ne hame
ek donon ke liye banaya hai
vande matram kya
desh ki khatir
hamare pushton ne
apne khoon
se ese sajaya hai

to mr vikas mohan my friend and patron of many years..
and randall der joel my Canadian connection of peace and brotherhood..

The Ritual Shave

to the lords above
a supreme sacrifice
of her ultimate devotion
in sheer humility
she gave
head bowed
ritual shave
her soul
she had to save
her karmic chaos
trying to become brave
her masters favorite slave
from the cradle to the grave
sensing out shock waves
a woman of substance
her detractors
enemies of her woman hood
she completely forgave
within the rubble of her destiny
a womanly pause encaved

Lalbagh Cha Raja I Shoot

spiritual effervescence
as it overflows
from the bottle of my soul
Lalbagh Cha Raja
I shoot
the king of kings
as a photo blogger
a pedestrian poet
I pay my tribute
Lal Bagh Cha Raja
Mumbaikars salute
sculpted divinity
silent and mute
Goddess Parvati
Lord Shiva
their auspicious fruit
removing ignorance
spreading knowledge
granting wishes
his godly pursuit
saving us from the misery
from those who rob us and loot
mutual coexistence with animosity dilute
our peace our collective ethos
with hatred pollute
hindu muslim
our cultural inheritance
a path to live and let live
as offshoot

poem written on 14 Nov 2009

dedicated to Facebook Friend Shabbir Ali.

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