Monday, April 14, 2014

Second Message From Mrs Teresa Au


This is the second time i am sending you this mail, Please can you help me re-profile fund? I am Ms Teresa Au, HSBC Hong Kong, head of corporate sustainability Asia pacific region. A sum of (USD$23,200,000.00) (Twenty three million, two Hundred Thousand dollars) Million was deposited by our Late customer who died without declaring any next of kin before his death in 2006.

My suggestion to you is to stand as the next of kin to Fadel Ahmed. We shall share in the ratio of 50% for me, 50% for you. Please contact me via this e- mail: Thanks


Thank you kind considerate sweet Teresa Au..I was down under ,beaten battered read your message now ..I  will certainly stand as next of kin of Fadel Ahmed ..Itake a humble bow ..

(USD$23,200,000.00) (Twenty three million, two Hundred Thousand dollars)  is a lot of money holy cow ..50% to me you kindly bestow ..I will give all this wealth to the poor destitute suicide prone farmers children of the plough ..looted robbed
plundered by our white starched
 politicians holier than thou...mera desh
unka gaon ..har election bad sare ke sare
dhoobayein desh ki nao..once they were
in collusion with a crazy sage searching for lost treasure in Unnao..,,unka sirf ek hi motto
desh ko looto aur janta ki bajao...aaow

Sometimes A Guru Needs A Guru Too

nerjis my guru four month old
talented manifold ..with her
cosmic camera eye my destiny
 unfolds..god gave me this
reward in my beggars bowl..
i was a speck a particle now
rounded whole..a single path
a common goal..

The Magic Of Posey ...A Bed Of Thorns Is Also Rosy

photo courtesy

Sometimes I thank Mary Magdalene , my earnest love for her trials tribulations , her love for Christ a thought that must have made Judas Iscariot jealous .. because love jealousy envy are so very human , it was this digression of thought that recapitulated me to another poet soul Anthony Posey Desposyni .. we became friends on Flickr brothers in arms of destiny ..Mumbai and New Orleans ..
So one day when Posey and his wife Crystal come to India I want to take them show them rustic Bandra .. the churches , and beggars .. and see them both being shot by my grand daughters Marziya and Nerjis ,, and than I hope there is a windfall and my other good friend Benn Bell Bernie Aguirre accompanies them too , and I am in for a surprise as I reach the new terminal to fetch them I see the smiling faces of Linda Schaefer and her son Paul..Paul laughs at me and says Uncle Firoze Trick Or Treat ,, I wake up from my poetic reverie ,,
Yes some street photographers are born dreamers .. Hallelujah

The Last Temptation Of a Lusty Bike Shot By Nerjis Asif Shakir ..Had Me Psyched

standing at the edge of a gutter
with the camera round her neck
nerjis asif shakir two year old
steadily shot the last temptation
last pangs deathly throes of a bike
once perhaps good times it had seen..
robust rough tough rocklike ..
but good things dont last for long
when bad times strong winds strike
away from glory the long drives
now disarmingly ghostlike .. used
abused womanlike ..the sweltring
 memories of his touch the fire
 between his legs that last hike

dedicated to a bison rider magic eye
lucky strike ..bulletlike

After The Elections It Will Be Back To Removing Crosses And Heritage Christian Shrines

Followers of Jesus
Give Us Your Precious Vote
After The Elections We Have To
Break Your Church Walls
To broaden the Roads
Bandra Weeps when Jesus" s cross
is desecrated smote ..the pain of
East Indian his heritage his ancestral
home they steal usurp ..for bank notes
politician builder nexus out in the open
a though afloat .. The Sacrificial Lamb
The Hapless Goat.. controlled by remote
poisonous fangs no antidote ..crush the poor ..a system that nurtures evil time
it devotes ..

I will say to God my rock, "Why have You forgotten me? Why do I go mourning because of the oppression of the enemy?"
Psalm 42:9 I quote